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agathosdaimon 08-05-19 09:54 AM

Gunship! looking for german patch

Is there anyone here who might have the german patch for Gunship! - titled GSGERPTCH.exe - it was linked to on the quantum hammer site ( but the link is broken

akula65 08-14-19 07:46 PM

That site is available in the Wayback Machine ( Use this link for that particular file:

agathosdaimon 08-15-19 01:26 AM

amazing thankyou!

i didnt know about this wayback machine

i am looking for some other older Gunship mod stuff - there was an exe mod made by creater "shoddyworks" it was called "yet another Gunship Exe" i unfortunatel dont have the full zip contents for it, just some of the files and readme for it.

I am just trying to get Gunship! reinstalled and working like i used to have back in the 2000s

UglyMowgli 09-04-19 01:52 AM

Soon (well in few years), from the New Microprose using TitanIM engine. They will announce the new games they are going to publish this fall.

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