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bandi 01-12-2007 08:29 AM

Whirlwind of Vietnam !!!
I Just heard back from G5Software on Whirlwind
of Vietnam (see letter below). Their Web Site
listed this as being released in Russia in Sept.,
So I was curious if it would be coming to the
USA or if it could be purchased and sent here...
Well... It's coming to the USA !!!...

Also look here at 1CCompany for info !!!...
Look here for the Video (87mb) !!!...
And here is the Developer Site !!!...


Originally Posted by G5
Hello Bandi,

Thank you for the letter and interest to our project.

“Whirlwind of Vietnam: UH-1” is going to be released
in US in spring, 2007. I have no exact release date,
but the publisher in US is already found.

So, please, visit our site from time to
time to receive updated information.

Best regards,

Dmitry Lyust | PR & Business Development
G5 Entertainment AB

Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2007 8:42 PM
To: contact
Subject: Whirlwind of Vietnam ?

First of all, Awesome Simulator !

Is "Whirlwind of Vietnam" only for the Russian market,
or is it available in US too ?

Is there some where that it can be ordered from online ?

Thank you for your time.


New Jersey, USA

There are alot more images here at the Site... Enjoy...


In Loving Memory of Our Son Benjamin !!!
11/14/81 - 11/12/06 He was to be 25.....
He Served His Country in Afgan' & Iraq....
We Luv Him and will Miss Him Deeply !!!...

KLARCH 01-16-2007 02:28 AM

This looks like it's going to be AMAZING!!!


Camaero 01-16-2007 03:46 PM

Wow, if there is one chopper I love, it is the Huey!

KLARCH 01-16-2007 03:48 PM

Cue up the Wagner!

da DA da-da DAA daaa...


UglyMowgli 01-17-2007 07:39 AM

I read a critics in russian and the conclusion is : flights models are so bad that an arcade game is better than this sims. One of the reason is all of the best team programmers left the company long before the soft was out so it was half done.

It is all in russian

Here a 'review' translated using baelfish (:down:) from the forum russian (the source for the translation is
missions (by hearsay) - 1 (one) piece. With the variations on the theme.
I explain. To alpha we made one mission: we fly from the base on Uh-1b, we accompany Uh-1d, which convey landing. We then fly conversely. This mission of skriptovali half a year two Heim- designers 8(). One left after alpha, and for the second it was in prospect for those remaining to half a year write 30 additional missions. After understanding that this is complete anril, the first mission of raskopirovali in the necessary quantity of versions with the small readings: we fly with the landing, fly without the landing, fly to choke mortars, fly to choke howitzers, fly to postrelyat' on the infantry, etc.
Information from the man, who worked in G5 until recently. I was in aute...
- Tyuere is no geympleya. And do not search for. Authorities, until now, considers what TO SHOOT - this of geympley. The fact that to shoot not in whom - does not disturb.
You twenty minutes fly from the base to the battlefield (all scales they are real! complete, ***, of realiz'm!), and you there see explosions on the earth, routes and points being rushed about on the field. Where his, where the strangers - its horseradish it knows. To shoot uselessly - you will not fall according to the soldiers. It is possible on the mortars, but they still must be found. Howitzers vashche in 10 kilometers (realiz'm, ***!) and to search for them is useless.
On the whole, you will circle the heels of minutes, admiring to the beautiful explosions, you will wait for D -wek, you they will line (compulsorily! That you did not make! It is so prescribed in the script), your to -pa1lota it is also compulsorily dropped with a crash, and you will drag back to the base (already 20 min). EVERYTHING! MISSOIN COMPLETE!

- FM are worse than in MSFS. In MSFS, at least, you will not succeed themselves in at speed 40 it is main flying by tail forward, the service ceiling is not equal to static, and helicopter reacts on the pitch and to the control knob, and not only on pitch-throttle.
As the example: for our main thing "physics" it was revelation, that the engine loses power with an increase in the height because of the rarefaction of air! Fairy tale...

- in the press release is declared the heap of cinematographic rollers. Lie. Roller is one, terrifically rough: landing landing into D -wki in the beginning of the first mission. Looks uzhzhzhasno...

- terrible brakes. Each mission is loaded minutes 5. Alpha (hardly which changed since then) it issued on Rya 3,2 1Gb RAM Radeon 9800PRO 5-7 frames per second.

- and the latter: practically all people, which began this project, left. The qualification of those, whom they took for their place, causes in me simultaneously horror and tender emotion. Specifically, they dodelyvayut now game.

Lada Racing Club Will rest...
Curve arkadnaya "impact force" of four year old remoteness on the basis of consumer qualities by the head is higher...
" it edited: 16 September 2006, 02:27, dihlofoss &#y8";

Thank you India Thank you providence Thank you disillusionment
Thank you nothingness Thank you clarity Thank you thank you silence
It now plays in IL2 4..05m

Konovalov 01-17-2007 07:46 AM

So a case of too good to be true. :cry:

UglyMowgli 01-17-2007 08:17 AM

Yes flight models and poor video performance, it can't be a hit.

At check-six the french reference website on flight sim, they never obtain a copy to make a review, if it was a good sim the distributor give them one to make a good paper.

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