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Onealex 05-08-21 03:32 AM


Originally Posted by John Pancoast (Post 2746647)
Easy fix. As Anvar said, simply make the light available at any date you wish. You can find the light in the plane's .eqp file.
Copy that file, delete the light from it, and use it until the date desired for the light to appear.
Put the .eqp file with the light in a SH3 date folder or make a mod for JSGME and add it at the date desired.
The same can be done to replicate the end of u-boats carrying topside torpedoes in 5/43, via the sub files.

It is already fixed. Will be in version 1.46

John Pancoast 05-08-21 03:32 AM


Originally Posted by ericlea (Post 2744384)
It was from the spring of 1943 onwards that the Allied radars became formidable, particularly those fitted to aircraft.
May 1943 is a turning point of the battle of the Atlantic because of these radars. in 1 month, 1/4 of the totality of the fleet of uboats was eliminated.
I find that this is quite present in onealex. from 1943 onwards, it is no longer a walk in the park and can even be painful to play.
it is good.

1943 brought aircraft radar more into play vs. ship radar. Even in 1942 commanders found surface attacks much more difficult due to ship radar. Also, though the game doesn't simulate it, escorts routinely used ship borne huff duff units to chase down sub bearings when they were around convoys radioing convoy info. to BdU/other subs well before 1943.

John Pancoast 05-08-21 03:33 AM


Originally Posted by Onealex (Post 2746648)
It is already fixed. Will be in version 1.46


Onealex 05-08-21 01:49 PM

New version has been uploaded.

GWX Onealex Edition v1.46 - changelog:
1. Added drifting mines to the game and the campaign in the Atlantic Ocean (3D model from KSD II).
2. The dates of the appearance of the Lee searchlight are set to the historical data.
3. Fixed a bug when the crew of the U-boat was visible through the scuppers (type 9 submarines)
4. Correction of the system of awards and promotion in rank.
5. Correction of radiograms.
6. Correction of the ranks of the Kriegsmarine.
7. Correction of radar detectors.
8. Correction of speed of airplanes.
9. Minor fixes.

880-5 05-11-21 01:49 PM

Hello, how can I change the crew for bad weather?

Onealex 05-11-21 01:57 PM


Originally Posted by 880-5 (Post 2747289)
Hello, how can I change the crew for bad weather?

1 Dive and Surface
2 Just move crew to the compartment and then move back to the watch station

880-5 05-11-21 02:39 PM

Many Thanks

CapZap1970 05-11-21 09:02 PM

Alex, could you please tell me what are the Lee searchlights? Where are they? Planes? Ships?

Thanks for the info! :up:

Mad Mardigan 05-11-21 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by CapZap1970 (Post 2747345)
Alex, could you please tell me what are the Lee searchlights? Where are they? Planes? Ships?

Thanks for the info! :up:

Leigh lights,: Aircraft, aka planes.

M. M.


CapZap1970 05-12-21 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by Mad Mardigan (Post 2747350)
Leigh lights,: Aircraft, aka planes.

M. M.


Ohhhh, I see!

Thanks a lot for the info, M.M.! :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up:

Mad Mardigan 05-12-21 01:35 AM


Originally Posted by CapZap1970 (Post 2747353)
Ohhhh, I see!

Thanks a lot for the info, M.M.! :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up:

No sweat, glad the info was of use. :yep: :up:

M. M.


33lima 05-13-21 07:42 AM

No zoom
In the ship camera view (Key <), is the Zoom function (mousewheel, #73 in Commands_en.cfg) working for anyone?

It's listed in-game by F1, but the mousewheel doesn't zoom the view.

I'm not referring to the ability to move the camera closer via up/down arrow, which isn't zooming and as the camera comes closer, produces a rather distorted perspective. It's ultimately a matter of taste but at the minute, it's like taking a portrait photo while using a wide-angle lens instead of the preferred short telephoto. The former is fine for 'landscape'-type views which emphasise your boat in is wider environment; but the latter is better if you want a view which emphasises the boat (and we have some lovely boats in this mod).

I've tried copying across various combinations of the camera-related files (starting with cameras.dat) from other installs where the zoom function works properly; no joy.

I installed OneAlex by unzipping the complete archive to a new folder outside Program Files (x86) (not onto an existing SH3 install) and used Multi SH3 to create a fresh folder for the career etc files in My Documents, and all else seems fine (it's a great mod).

I've Pm'ed the author and know of one other user who has the same issue; but it would be good to know if this is a universal situation or if anyone who is bothered by the lack of this zoom function has a fix.

Anvar1061 05-13-21 01:57 PM
Key0=0x05,Rc,"Ctl M.wheel"




dex 05-13-21 03:40 PM

about premature explosion of torpedo
februar 1940 I sneak up in Scapa Flow at night but torpedo even with rigth depth settings just explode premature....6 torpedo waste and destroyer chasing me...Frustrating for me:wah:.... Is this according to instructions

33lima 05-13-21 03:47 PM

Thanks Anvar. But zoom still doesn't work. Weird. There isn't a Commands_en.cfg anywhere other than in SH3/data/cfg so its not as if I'm editing the wrong file.

I have the same entries for 73 and 74 in my other, GWX install (except just Context 1) and zoom is fine there. Even copying those entries over to OneAlex install's Commands_en.cfg didn't work. I tried copying over also any file with 'Camera' in it, one at a time, no joy. It was like they were being ignored.

The same 'Key' line is used in three other assignments unrelated to zoom, but those lines are commented out, so there can't be a conflict.

Strange. A second player on SimHQ to whom I recommended this mod has also confirmed mousewheel zoom, tho listed in-game under F1, doesn't work for them, either.

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