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Minoslas 09-30-15 11:51 AM

More updates, but a problem with the install files.

Clients can now be assigned to the same flight group

Mission Editor
Player no longer needs to be flight lead in an aircraft group

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Improved AI logic of helicopters:
Fixed Mi-24 firing ATGM
Fixed SH-60 firing AGM-119
Improved helicopters landing - no more pitch oscillations
Improved helicopters group landing - no more break up (роспуск)
Fixed various issues with take-off, landing and taxiing
Helicopters with ski can now take-off from runway
Improved big helicopters behavior on taxiway
Improved vertical take-off
Improved helicopters behavior with sling load:
fixed take-off with sling load heavier than allowed
fixed sling load oscillations after net lags in multiplayer
added in air cargo hook from sloped surfaces

New Su-27 skins added

MiG-15bis EN cockpit added

Being that it is September 30th today, I wanted to give you a little update. The team spent all day today trying to assemble and release the Open Beta, but despite our best efforts, we had some assembly failures. Just as soon as we can resolve these errors, we will release the Open Beta.


Minoslas 09-30-15 01:05 PM

More updates:

Added cargo indicator
Added snap view for cargo

Adjusted spin characteristics

Added Chinese localization (simplified Chinese)

Minoslas 09-30-15 01:35 PM

Wags put them. ED team take overtime to release 1.5.

Team members needed to release the 1.5 and L-39 Open Betas are still in the office and will be working through the night.

Minoslas 10-01-15 02:59 PM

DCS: W 1.5 info

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce that DCS World 1.5.0 is now available via the Auto Updater for the DCS World Open Beta.

You can download the DCS World Open Beta here:

As an Open Beta, THERE WILL BE BUGS! If you find one, we ask that you first review the bug reporting FAQ here:

If you find a valid bug, please report per the guidelines to the correct sub-forum here:

Thanks and have fun!

Minoslas 10-02-15 11:37 AM

HotFix 1 ( available by autoupdater.

DCS 1.5 open beta hotfix 1
Fixed launching in Steam
Fixed login when username contains special characters
Fixed third-party modules: MiG-21, Hawk
A-10C TAD map fixed

Minoslas 10-02-15 03:07 PM

Air combat vs 120 aircrafts on DCS: W 1.5, with Max detail graphics. After, the video maker intent a +200 aircraft combat but have FPS problems.

Minoslas 10-04-15 05:43 PM

DCS: World 1.5 (beta) installation files and Torrent available:

Minoslas 10-23-15 10:15 AM

Hotfix 3 (

DCS 1.5 Open Beta hotfix 3

‘render3D' option in /Config/autoexec.cfg restored.
Empty ["condition"] variable in mission causes no flyable A/C fixed.
Fixed possible data lost when missions created in old versions saved in 1.5.0.
Advanced Actions panel compatibility with old 1.2.16 missions fixed
Bug with music continues playing when entering training mission is fixed.
Quick Logout fixed
The cloud render in the main menu will not capture PC time in background of the Module manager.
Fixed Unreadable and garbled characters in the MiG-15bis SPECIAL options menu for DE locale.
Some localization updates.
Fixed FPS counter when Oculus Rift used
DX11 crashes fixed

MLRS will move to get valid fire position.
Fixed bug with MLRS wrong fire direction on F10 view.

Mouse cursor will hide when not in use.
MP chat panel position can be changed by mouse.
Fixed crash to desktop after using backspace key too many times in multiplayer chat.
Fixed bug when some units and buildings were not visible to clients in multiplayer.
Error at the click on server list is fixed.

MiG-29. Cockpit updated.
AoA, Fuel quantity and G indicators updated

UH-1H. Door gunners will engage enemy.

L-39. Will possible to assign key for "Throttle - Idle/Stop" action.

Added clickable controls: flight clock heating, battery heating, emergency and general lighting.
Flashlight added (LAlt+L by default).

MiG-15 pilot: G-tolerance increased

Gun/missile selector switch: cycle clickable fixed

Minoslas 10-23-15 10:56 AM

DLC campaing to Ka-50 available

The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics are proud to announce the “Republic” campaign for DCS: Black Shark 2. "Republic" is a hand-crafted campaign that tells the story of you as a Black Shark attack helicopter pilot. The campaign is non-linear and has story arcs that branch based on your mission results.

Features of the Black Shark 2: “Republic” Campaign:
20 handmade missions with voice-overs
Hundreds of complex triggers that create an interactive combat environment
Fully detailed mission briefings and mission maps
Storyline briefings
Please note that ownership of DCS: Black Shark 2 is required to play this campaign.

The Campaign can be purchased in the DCS e-shop for 9.99 USD

The DCS: Black Shark 2 module is required to be installed and activated into the DCS World for the campaign.

Required DCS 1.5 and higher.

Localisation: EN

Minoslas 11-01-15 03:05 PM

Wags request info to the comunity

What single element would most improve your enjoyment of DCS World? Yes, we realize you want ALL of them, but what is the one the ranks highest?

Minoslas 11-07-15 02:50 PM

New Update Autoupdater available:

Version 2.5.4:
- HTTP/2 support
- Use custom SSL backend (should fix problems with overly aggressive antiviruses like BitDefender)

Version 2.5.3:
- Redirect to a web-page when service access is limited.

Version 2.5.2:
- Improved handling of the "disk full" condition

Version 2.5.1:
- Czech language code renamed from CZ to CS

Version 2.5.0:
- Stability improvements
Version 2.5.4:
- HTTP/2 support
- Use custom SSL backend (should fix problems with overly aggressive antiviruses like BitDefender)

Version 2.5.3:
- Redirect to a web-page when service access is limited.

Version 2.5.2:
- Improved handling of the "disk full" condition

Version 2.5.1:
- Czech language code renamed from CZ to CS

Version 2.5.0:
- Stability improvements
DCS: World available

DCS Open Beta Changelog

Ground AI units now can path find around obstacles.
Multiplayer events now correct show in chat.
Multiplayer scores is counting now.
Added NDB and RSBN icons on F10 map.
GAZ-Tigr armour corrected.
Fixed broken repair Su-25T.
Fixed issue when AI get stuck taxiing if object is in front of a 'junction' for their route.

Fixed messed up textures when you change cockpit language between mission run.
Fixed error on return from back seat to spectators in multiplayer mode.

Second hooked cargo can be unhooked in normal way.
Fixed endless descent marker smoke in multiplayer.

Fixed radar altimeter digital reading brightness.
Removed small gaps in cockpit model.
Fixed opacity of top green windows.

Removed duplicated HMS ring on multimonitor configuration.
Fixed ABRIS map.

Fixed CTD after spin.

Minoslas 11-13-15 12:58 PM

DCS: W 1.5.1 Update 1

DCS World
Encyclopedia. Added new entries. More to come.
Payload and refueling ingame panel corrected.
The broken trees blending, when seeing it from cockpit is fixed.
Restored Heat Blur effects for helicopters.
The dust effect for wheeled vehicles corrected.
Crash with moving vehicle group is fixed.
Game options. The cockpit status bar option added to the gameplay panel in the game option window.
Game options. The HUD language option is restored.
Game options. The pressing of button in the CONTROLS panel will recognized correctly.
Game options. The EXTREME settings of VISIB RANGE option are corrected.
Multiplayer. The status bar IAS indication of AI aircraft is restored.
Multiplayer. The Spectator external views option is added to MISC panel of game options.
Multiplayer. The JOIN REQUEST panel that allows to get request for second player in the cockpit of a multicrew aircraft is corrected.
ME. Crash in the "Warehouse in airport" panel is fixed.
Amount of ASM Bazalt has been corrected for "Moscow" cruiser.
SAM Buk (SA-11) animation now coincides with actual turret position.

DCS L-39
Radio and RSBN. Channel frequency will be automatically adjusted to ATC with hot runway start.
Radio. 118-140 range for R-832M and multirange spinboxes is already added to ME.

DCS MiG-15bis
G-Load overlay indicator removed from cockpit.
The airframe damage decals are corrected.

A left wing frame structure appearing when wing bends is removed.

Chinese localization added (WIP). There is still much to do.
Note: The Chinese localization is still WIP and a subject to change, so at the moment it has a number of issues with correct Chinese characters displaying. Some parts cannot be displayed in Chinese (now it’s a few elements of the CA interface as well as callsigns). We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Minoslas 11-14-15 06:22 AM

Stive Daves explain the magnitude of the future NTTR F-15 / A-10C Campaings to DCS: W

Thanks for the write up, Beach.

It's probably worth explaining a little more about the genesis for the Red Flag campaigns and the way in which they were created.

It was Matt's idea to create the campaigns (there are two: F-15C and A-10C). We thought that I could write a fictional narrative and associated mission briefings centered around attending RF, while Matt could employ his fiendishly good mission building skills to make the narrative come alive in the air.

Before we started, we went to an expert who had attended multiple RFs, including as overall mission commander. He gave us the insight that was required to create something that is as close to the real thing as you can get.

At an unclassified level, the expert gave us a typical plan for the overall two-week exercise, described all the 'evolutions' that take place during an RF, outlined the typical learning outcomes, and showed us the way in which they are administratively and tactically run. He talked us through the range space, showed us where and how the 'war' is 'fought', and gave us scenario outlines that we could use to create an RF in DCS.

It's this insider knowledge that, in my mind, makes these two campaigns so unique and exciting.

From there, Matt and I sketched out the broad plan for the 12 or so missions, defining objectives, components and mission flow, before Matt set about actually creating the sorties in his usual 'balls to the wall' style. I test flew the missions and then wrote the narrative and put together the mission planning materials.

After that, we created the custom radio scripts and Matt put in the triggers, ensuring that the missions fly and feel authentic. And we test flew again to ensure that they were not too difficult... but, as Beach says, there is no quarter given for buffoonery.

Beach hasn't really discussed the supporting documents that come with the campaigns, but suffice you say that for the F-15C campaign, we ended up with
26 Pages of tactical briefings

These are short summaries that you can read before each mission if you don't want to spend too much time going through the narrative.

These briefings are presented on the mission summary page before each mission, so you don't have to have anything open other than DCS.
100 pages of narrative and briefings

This amounts to about 22,000 words and was designed to really draw you into the campaign, help you suspend disbelief, and give you all of the details you'll need to successfully complete each mission.

It contains the fictional narrative, tactical summaries of what happened 'the day before' and what is expected to happen 'today', as well as very detailed briefings for the forthcoming evolution: mission flow, timings, players, goals, radio call signs, tactical plans, threat assessments, motherhood briefings, mission administration and so on.

It is also illustrated, with lineup cards for each mission that you can print and use, and maps of the NTTR airspace.

The use of the tactical briefings means that if you just want to fly and have fun, you can do that.

But, if you're like me (and like the real life guys flying RF), the 100-page version will ensure that you'll spend as much time (if not more) reading the briefings and planning in the mission editor than you will actually flying...

What I believe we ended up with the is the most rounded, most authentic, and most engaging of any of the campaigns I have flown in the DCS suite. Of course, you could accuse me of bias, but you can make up your own minds...

For me, the most satisfying thing about the missions Matt crafted is that they really do push home the importance of operating as part of a large force, which is one of the fundamental objectives of Red Flag. If you go out to the range space as a singleton, you'll die quickly and you will fail the mission. If you lose SA early, you will die and fail the mission. If you violate your range space, you will fail the mission. But if you work with the other players, hit your ToTs, stay on station for your vul times, fly the CAPs properly, maintain SA and do what the mission plan asks of you, you'll likely succeed.

I don't care that this is a simulation of, er, a simulation - as Beach says, flying back down the Sally Corridor having completed a mission gives you a real sense of accomplishment.

Anyway, just wanted to make sure that you guys have a complete picture of what's coming your way.
and ED work with Vive to integrate HTC VR and VR game controllers on DCS: World

DCS World is now working in Vive and we are currently testing the VR game controllers for cockpit interaction.

Minoslas 11-20-15 08:01 AM

New 3D models on the ED Facebook

Minoslas 11-23-15 10:59 AM

DCS: World 1.5.1 Update 2

DCS World
Encyclopedia. A number of corrections.
Crash when you try take control Su-25, without DRM protection activation is fixed.
Multiplayer chat icon (envelope) can be hidden/unhidden by LCTRL-LSHIFT-Y kombo.
Fixed bug with AI Wingmen colliding with each other while taxiing to the player waiting them on the runway .
The laser rangefinders of russian tanks will paint laser warning sensors during ATGM launch.
Partial fix for ATI R9 3xx videocard.

Z-fighting objects on FLIR view are eliminated.

Added Chinese cockpit textures for Su-27.
Deviation bars on ADI will work in the new MiG-29 cockpit.
MiG-29 rudder pedals animation in the cockpit is corrected.
A start on runway with maximum wind crash is fixed.

Skin "US AirForce FU-178", corrected tail number texture.
Flaps actuators corrected.

Fixed bug with progress of 11th mission Mi-8.

DCS L-39
Corrected the throttle button geometry.
Corrected incockpit pilot’s skin.

DCS MiG-21Bis
Windows Registry entry moved to HKCU/Eagle Dynamics.
All keys have had activations replenished.
Note: It is recommended to manually update and follow these steps:
Cancel any automatic update prompt.
Deactivate module.
Delete all Leatherneck Simulations’ MiG-21Bis Windows Registry entries.
Execute manual update.
Restart Windows, and activate module.
If successful, users should not be asked to reactivate after future updates.
LOD models optimized.
Incorrect ASO texture replaced.
Radome axis of movement fixed.
Double cockpit in low graphic settings fixed.
TacNumbers holes fixed.
Added more variation of Russian TacNumbers
Added Eastern Arabic TacNumbers.
Changed material setting from mirror to aluminum.
Landing gear’s external lights now come on only at full extension.
Remodeled external pilot’s visor and is now transparent with specular.
Navigation lights during the day are now bigger in “Bright” mode.
Missing panel lines and sealant on external canopy/windscreen added.
Missing rivets on right-side drag chute tube added.
Missing screws on top-side wing fuel tank panels added.
UVs for middle fuselage flipped 180 degrees to fix NMp errors.
Liveries adjusted for UV flip.
New normal and specular textures.

RU localization updated
DE localization updated
Chinese localization added (WIP). There is still much to do.
Note: The Chinese localization is still WIP and a subject to change, so at the moment it has a number of issues with correct Chinese characters displaying. Some parts cannot be displayed in Chinese (now it’s a few elements of the CA interface as well as callsigns). We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Minoslas 11-24-15 08:00 AM

Autoupdate update:


Version 2.6.3:
- Web-seeding: torrents download from http when can't find data among peers

Version 2.6.2:
- Tweaked torrenting options
- Ask to switch to HTTP if torrents are no-go.

Version 2.6.1:
- BitTorrent is the default download method

Version 2.5.5:
- Improved retry logic
- Even better error reporting

Minoslas 11-29-15 11:30 AM

Q&A November 29 and Polychop Gazelle fly

Minoslas 11-30-15 10:31 AM

DCS: World 2.0 Alpha with access to NTTR nevada availabe.

Minoslas 12-06-15 02:46 PM

ED update 2 month ago the Steam DLC list

Aircraft and Helos:
-DCS: F/A-18C Hornet
-DCS: F4U-1 Corsair
-DCS: AJS-37 Viggen
-DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt
-DCS: Spitfire Mk IX
-DCS: SA342M Gazelle
-DCS: F-5E Tiger II
-DCS: F-14 Tomcat
-DCS: M-2000C

-DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map
-DCS: Strait of Hormuz Map
-DCS: Iwo Jima Map

-A-10C: Enemy Within Campaign
-A-10C: Red Flag Campaign
-F-15C: Red Flag Campaign

F/A-18C, P-47D and Spitfire Mk IX , Nevada and Hormuz, and the A-10C and F-15C has produced by Eagle Dynamics. F-5E has maked by Belsimtek, M-2000C by RAZBAM, SA342 by Polychop, A-10C: Enemy within campaing by Baltic Dragon and F-14, F4U-1, AJS-37 and Iwo Jima Map by Leatherneck (I suppouse)

Only a DLC has not name (I supouse as the normandy WW2 theater or Me262). 2016 comming with great news, and I think that only the begin.

Steam DCS: W DLCs:

Minoslas 12-11-15 12:09 PM

DCS: World 1.5.2 incoming

DCS Changelog

DCS World
Memory leak is fixed.
Fixed crash when player give order of reconnaissance task to wingman
Create Fast Mission Generator. Incorrect number of wingman when generating mission is fixed.
ME. Uragan BM-27: Indication for minimum engagement distance is corrected.
ME. Condition box for Naval Groups corrected.
Encyclopedia. Air To Air R-3S and R-3R missiles added.
Corrected position of Batumi and Gelendzhik NDBs.
VOR beacons fixed.
A server crashed after an exit if a client cargo had been unhooking is fixed.
Corrected performance of Super 530D and Magic 2 missiles.

RWR switch off when starting from runway or parking hot positions is fixed.
Manually entered coordinates of initial positions are working now.
Elevation data for init position added.

Su-27 Cockpit. Chinese textures updated.

Rudder trim is functional now.
Fire Warning Light Test Switch Bugs are fixed.
Canopy open/close controls corrected.
Input command for clock start/stop/reset button are functioning now.

DCS MiG-15bis
Marker receiver activates over all NDBs fixed.
Adjusted G-tolerance of pilot without G-suit.
Russian training missions added.

DCS L-39
Sound will be heard when radar altimeter goes below warning level.

Anti-icing system is corrected.

DCS Ka-50
Crash on leaving control of Ka-50 is fixed.

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