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HunterICX 04-02-13 05:11 AM

Nothing a bit of duct tape can't fix


Biggles 04-02-13 06:13 PM

D.H.4's of No. 59th makes sure that it'll take a bit more than duct-tape to fix the trainstation northeast of Ypres!

Kptlt. Neuerburg 04-09-13 10:48 AM

Continuing the WW1 theme
Fore to Aft.
Cruiser in flames.
The beauty shot.

Oberon 04-21-13 05:52 PM
Oh...hello MiG-19...nice of you and your MiG-23 friend to show up when I'm on Bingo fuel!! :stare:

Red October1984 04-21-13 07:03 PM

@ Oberon

What game is that? It looks like IL-2 1946... :hmmm:

Oberon 04-21-13 07:35 PM


Originally Posted by Red October1984 (Post 2044917)
@ Oberon

What game is that? It looks like IL-2 1946... :hmmm:

Kptlt. Neuerburg 04-29-13 11:21 PM

HunterICX 05-07-13 04:39 PM

Give the TF patch for CloD a go.

Double Kill

Shot a Heinkel's wing off which then rammed into the one flying next to it :cool:


Oberon 05-10-13 08:22 PM
"Tower this is Falcon 5-1, requesting permission to land."
"Falcon 5-1, this is the tower, you are outside of my airspace, contact 30 miles in."

No warning fire engines?

Mission was a success, nailed an SA-5 SAM site, and a passing Froggie. My wingman got eaten by a roaming Fulcrum which was presumably too busy laughing at my failing attempts to trim out my aircraft after I fired my first HARM, so I shot the other one at a random Search Radar to balance the bird out.

Biggles 05-13-13 08:53 AM

USN SBD-3 over Germany. Because screw logic!

eddie 05-14-13 10:09 PM

What might have been..........

Herr-Berbunch 05-15-13 02:07 AM

:o It's not too late, it'd still be a valid force if we started to build it today, and cost only a tiny fraction of a F35 of any flavour.

Is that free or payware? Me want, me want very much.

eddie 05-15-13 01:32 PM

Its freeware and its for Strike Fighters 2.

Crécy 05-20-13 07:55 AM

Basic day. Basic takeoff.

Herr-Berbunch 05-20-13 08:26 AM


Originally Posted by Crécy (Post 2059524)
Basic day. Basic takeoff.

Wow, it usually takes more than just a take off to get me burning like that.* Was it a fault or did you just really screw up?

*Landing, and err, flying, are a different story.

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