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HunterICX 11-07-07 05:45 AM


Originally Posted by Chock
I'd recommend reading the tactical lessons in the Falcon manual, they are some of the best for any flight sim ever. After that, I'd recommend flying some missions where you just use one weapon only, such as a Wild Weasel strike with anti-radar missiles and no possibility of having to engage aircraft, for example. That way you can learn one weapon well; you can use the campaign to set up such a mission and give yourself an escort to keep the MiGs off you. After you have that weapon sussed, do the same with another weapon etc, etc. If you adopt that approach, you'll find it is easier to take everything in and learn all the different launch and radar modes without getting overloaded with learning curves.

:D Chock

Ah, thanks for the advice mate:up:
I kinda like the challenge,
yesterday evening after posting the screenshot I just started a dogfight against a rookie AI in a MiG29.
lost :dead: 4 - 11 (the humiliation:oops: )
ah well I will give it step at the time ;)
any chance there are Subsimmers playing Falcon4.0 AF online?

Biggles 11-07-07 08:25 AM

Stealth Hunter....are you playing with limited ammo?:p

Chock 11-07-07 10:12 AM

I play Falcon online occasionally with a buddy, haven't done that for a while though, but will no doubt get back into it at some point.

Re the dogfight practice missions: You might already have read all this, but in case you haven't... The trick with dogfights in the F-16 (like every other plane) is to learn the best corner speed for it, so that you can turn tightest and not run out of fuel by resorting to using too much (or any) afterburner power to compensate for lost lift. The lesson text in the Falcon manual explains it all, but the essence of it is that the F-16 turns best at between 330 and 440 knots whilst pulling about 5G (at higher G, it will bleed off speed too much and you will stall), so the trick is to learn to maintain the ideal turn settings by: watching the G meter on the HUD, keeping the speed as close to 400 IAS as possible, and looking up along the lift vector line on the canopy to keep it on the bad guy as much as possible.

Learning to do all that without resorting to using the afterburner to power yourself out of trouble is the real skill of this, and to achieve that, you have to occasionally back off on the stick pressure and reduce the Gs, to prevent energy from bleeding away, and occasionally put the lift vector downwards, by roling inverted to pick up speed in a sort of miniature 'low yo-yo' move. All of which means you end up continuously easing the stick forward, and then back again to up the Gs again, until the speed bleeds, when you back off again, also occasionally rolling inverted, to pick up speed. Then you 'rinse and repeat' until the bad guy is in your sights. Note that although your missiles can pull far more G than you can, a missile pulling 15G at mach 2 makes for a very wide turning circle, so you need plenty of lead on the target in order to give any missile a decent chance at hitting a target in a turning fight, i.e. the bad guy would have to be disappearing under your dashboard to be in with a chance of hitting him with a missile, so the best time to fire, is if he is reversing his turn or disappearing under the nose when you have a good tone, as it will be well within the seeker cone and also within the missile's flight envelope. With the gun, the lift vector line on your canopy is a good guide for firing.

This is what many Harrier pilots in the Falklands were taught to do by their commander - 'Sharkey' Ward - he had perfected the technique of maintaining a turn without 'burners when flying the Phantom for the RN Fleet Air Arm, and as a result, often defeated much better aircraft in training against other NATO squadrons, and at one point was so far ahead in dissimilar combat training victories against other squadrons in NATO, that it became a source of embarrassment for them. Often his victories came about without even having to 'fire', simply because the other aircraft had to break off, having run out of fuel as a result of using too much 'burner to turn, rather than utilising this skill. It's also one of the main techniques they teach at the 'Top Gun' Navy Fighter school. The technique is detailed quite a lot in his recent book: 'Sea Harrier Over the Falklands', which is well worth a read if you want plenty of good tips on flying jets, it's an entertaining book too, and makes some quite politically-charged accusations as well, which are also quite enlightening, notably, he is scathing about the RAF's poor showing in the Falklands War.

:D Chock

Linton 11-07-07 11:16 AM

Chock,you can read chapter and verse on Sharkey here:
One of my colleagues was an RAF Harrier pilot down south during the war.He gets quite a few mentions in this:

Chock 11-07-07 12:09 PM

Yup Linton, I've seen many comments that Ward was a bit of a Bulsh*tter, and he clearly rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way too (not unlike Douglas Bader in that respect, i.e. a very vocal and visible face of a conflict, and therefore one that attracts praise and derision too in large quantities).

I tend to balance the detractor's views with his and it seems to give a reasonable point of view if you come to your own conclusion somewhere between the two. I'd never take one person's view of such matters as Gospel, but there is no denying Ward's achievements (among others) who were in the Falklands, and regardless of this, his book does explain dogfighting well in layman's terms, which was the main reason for a recommendation here. For another Fleet Air Arm Harrier memoir to balance things out - which is also a good read - No Escape Zone by Lt Cmdr Nick Richardson is worth a look, This has quite a bit of detail in it about attempts to spoof the MiG-29's doppler radar with vertical moves, in the hope to reduce doppler shift and blind the radar. Didn't stop him getting shot down over Gorazde in Bosnia which, along with his escape and evasion is mostly what the book covers. Definitely worth a look too.

:D Chock

HunterICX 11-07-07 12:19 PM

thanks for the info chock :up:

when I,m up for some dogfight practice we could do this online cant we? as AI always will fire back when you want to test something out :p and also I learn more about tactical moves when I see it then when I read it

I hated that Mig29...

-Me: :o *what to do what to do! (looking all around in the cockpit)*
-Blam! out of the sky:dead:

Chock 11-07-07 12:28 PM


when I,m up for some dogfight practice we could do this online cant we?
Don't see why not.

:D Chock

Stealth Hunter 11-07-07 09:25 PM


Originally Posted by Biggles
Stealth Hunter....are you playing with limited ammo?:p

Yes, actually.:o

AFRIKAKORPS 11-07-07 10:31 PM

Good luck to you on your Falcon 4.0 endeavor Hunter:up:.
That game is just too complicated for me, I gave up after a few days.

HunterICX 11-08-07 04:31 AM


Originally Posted by AFRIKAKORPS
Good luck to you on your Falcon 4.0 endeavor Hunter:up:.
That game is just too complicated for me, I gave up after a few days.


I'm trying to get this under control, as what I tasted is some fun if you know how to play the real cat & Mouse game :lol:
and If I'm tired smashing buttons I just go for some IL2 online:p

Dowly 11-12-07 02:30 AM

Few from last night, more to come.

Taking off, Xabbarus the first SA skinned, Hunter and I in the back with the winter skin.

Hunter (infront) and me flying towards the target

Hunter misidentified his target and peppered Xabbarus. :p

Xabbarus had it :cry:

YAK down! :rock:

Not one without another. :up:

HunterICX 11-12-07 04:29 AM


Originally Posted by Dowly
Hunter misidentified his target and peppered Xabbarus. :p

:damn: Ow god..looking at it now from a different angle , that was just so stuuuupid of me :damn:

Dowly 11-12-07 06:51 AM

Rofl! Indeed! I cant believe you didnt see his smokes! :rotfl: And the best part is, you waited for the two other planes to pass you and decided to attack the last one! Which... in this case was Xab. :D

XabbaRus 11-12-07 07:12 AM

and that was after I said that "I WAS CHASING TWO AIRCRAFT"...

Dowly 11-12-07 07:19 AM


Originally Posted by XabbaRus
and that was after I said that "I WAS CHASING TWO AIRCRAFT"...


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