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Herr-Berbunch 01-11-12 08:58 AM

Flew out of Vancouver and headed North through the mountains. I came across a large frozen lake, which I now believe is Lake Chilko. I then asked myself a question I'd never even though of before - can I land on ice in FSX? :hmmm:

Ok, yes you can. How about something bigger? :hmmm:

And that worked too, good job they haven't figured out how to give the ice weight limits! :D

Back to Vancouver in a Hurricane, just because I can. :yeah:

hawk2495 01-11-12 12:13 PM

HB's CO after landing an E-3 on a frozen lake..
"What the bleep were you thinking?"
"Well it looked like fun sir."
"Well you're damn lucky Microsoft didn't bother to try to model ice in any realistic fashion. We'd be out a 30 million dollar aircraft, and you and your crew would be pilotcicles."

Herr-Berbunch 01-11-12 01:57 PM

That conversion would be one of the easier ones, the A-10s (mine and others') come back (sometimes) much worse than an E-3 with an icing issue and a flooded engine or four. :D

hawk2495 01-11-12 05:04 PM

True, but the A-10 was designed to fly with nothing left but the gun the cockpit and a quarter of the fuselage.... An E-3 not so

Herr-Berbunch 01-11-12 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by hawk2495 (Post 1819609)
True, but the A-10 was designed to fly with nothing left but the gun the cockpit and a quarter of the fuselage....

Someone should've told DCS that, they don't seem to have modelled that correctly - they're insistent that I also need engines!!! Amatuers. :roll:

hawk2495 01-12-12 02:27 AM

I didn't say she flew well......:arrgh!:

steve_the_slim 01-12-12 09:44 PM

This isn't really much of a screenshot, but it's kind of a big deal for me, since this is my first confirmed kill after not flying for about four years. The combination of rusty flying skills and using much higher difficulty settings than I used to made this a huge challenge. I chased this guy for about 15 minutes, staying right on his tail but never getting good hits until the very end, when I had run out of ammo in my machine guns and had only a few rounds left in the nose cannon. Since the I-16 can easily outclimb the Morane, I almost gave up the chase when he pulled up, but I said the heck with it, yanked the stick back, and got a beautiful shot right into his belly. I was making this face :D for a good five minutes afterward.

Perkele, you commie bastard!

Oberon 01-13-12 06:26 PM
So...Hunter takes off in a 109...and crashes. I try to ram a Stuka after jumping into a Hurri and finding it has no ammunition, the Stuka crashes but I lose a prop and jam the undercarriage up, so I decide to come and visit Hunter :rock:
Hunter does some aerobatics. I repay the favour later whilst he is in a similar hangar warming up his Blennie. :D

HunterICX 01-13-12 06:31 PM

Oberon paying a visit in Lolwaffle fashion :shucks:


*pulls out hair*

the Blenny


Dowly 01-13-12 07:54 PM

Oberon 01-13-12 07:55 PM

Ooooh, very nice. :yeah:

[501]Otto 01-15-12 08:57 AM

Herr-Berbunch 01-17-12 06:55 AM

Doesn't matter which game, the results are always the same... :dead:


Dowly 01-17-12 08:10 AM

It's good to be consistent. :O:

Herr-Berbunch 01-17-12 08:29 AM

I really should, for all these games, RTFM. :roll:

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