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Mr Quatro 09-29-2019 03:36 PM

New England won, but it wasn't pretty ... Now they are 4-0

KC barely won at Detroit and remain 4-0

Cleveland even won over Baltimore with one of the best 88yard runs I have seen in a long time ... The guy just shifted into 2nd gear and kept on running.

fred8615 09-30-2019 03:29 PM

Don't look now, but Teddy Bridgewater is 2 and 0. :shifty:

eddie 09-30-2019 04:29 PM

The NFL got tired of Burfict's dirty hits, and he got suspended today for the rest of the season. Came about after a helmet to helmet hit on the Colts Tight End Doyle. He was warned and fined numerous times, but wouldn't listen, He will now have the rest of the season to think about it,lol

fred8615 10-07-2019 05:01 PM

A really good day yesterday.

Atlanta lost; Dallas lost. :haha:

And the Saints won!! (Teddy Bridgewater now 3-0) :Kaleun_Cheers:

August 10-07-2019 05:55 PM

My boys have advanced to 5-0.

Edit: 6-0 !

fred8615 10-14-2019 04:30 PM

A really good day yesterday (again).

Atlanta lost; Dallas lost (again). :D

And the Saints won!! (Teddy Bridgewater now 4-0) :Kaleun_Cheers:

(Boy, if I could keep copying and pasting this every week until Drew comes back.)

Mr Quatro 10-14-2019 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by August (Post 2631271)
My boys have advanced to 5-0.

Edit: 6-0 !

They didn't look that good as in the past ... A better team could've won with those mistakes NE made ... Still a good start though.

KC lost 2nd game in a row down to 3 and 2

49ers undefeated with a NE back up QB :up:

mapuc 10-14-2019 05:55 PM

(Going in a funny way little off topic)

It will be a fantastic match this Sunday

When New England Patriots meet Colorado Avalanche

It is not decided yet where this match shall be played.

At Colorado's home stadium
At New England's home stadium

Are watching Avalanche against Capitals. Then I read the latest in this thread, and this weird thought popped up


(End of going topic)

Mr Quatro 10-16-2019 07:53 PM

John McClain's 2019 NFL power rankings: Week 7

1. New England (6-0) | Last week: 1

The AFC’s only undefeated team has played one team with a winning record. Their easy schedule continues at the Jets.

2. New Orleans (5-1) | Last week: 2

The Saints have won four in a row since Teddy Bridgewater replaced the injured Drew Brees. Their defense is playing great.

3. Seattle (5-1) | | Last week: 4

Russell Wilson is playing better than any quarterback in the league. He’s considered the early favorite to win the MVP award.

4. Green Bay (5-1) | Last week: 5

The Packers rallied to beat Detroit on Monday night to remain one game in first place in the NFC North. Next up is Oakland.

5. San Francisco (5-0) | Last week: 6

The 49ers’ road victory over the Rams kept them unbeaten and in first place in the NFC West entering their game at Washington.

6. Houston (4-2) | Last week: 13

With back-to-back victories over Atlanta and Kansas City, the Texans are headed for an AFC South showdown at Indianapolis.

7. Buffalo (4-1) | Last week: 7

After getting the weekend off because of their open date, the Bills couldn’t return against an easier opponent than Miami.

8. Kansas City (4-2) | Last week: 3

The Chiefs have lost consecutive home games to the Colts and Texans. Going on the road to play Denver might be good for them.

9. Baltimore (4-2) | Last week: 9

With an offense ignited by Lamar Jackson, the Ravens are on a pace to set a league record for yards rushing in a season.

10. Carolina (4-2) | Last week: 11

Kyle Allen has been a revelation in place of the injured Cam Newton. Christian McCaffrey is a legitimate MVP candidate.

11. Indianapolis (3-2) | Last week: 10

Before their open date, the Colts won at Kansas City. They should be well-rested for their home game against the Texans.

12. Minnesota (4-2) | Last week: 16

The Vikings have won two games in a row. Kirk Cousins has been outstanding. They host Detroit in an important NFC North game.

13. Oakland (3-2) | Last week: 15

Jon Gruden has led the Raiders to consecutive victories over the Colts and Bears. They return from their open date at Green Bay.

14. L.A. Rams (3-3) | Last week: 8

The Rams have a three-game losing streak that puts them in third place in the NFC West going into their game at Atlanta.

15. Philadelphia (3-3) | Last week: 12

Coach Doug Pederson has guaranteed a victory over the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. The winner owns first place in the NFC East.

16. Dallas (3-3) | Last week: 14

After winning their first three, the Cowboys have a three-game losing streak going into their home game against the Eagles.

17. Chicago (3-2) | Last week: 17

After losing to Oakland in London, the Bears had their open date. They return with a home game against red-hot New Orleans.

18. Detroit (2-2-1) | Last week: 18

The Lions have lost close games to Kansas City and Green Bay. They play an NFC North game at Ford Field against Minnesota.

19. Denver (2-4)| Last week: 25

After their 0-4 start, the Broncos have won two consecutive games under new coach Vic Fangio and entertain the Chiefs.

20. Arizona (2-3-1) | Last week: 26

The Cardinals have won two in a row but remain in last place in the NFC West going into their road game against the Giants.

21. Pittsburgh (2-4) | Last week: 27

The Steelers’ road victory over the Chargers with a third-string quarterback was the ideal way to enter their bye week.

22. Cleveland (2-4) | Last week: 19

The Browns are a disappointment entering their open date. Baker Mayfield hasn’t thrown more than one touchdown pass in a game.

23. Tennessee (2-4) | Last week: 20

The Titans have lost four of five games. Marcus Mariota was replaced by Ryan Tannehill at Denver. Both were terrible.

24. L.A. Chargers (2-4) | Last week: 21

The Chargers were 12-4 in 2018 but a disappointment this season. They’ll try to recover from the Pittsburgh loss at Tennessee.

25. Jacksonville (2-4) | Last week: 22

Rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew is coming off his first bad game. He should be able to bounce back at winless Cincinnati.

26. N.Y. Giants (2-4) | Last week: 23

After losing to the Patriots, the Giants get Arizona and a battle of rookie quarterbacks: Daniel Jones vs. Kyler Murray.

27. N.Y. Jets (1-4) | Last week: 31

Sam Darnold’s return was just what the Jets needed. Their victory over Dallas precedes a home game against New England.

29. Washington (1-5) | Last week: 30

The one-point victory at Miami in their first game under interim coach Bill Callahan won’t inspire them to defeat the 49ers.

30. Tampa Bay (2-4) | Last week: 24

One week after the Bucs thought Jameis Winston had finally turned a corner, he had six turnovers, including five interceptions.

31. Cincinnati (0-6) | Last week: 29

If the Bengals can’t defeat Jacksonville at home, who can they beat? They’ve come close so far but fallen short every time.

32. Miami (0-5) | Last week: 32

The Dolphins are the worst of the worst in the NFL, and they got that distinction the old-fashioned way: They earned it.

Note: They say tickets to the Dolphins games are cheaper than the local Zoo

Mr Quatro 10-17-2019 07:24 PM

KC Chiefs vs Denver Bronco's @ Denver

Just started Thursday Night football :up:

fred8615 10-21-2019 05:08 PM

Well, I knew it wouldn't last.

Not the Saints winning streak; Teddy's now 5-0. :Kaleun_Salute:

Not Atlanta still losing; they did. :haha:

But Dallas won. :hmph:

Mr Quatro 10-22-2019 01:28 AM

New England won again vs NY Jets

Now NE is still undefeated at 6-0

What I can't understand is keeping Brady in till the last play when the game was already won.

August 10-22-2019 06:20 AM


Originally Posted by Mr Quatro (Post 2633529)
New England won again vs NY Jets

Now NE is still undefeated at 6-0

What I can't understand is keeping Brady in till the last play when the game was already won.

Erm 7-0! :)

As for Brady they didn't actually keep him in to the end of the game. They put Stidham in late in the 4th quarter. Far later than one might think though.

mapuc 10-22-2019 11:15 AM

I have lost interest in watching NFL.

I'm so serious tired of all these commercial breaks-happens 3-5 times per quarter and all those break-going back to the studio is shown, where the host and his guest have something to say.

Remember when I first time saw NFL, which was in the end of the 80's no commercial breaks no speaking from host or guest, only commentators


fred8615 10-22-2019 02:37 PM


Originally Posted by Mr Quatro (Post 2633529)
What I can't understand is keeping Brady in till the last play when the game was already won.

The only times I've ever seen Brady get pulled is when the Patriots are way behind. Like in 2009, when the Saints scored 45 points on them on MNF. :D

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