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Aktungbby 06-18-2021 10:51 AM

Welcome back!
EAF274 Johan! :Kaleun_Salute: It's all a plot to bring you to the surface after an 8-year silent run!:O:

EAF274 Johan 06-19-2021 09:09 AM

Forced to the surface by a Destroyer :salute:

But yes, with War on the Sea, Task Force Admiral and now Destroyeron the horizon it seems the Happy Times are back.

PL_Andrev 07-10-2021 01:35 AM

Good news: in full release we can expect:

  • Big battles with a lot of variety and random elements,
  • Skimrish model to generate convoy battles semi-randomly or under player's full control,
  • A strory campaign where your choices shape the outcome of each battle


Really missed co-op mode here.

Aktungbby 07-11-2021 10:43 AM

Welcome aboard!

frigokar 07-24-2021 03:39 PM

Is the uboat following historical moving limitations...cause they are poping around all over the place.

Also why is everything in compass bearings rather than heading bearings.I just want to keep my sonar following 45 degrees of bow not move it manually to compass bearings all the time...Its just busy work.

Sonarman 07-25-2021 05:27 PM

@ frigokar - The demo was on a strict deadline for the Steam next fest and some features did not make the cut, the devteam were already working around 5he clock to get the demo prepared. Full ship and sub physics modelling is still on the to do list. The game currently uses true bearings for everything, but the final game will have relative bearings added as well, the audio had actually been recorded for that but the devs just did not have the time to add it.

The full game will also feature much larger wolfpacks, more detail and realism in the stations, the ability to control up to an additional 3 destroyers as well as an rpg story based campaign. If the first game is successful additional sequels will be developed with anti-air and anti surface warfare in the Pacific.

AutoSetup 07-26-2021 08:10 AM

I'm 20 hours into this demo game at the moment and I've loved every minute.

It's addictive and difficult. Sinking a sub is a big achievement, so don't expect to rack up large scores.
Everything has to be done manually, plotting, sonar, etc. just as you would in SH 3 on hard difficulty, except you can't see the target.

It was 4 hours before I sunk my first sub.
Getting everything right doesn't guarantee a kill, as it can all go tits in the last few seconds.

Reading the plot correctly and summing the situation in your head, takes time.


Sonarman 08-11-2021 05:34 PM

Destroyer 10/8/21 update from Artur & the devs
For all who have tried the fantastic Destroyer the UBoat Hunter demo from IronWolf studio here is an update on the game’s progress from developer Artur via the games Discord Channel...

OK, so here's what we are working on right now....

-free camera look for all stations
-switching between stations via hotkeys
-improved 'Crest' water effects
-new messages from sonar, e.g. 'sounds of torpedo tube outer doors opening'
-new messages from lookouts, e.g. 'torpedo in the water'
-all inconsistencies between text and audio to be fixed
-relative bearing for sonar, lookouts and gun director
-improved destroyer and U-boat physics
-text localization in multiple languages
-auto-plot for DRT & OSC
-pencil functionaity for DRT (drawing a constant line from the center of the light bug)
-selective eraser for DRT / OSC
-automatic TRR settings
-'game settings' menu in the pause menu, allowing to pick and choose which of the extra cameras and automations you wish to use
-collision warning (ship siren and message from the lookouts)
-various DRT user experience improvements (bigger clicking box for drawing Xs and more)
-pattern selection for depth charge drops
-external camera
-hot keys for steering and speed control
-improved audio report queueing and selective muting
-text window improvements (bigger, improved scrolling, various colors for different stations, etc.)
-destroyer camouflage selection (still to be confirmed)
-sailor models in all stations (still to be confirmed)

Right, so the above list is not complete, but there are certain things we cannot speak of yet. I also cannot promise that all of the above will be delivered before the next version of the demo, but we feel that the above issues have been raised most often, and this is what we are planning to improve in the nearest future.

If you have not yet tried the existing (June 2020) version of the demo its still available to download on steam at

Furia 08-12-2021 10:19 AM

Absolutely FANTASTIC !! :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up:

You guys are really listening to the comunity !!!!

Implementing all those features would make the sim a awesome success!

Thanks a lot!
Looking forward for its release :up:

les green01 08-18-2021 05:57 PM

i try the demo for two minutes then remove it from the wishlist

Sonarman 08-19-2021 04:33 PM

Why didnt you like the demo Les? Most people seem to rate it very highly.

les green01 08-20-2021 10:10 AM


Originally Posted by Sonarman (Post 2763827)
Why didnt you like the demo Les? Most people seem to rate it very highly.

mainly because of playway and dlc's i have 6 or 7 games from playway most of them have about 20 or 30 dlc's there some stuff i like on the demo beautiful grapics and opening movie was done great most other stuff i seen can be iron out the demo was just to give us a taste but basic with me the game already has two strikes against it that being playway and dlc's i might keep a eye on it see how many dlc's comes out

Sonarman 08-20-2021 04:11 PM

Thanks Les I know what you mean about DLCs especially on mobile platforms and now even worse.. subscription based gaming. I'd be surprised if they do that here though its not really the kind of game that would lend itself to that like Car Mechanic Simulator etc do.

The devs have announced that if this first game is successful they will release a Pacific follow up with AA and anti surface warfare but I think that's something most of us would want as its not just a small DLC item but a substantive piece of work that would take things to a whole new level. As long as they don't start charging by the depth charge etc as they do on certain mobile games :).

In terms of other possibilities I did notice that there is now a separate VR version of UBoat being developed so I suppose that could be a further possibility in the case of Destroyer.

Remember Playway is only the publisher / investor on this game, it was conceived and is being developed by IronWolf Studio who also created the fantastic board game adaptation of UBoat.

Playway did cause a headache for the developers saying the game demo was too complex and preventing its release during the Steam Next Festival and some demonised them for that, however given they usually produce much less cerebral stuff like Car Mechanic simulator etc it is quite a step up for them to take a chance on a full on sim like this and they are understandably cautious. Hopefully the massively positive reaction to the demo and the dev's commitment to adding tutorials and AI assistants etc (without dumbing the game down) has addressed their concerns. On the plus side they are still funding development on U-Boat, funding this game , funding Aircraft Carrier Survival, UBoat Mechanic and UBoat Commander what other publisher has 5 naval related titles currently under development? So we shouldn't be too hard on them.

Playway just need to take a 'leap of faith' on this one and I think they will find that a big percentage of Ubi's former SH customers will buy into it as its deep and detailed and the guys at IronWolf have obviously gone the extra mile here.

Kongo Otto 11-03-2021 03:58 AM


Originally Posted by iambecomelife (Post 2694311)
One thing I never liked about the Silent Hunter series? Escorts not having to rescue survivors. In WWII this was always an agonizing decision for a destroyer commander. Whenever a ship was torpedoed - do we track down the submarine and leave the survivors to die? or do we rescue the survivors and maybe let the sub continue its attack? For all they knew, the same sub they let go could sink a battleship or troopship next time - costing thousands of lives.

That's exactly the reasons why convoys had designated rescue ships for that task.
Convoy escorts where there exactly for one reason, protecting the convoy and attack U-Boats whenever possible.
When you rescue survivors with your escort you have to considerably slow down and therefore you become a target yourself.
Convoy rescue ships were equipped with all the stuff needed to acommodate survivors including a small surgery room, they were also armed with deck guns and AA guns and were not marked as red cross ships, therefore being legit targets themselves.
For more infos about rescue ships, feel free to read:
And how tragic it can end when Warships slow down to rescue survivors of a sunken ship you can read here:

Most famous of the WW2 convoy rescue ships were:
  1. Perth 2258 tons, built 1915, in rescue service from 5 May 1941, sailed with 60 convoys, rescued 455 survivors.
  2. Zamalek 1565 tons, Master Owen Charles Morris DSO, built 1921 as SS Halcyon, in rescue service from 26 February 1941, sailed with 68 convoys, including Convoy PQ 17 and Convoy SC 130, rescued 665 survivors
  3. Stockport 1683 tons, built 1911, in rescue service from 22 October 1941, sailed with 16 convoys, rescued 413 survivors. Sunk by U-604 23 February 1943 while assigned to Convoy ON 166. There were no survivors from the crew of 63 and survivors previously rescued from other ships.

Aktungbby 11-05-2021 09:54 AM

Welcome aboard!

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