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Cpt-Maxim 06-06-2016 02:51 AM

Amazing 3 hour mission...
Started with 4 man crew.. over time 2 people left and one other joined.
We had Jonnywayne, Onkel-Neal..

Final crew members Cpt-Maxim, Commissar, Rentacow... this shows how long a game can continue, and if people cant stay, others can keep it going.. AWESOME..

We killed at least three DD's that were doing tight circles around 500-900 meters in front of us, and they didn't know they weren't over us. We used fast setups on the torps, and used the stopwatch to see where they were in their circle at the distance the torp needed to run converted to seconds on the stopwatch..

At more than one point batteries had to recharge, near the bay of Gdynia, we had zero on one battery, 0060 on the other and were facing three DD's.. one circling in front of us which needed to be killed and we surfaced for the final recharge, and continued.

At the end, we found the last DD coming at us head on, and we were already on the surface.. the deck gunner manned the gun and shot beginning at 4000 meters.. while I used the periscope to manage the range calculation . At 3500 meters the deck gunner got a hit, then another hit, then a third hit and the game went into the end scene..

We went out in style !! See pic for final map.

commissar 06-06-2016 02:52 AM

I joined in late but was definitely a fun game.

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