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Von Due 12-28-2020 09:17 AM

DCS Winter sale, which modules to get?
Seeing there are several modules on sale, some down 50%, I am doing a little bit of shopping around. For me, it's primarily about helicopters as I have next to no interest in jets. Then there is the fact that not all modules receive the same amount of praise, for various reasons.

I have Black Shark 2, and I just got the Huey and Mi-8 modules. I would like to have the other heli modules as well but I am not sure. They do cost quite a bit and reading about some of the other modules, I've gathered some of them are quite buggy or with poor flight dynamics. Bling replacing a good flight experience is a no go for me.

Anyone here having experienced the different heli modules? What are your verdicts on them? How do their fidelity/physics/general feel compare to Black Shark? In short, which of these modules are worth getting and which ones are not up to the standards as BS?

SilentPrey 12-28-2020 08:37 PM

I've only flown the Blackshark and Huey modules. However, free to play is running until 5 January: If you've got the bandwidth you can download and try whichever airframes you're interested in without having to buy first.

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