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Dowly 01-21-13 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by USNSRCaseySmith (Post 1996466)
Oberon what is that game?? You said IL-2 could learn from it!?

Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory + the latest BDG community patch.

TarJak 01-22-13 06:06 AM

Yup, the AI routines in that are much better than either 1946 or CloD

Oberon 01-26-13 10:49 AM

Just mucking around in Gimp:

Herr-Berbunch 01-29-13 11:59 AM

Just a gimp mucking around -

eddie 01-29-13 07:59 PM

I really like the Tornado, great looking ac!

TarJak 01-30-13 06:38 AM


Originally Posted by Herr-Berbunch (Post 2000964)


Kptlt. Neuerburg 02-02-13 03:40 PM

:agree: And a pair of RoF screens with my fav new and old machines.
I had transfered from Esc N.3 to Esc N.26 to get a chance to fly the SPAD 7, not much of a transfer to be honest considering that Esc N.26 was based at the same aerodrome as Esc N.3 so it was more like taking my bags from one tent to another on the other side of the field.
Above the clouds in my Sopwith Pup.

reignofdeath 02-05-13 08:17 AM

Blacked out briefly, came to and found my Hurri was missing something...


Meh, its just a scratch. You can still fly her.:arrgh!:

Dammit_Carl! 02-05-13 09:06 AM

(Looks at the missing wing)

Just trim it out, bro.


Herr-Berbunch 02-05-13 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by Dammit_Carl! (Post 2004434)
(Looks at the missing wing)

Just trim it out, bro.


:har: That is one of the best DCS vids I've seen in a while. I've had bits of my Hog missing and still flown successfully (as I can!), but never that much wing!

GSpector 02-05-13 12:20 PM

Not sure but I'm thinking your current direction is ALSO something to worry about :o

Oberon 02-05-13 02:21 PM

Love that vid, sadly the Hurricane isn't quite as forgiving as the Froggie, particularly when stuck in a downward spiral. :haha:

Lord_magerius 02-17-13 05:35 PM

Decided to fire IL2 up again the other day.

Dawn Patrol

GSpector 02-17-13 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by Lord_magerius (Post 2011453)
Decided to fire IL2 up again the other day.

Dawn Patrol

Still looks great.
How was your flight? :salute:

Lord_magerius 02-17-13 07:11 PM

Managed to bag two TB-3's before having to limp home with a badly damaged engine and missing a horizontal stabiliser from my tail.

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