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Minoslas 02-11-2014 12:07 PM

RAZBAM: Mirage 2000
RAZBAM working on AFM of Mirage 2000C

Remember that little "surprise" we had for the DCS crowd? well here it is:
Announcing the Mirage 2000C for DCS, with a superb model from Metal2Mesh (creators of some of the finest models around) we´ll bring to DCS this magnificent product. We have learned so much during the T-2 development process that we decided to move forward with this high performance and high profile fighter. Does this means we cancelled the T-2? not at all, gentlemen, it´s just being moved aside for the time being. But enough of the chatter, let´s put some pics here!..
Also, we´ll have another big DCS surprise shortly, regarding other models being readied for DCS, all these will have an AFM , aiming for the highest fidelity possible, in a combat simulator.
Gentlemen, we officially announce, the RAZBAM Mirage 2000C for DCS

Minoslas 03-06-2014 11:08 AM

Mirage 2000C


Minoslas 03-26-2015 08:41 AM

new develop RAZBAM Mirage 2000C video and pics

Here is a sample of air combat with the Magic II AAMs.
The triangle is the locked IR seeker. The second ring is the NO ESCAPE ring. When it appears, the target is deemed to be so close that no escape or decoy will work. When the target is too close for the missile, the DON'T SHOOT cue (the big cross) will appear.


Some still images for the M-2000C for DCS in Air Interceptor configuration.

Minoslas 05-27-2015 12:01 PM

From RAZBAM Facebook, Mirage 2000C on DCS: W 2 (I assume by the pics):

After an unexpected hiatus, I am becoming acquainted again with the DCS M2000C. Just took this bird for a spin right now.

Minoslas 09-18-2015 08:13 AM

RAZBAM Mirage 2000C available to pre-purchase (release December 2015)

DCS Mirage 2000C by RAZBAM Press Release
DCS: Mirage 2000C

The M2000C is a multi-role, French-designed, 4th generation fighter. It was designed in the 1970s as a lightweight fighter and in excess of 600 M2000C aircraft have been built. The M2000C is a single-engine fighter will a low-set delta wing with no horizontal tail. It has excellent manoeuvrability given its relaxed stability and fly-by-wire flight control system. The M2000C also includes a multi-mode RDI radar that is capable tracking and engaging targets at beyond visual ranges. In addition to engaging other aircraft with cannon and missiles, the M2000C can also engage ground targets with cannon, rockets and bombs. The M2000C is a perfect fit for the battlefields of DCS World!

We now bring an exacting simulation the M2000C to DCS World. The M2000C is highly optimized to work within DCS World and takes advantage of the Digital Combat environment that only Eagle Dynamics can offer.

M2000C for DCS World by RAZBAM will sell for $59.99, but will be available at a 20% discount during the pre-purchase period. Pre-purchase the M2000C from:

The DCS World e-shop at
The RAZBAM e-shop at

By December 2015, the Open Beta download for the M2000C will be available to those that pre-purchased.

For more information and support, please visit:

Key Features that the DCS: Mirage 2000C by RAZBAM will include:
Advanced flight model providing realistic performance and flight characteristics
Highly detailed 3D model and animations
Highly detailed and accurate 6 DOF cockpit with mouse-interactive controls
Realistic modelling of the aircraft systems including electrical, fuel, hydraulics, lighting, engine and navigation
High resolution 3D model and cockpit textures, including specular and bump mapping
Inflight programmable INS
Synthetic runway display on HUD
Realistic HUD and weapons systems including:
Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground cannon
Magic II and Super 530D Air-to-Air missiles
Matra rocket pods
CCIP and CCRP bomb delivery
Realistic afterburner and over-wing vapour effects
Numerous skins
Instant action, single, and training missions as well as a campaign
Training that includes interactive and video lessons.

About The Fighter Collection

The Fighter Collection, as well as developing software for the entertainment and serious game markets, also operates, rebuilds and maintains Europe's largest collection of airworthy WWII fighters and is based at Duxford Airfield, in the U K. For more information, visit our website:


RAZBAM is a 3rd party flight simulator content creator since 2002 that has been involved with the Microsoft series of flight simulators (MS Flight Simulator franchise), Third Wire "Strike Fighter" franchise, Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D simulators, and most recently with Eagle Dynamics' "Digital Combat Simulator" or DCS.

RAZBAM has also been involved in professional simulation solutions for a number of military and civilian aircraft operators since 2007. For more information, visit our website at: or our Facebook page at:
Video Teaser:

Minoslas 10-05-2015 05:40 AM

New Mirage 2000C Bomb Racks

Today I present to you the RAFAUT AUF2 bomb rack. With this baby, the M-2000C can carry more bombs. The use of the rack is constrained to physical size. It is a tight fit to have it under the wings so some ordnance cannot be carried due to volume.

Minoslas 12-10-2015 07:19 AM

Mirage 2000C ILS aproach

Minoslas 03-30-2016 02:54 PM

Mirage 2000C electrical damage model.

M-2000C Electrical system damage model. Any hit on the highlighted elements and the power supply will be affected.

Minoslas 04-07-2016 10:56 AM

Mirage 2000C trailer by Xstounds

Minoslas 04-13-2016 08:02 AM

Mirage 2000C new radar simbology.

New Symbology:
Low PRF (BFR) targets are now displayed as a square instead of the V.
The radar now indicates when it is being jammed: BR (BRouilleur = jammer).

Minoslas 06-07-2016 06:11 PM

Razbam Mirage 2000C updates in progress on weapon system to the next patch.

Folks, the PPA is now active and will be included in the next update.

These are the active features at this time:

  • MAGIC IIs now have a lifetime of 90 minutes since start of flight on the ground, 80 minutes if you start in the air.
  • MAGIC IIs can be placed in STANDBY mode in order to increase their lifetime.
  • Activating the MAGIC IIs take 30 seconds and decrease the lifetime by 10 minutes.
  • If the MAGIC II lifetime reaches 0, the missile becomes inert and cannot be launched.
  • Super 530Ds also have a lifetime but this one is counted in hours so there is no immediate effect in DCS.
  • Super 530Ds can be placed in STANDBY mode. STANDBY mode is SOP for ferry flights and AAR.
  • Activating the Super 530Ds take 45 seconds.
  • Missiles that are in STANDBY cannot be launched.
  • All missiles will be active from the beginning when you start in the air. Otherwise they will go thru the activation process.

  • Bombs now require fuze selection.
  • By default, in both ground and air starts, the bombs are in SAFE (INT, meaning INERTE, which is French for INERT) mode. In this mode the bombs will NOT explode under any circumstances.
  • You MUST select a fuze option before release, either RET, meaning RETARD, which is French for DELAY, in this mode the bomb will penetrate before exploding; or INST, meaning INSTANTANÉ, French for INSTANTANEOUS, in this mode the bomb will explode on contact.

The other PPA options will also be enabled in due time, but these ones are going to be available in the next release.

Okay folks these are the latest for the PPA:

TOT/PAR button functionality is now enabled.

- Super 530D: you launch BOTH missiles at the same target. There is a 2 seconds delay between each missile launch.
- Rockets: you fire ALL the rockets in both rocket pods with a single trigger press. If you carry rockets in the outboard pylons, those will be fired first, to fire the inboard rockets you will have to press the trigger again.
- Guns: Will keep firing as long as you keep the trigger pressed.

- Super 530D: Only one missile is launched.
- Rockets: Only one rocket is fired from the selected pod. Pod selection is automatic.
- Guns: You fire a burst for each trigger press.

At this time by default the TOT/PAR selection is PAR.

For AA Missiles there is now a delay between pressing the trigger and actual launch:
- MAGIC II: There is a 0.50 seconds delay.
- Super 530D: There is a 0.80 seconds delay IF the radar is in STT mode. If the radar is in TWS mode, the delay will be 1 second. The radar will automatically switch from TWS to STT (it will also switch to HRF if in ENT) before the missile is launched. These delays apply to both TOT and PAR firing modes. The Super 530D will NOT launch if there is no locked target.
the updated patch bug list:

Minoslas 06-09-2016 05:32 PM

RAZBAM working on the Mirage2000C INS, implement the Bullseye

Today I started working with the INS. 1st thing that I have crossed out: How to select the bullseye.
On the left, waypoint 2 is the bullseye. Below you have distance and bearing to it.
On the right, 00 indicates that no bullseye has been selected. In that case you have TDC range and bearing

Minoslas 06-16-2016 06:45 PM

INS alignment implemented on RAZBAM Mirage 2000C

INS alignment is now working. Here are the images with the alignment status (full alignment).

Minoslas 06-24-2016 03:09 PM

Changelog RAZBAM Mirage2000C to 1.5.4 DCS: W Open Beta

Changelog for 2016-06-24

Flight Model:
  • Added FBW reset (just reset trim right now)
  • Added rudder trim paddle functionality
  • Added possible loss of LRF4 if over G for stores mode
  • Beginning of auto-stop sequence
  • Approach autopilot hold work
  • Added joystick/keyboard bindings
  • Added throttle limit movements for keyboard throttle control
  • Added all requirements for DECOL to go away to auto-start
  • Added force feedback gain tuning available in ForceFeedback.lua
  • Fixed: Don't cause control flutter below 90 knots and on ground
  • Fixed issue with forcing of symmetrical loadouts for wing tanks breaking old payloads and breaking default loadout definitions
  • Fix for delayed response in AOA limiter when returning stick to neutral after hitting AOA limit
  • Fixed drag for rocket pods
  • Fixed relaxed stability behavior, also fixed AOA limiter behavior in some cases as well as helped landing/takeoff behavior
  • Fixed auto-start warning for engine not in throttle off position
  • Fix for main fuel pumps requiring AC power
  • Fix for lag in pitch correction
  • Fix for sometime breaking nose gear when you shouldn't
  • Fix for AP when AOA > 18.0 not reducing pitch properly
  • Fix for initial AP bank limit not 60 degrees
  • Fix for AP response for altitude control
  • Fix for pitch control to maintain precision without being too sensitive
  • Fix for braking power when moving
  • Fixed CHARGES required for LRF4 rockets loaded
  • Fixed of heading mode change type while in AP mode causing aircraft to turn
  • Fixed sudden change of control authority causing control stutter when gear going down, now gradual change
  • Adjusted cockpit view for better TrackIR movement
  • Adjusted gear reaction for better braking power
  • Adjusted fuel flow schedule for more correct fuel economy
  • Adjusted minimum afterburner fuel flow
  • Tiny adjustment to nose gear
  • Gear adjustment for better takeoff/landing behavior
  • Update for wing being too efficient after relaxed stability update
  • Update for odd FBW behavior with high pitch rate and continuous pitch rate command through 300 knots not providing full authority
  • Updates to collision model and gear configuration to correct dynamic reaction behavior
  • Updated control indictor to show FBW yaw control
  • Improved filtering of sensed parameters to FBW model
  • Improvements for correct takeoff speeds
  • Improvement to auto-start reliability
  • Improved brake control
  • DECOL only shows up with both main and nose WOW
  • Increased length of bingo sound and bingo does not induce amber warning sound (has it's own)
  • Require both nose and main gear WOW for DECOL warning to work
  • Better air braking and ground effect modeling
  • Battery depletion bug fix
  • Reduced lag on rudder control
  • Autopilot now using flight path control instead of pitch control
  • Corrections to yaw control lag and authority
  • Increased roll AP responsiveness
  • FPM now on horizon when WOW
  • Wheel damage speed tolerance updated
  • Shell code for dynamic tire damage due to leaving parking brake on
  • Offset radalt to show 0 when on ground
  • Corrected brake mode logic
  • Gear should go up/down at same rate
  • Fixed being able to hear VOR/ILS morse code even when off or volume at 0
  • Fixed PCA issues with rocket pods
  • Fixed CTD with outboard rocket pods
  • Fixed Only DC power required for radios
  • Fixed PCA/PPA indicator not off in cold until battery cycle
  • Fixed PCA MAGIC selection bug
  • Fixed PPA default values & triggering bug fix
  • Fixed radar P symbology on the VTB reversed
  • Fixed Jettison: pylons disappear with selective (not with total)
  • Fixed radar doesn't preheat on the ground if switch on SIL or EM
  • Fixed radar continues to provide (some) guidance after being switched off
  • Fixed Some input commands not working
  • Fixed vertical elevation of radar is shifted down when locking
  • Fixed ECM logic (switches & lights)
  • Fixed rockets jettison (trunk)
  • Fixed Super 530D jettison: pylon
  • Fixed Electric system Red flood lighting should work with DC power only
  • Fixed radar is forced Off instead of P on the ground
  • Fixed Electric system VTH, VTB, PCA and PPA should not work on DC power only.
  • Fixed cockpit lightings & controls
  • Fixed Rockets Burst/Continuous fire mode
  • Fixed S-530D (PPA) Auto/Man
  • Fixed ECS COND now in correct initialization position
  • Fixed Flashing of FREIN when gear coming down
  • Fixed CROSS light when parachute deployed
  • Aircraft now kicks out of APP mode when weight on nose wheel
  • Added more community based key bindings
  • Initialization with cold has Pitot-Static heat to OFF
  • Initialization with cold has VOR/ILS and TACAN to OFF
  • Initialization with hot on ground has VTB to ON
  • Initialization with hot on ground has ECM and RWR to ON
  • Initialization with cold has ECM/RWR mode select to STANDBY
  • Initialization with hot on ground has Nav, Anti-Collision, and Landing Lights to ON
  • Initialization in all cases has ECM/RWR volume to 70%
  • Volume dial for ECM/RWR now driving volume of ECM/RWR sounds
  • Updated TACAN to allow channel 0 to 9
  • INS Mode Selector now in correct click direction
  • CDVE (FBW) Test switch now has 3 position switch logic
  • Added New CCM options
  • Added MAGIC Coolant management
  • Added 530D Prep and Stby
  • Added MAGIC Prep and Stby
  • Added Bomb fuzing
  • Added Bomb release.
  • Added Delay time for launching missiles
  • Added 530D Missile Selector functionality.
  • Added Auto STT when launching 530Ds in TWS.
  • Added 530Ds do not launch if there is no radar lock.
  • Added Guns burst/continuous fire.
  • Added Guns firing rate selector enabled.
  • Added Fixed outboard rocket pods HUD bug.
  • Added Salvo fire notification in HUD
  • Added Rockets TOT/PAR functionality
  • Added Rockets firing method.
  • Added Abort launch feature
  • Added INS update: bullseye selection.
  • Added INS Alignment update
  • Added INS Auxiliary Gyro Enabled
  • Added INS Damage
  • Added INS Data entry and validation (WiP)
  • Added INS Data entry (WiP)
  • Added INS Flightplan update (WiP TBT)
  • INS Drift Error (WiP)
  • INS Status and Keyboard lights update
Aircraft Particular Options enabled:
  • TOT/PAR default value
  • Rocket burst count
  • Laser code for GBUs (Not enabled)

Aircraft Special Options enabled
  • INS not requiring alingment
  • Disabling gyro drift for INS
External and Cockpit Models:
  • Removed duplicated Ada Chambreis livery
  • Fixed police light missing halo + lightened zone to enhance
  • Rudder trim paddle clickable (rudder trim control needs tuning still)
  • Trim mode dial clickable and texture fixed for secondary mode
  • Trim secondary mode stick animated
  • Trim hat on stick animated in normal mode

Minoslas 07-20-2016 07:17 PM

RAZBAM Mirage 2000C changelog to the July 21

Hello folks. Tomorrow I must travel so I am sending what was done up until today for this week's release:

* PCA Weapons selection/deselection.
* VTB Weapons display.
* Missile selection for both 530Ds and Magics.
* Sound files. We have incorporated Rlaxoxo's sound mod into the aircraft with his authorization. We are grateful for his help and are mentioning him in the Manual.
* TAS ranging.

* CCRP Auto release (explained below).
* New Keyboard mappings:
- PCA Select button for HOTAS.
- Magic Slave/AG Designate/INS Position Update button for HOTAS (No, Magic slave is not enabled yet.)
- Stores 5 SELECT button for WEAPONS MANAGEMENT (PCA).

* Manual update. Last page includes a manual changelog.
* Keyboard mappings:
- HOTAS Cannon SELECT is now: HOTAS AA Gun Select.
- HOTAS Target LOCK is now: HOTAS STT/TWS Toggle (Target Lock).
- HOTAS Weapon FIRE is now: HOTAS Weapons FIRE/Bomb Release.



- SENSORS Radar Antenna UP is now: HOTAS Radar Antenna UP.
- SENSORS Radar Antenna DOWN is now: HOTAS Radar Antenna DOWN.
- SENSORS Radar Antenna CENTER is now: HOTAS Radar Antenna CENTER.

- FLIGHT CONTROL Airbrake ON is now: HOTAS Airbrake ON.
- FLIGHT CONTROL Airbrake OFF is now: HOTAS Airbrake OFF.


* Buttons Functionality:
- HOTAS STT/TWS Toggle (Target Lock): Now only works in AA mode. It cannot be used to designate ground targets anymore.
- HOTAS Magic Slave/AG Designate/INS Position Update: Is the button to be used to designate ground targets. Other functionalities are not available at this time.

CCRP Autorelease
Now we have enabled CCRP bomb automatic release. The CCRP instructions have been updated in the manual but just in case:
When in CCRP, the trigger instead of releasing the bombs, now functions as a release consent switch.

1. You must press the trigger as soon as you see the release cue.
2. Keep the trigger pressed for as long as the cue is in the HUD. The bombs will be automatically released when the cue crosses the diamond reticle center.

The CCRP target will clear when:
a. A bomb(s) has been released.
b. The cue is over the diamond reticle if no bomb has been released.

TAS is working and precision has improved. It still needs some work. But now bombs are hitting in elevation, even if they miss on azimuth (to the left or right).

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