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La vache 05-22-2019 04:53 PM

Silent Hunter 3 Sonar_Fix
This fix fixes the error message "Sonar destroyed" which occurs with the type IXD2 with the S-device (only with LSH3-2015) and with the type VIIC / 42 with the Nibelung device. There are two versions, one for LSH3-2015 and one for the German U-Boats Compilation, WAC 5 and GWX3_Reworked_Rus.


_LSH3-2015 ___ Sonar_Fix
Living-Silent-Hunter-III Edition 2015

TKSS18 German U-Boats Compilation, WAC 5 und GWX3_Reworked_Rus

Discussion in the German DMP Forum

ericlea 05-23-2019 04:12 AM

Yes Big Thanks to JPB !


hauangua 05-23-2019 09:49 AM

I play with LSH many thanks La vache

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