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Task Force 05-28-10 04:45 PM

Lol, that looks fimiliar.:rotfl2:

Oberon 05-28-10 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by Arclight (Post 1405607)
You would be amazed at what one can accomplish with a little toiletpaper too. :lol:

Whoever was flying that is going to need more than a little... :03:

Arclight 05-28-10 11:29 PM


At least it didn't explode. Seriously, that crash? Nothing. :smug:

Task Force 05-30-10 06:01 PM

And now the story of a crazy Arclight, but first! A SU 27!
arc... umm... not so lively after his ejection.
Guess he had a better fate than us... lol
Arcs chopper!

Arclight 05-30-10 06:25 PM

Is weird, 'cause the eject went fine on my end. :hmmm:

Circling those guys was awesome, just not much you can do against the MBTs in there with the cannon. :-?

Raptor1 05-31-10 05:44 AM

Landing #1, success...

Landing #2...err...

...not quite...

Well, any landing you can take off from is a successful one, isn't it?

The problem is getting down again...

Well, good enough, I guess...

Arc, engaging in no maneuvers to save himself from the possible aerial collision

But it is the mountain that gets him eventually. Damned partisans!

And reason #1 why you shouldn't listen to Arc and TF:

"Go to Waypoint 1"


Wait, what's that?

Ah, it's a dead Raptor...

Waypoint 1, eh?

HunterICX 05-31-10 06:03 AM

:haha: Ouch!


Arclight 05-31-10 06:20 AM

I took the liberty of checking those coordinates, and it places you 6km past waypoint 1. When we say "hold at waypoint 1", hold at waypoint 1. :O:

Raptor1 05-31-10 06:26 AM

It is? Must've been Waypoint 2 on the map I was looking at, damn.

Alright, but that still leaves reason #2: "APCs aren't a major threat" :O:

Arclight 05-31-10 06:31 AM


Yeah, they'll get you eventually. I was referring to the fact you can easily out-range them with the cannon, but if you hover above several, you're gonna come down. Have a look at my previous screens, numbers 2 and 3 from the bottom. Notice the number of holes and the fact you're still flying. :D

Raptor1 05-31-10 06:34 AM

I was looking for that BMP shooting missiles at me and accidentally went over the BTR, my hovering still needs improvement...

eddie 05-31-10 11:01 AM

The "Other" Channel Map for IL 46 has been released!

Raptor1 05-31-10 11:51 AM

That the 1:1 scale with the European coast on it?

Oberon 05-31-10 12:10 PM


Don't just stand there! GET ONE UP!!

eddie 05-31-10 12:13 PM

I guess that's the one you mention Raptor, get it here-

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