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bigbear 08-26-2020 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by Onkel Neal (Post 2692100)
Merged this thread with your original. Update us when you are more familiar with the game.

Thanks for merging it.

Are you suggesting that my inability to move the cursor over the controls has to do with my knowledge of the game, Neal? Keep in mind that I can't really play the game until this is fixed, as I assume that using the conning tower is pretty critical when in battle. But since I don't have enough background in this genre, I am not really sure. So I won't know if it works until a developer tells me it is fixed or tells me some way it can work by doing something else in the game.

bigbear 04-09-2021 07:10 PM

Monitor support -- resolved
I finally got an answer about why it was that I was unable to move around the conning tower and access the controls. I thought that it was due to some parameters not being adequately set pertaining to my monitor resolution, but it was simply due to the fact that I was stuck on the ladder!

All I had to do was right-click after I make sure that I fully climb the ladder into the conning tower room. The thing confusing about the right-click on the ladder is that if you right-click it before you fully enter the room, the right-click acts as a shortcut to slide down the ladder back into the control room! So, once you fully get up into the room on the ladder, right-click and then you can control your movement keys to access the controls in the conning tower.

Simple as that! Now I can finally start to see what this cool game is about!

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