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blackswan40 05-28-2019 10:07 AM

Wolfpack with a two man crew
Wolfpack with a two man crew is it feasable Nocken and blackswan40 those limey's the local yokels from gods county Yorkshire had a training session Monday 27th May keeping sharp for our next 4th flotilla competition mission results below.
Difficulty was set to medium area North Sea we found ourselfs in front of another bow on convoy closing on us.
Nocken ordered dive blackswan40 opened up both ballast tanks and minus 20 dive bubble on both diveplanes nocken came down from bridge station and closed hatch.
blackswan40 then flooded the negative tank to 1.5 then empted it just leaving 0.05 water in negative tank in acordance with S.O.P.
standard opperating procedures.
We glided into the convoy getting four hits on four seperate targets and getting sinking confermation on all four a good start.
We then hit another ship with our stern tube as we waited for our tubes
to reload the Bittern Sloop came sniffing around us and did a attack run on us.
Nocken and swanny being seasoned Submarine/Uboat nutjobs SH3 GWX veterans were ready for the troublesome tommie escort.
Nocken ordered full left ruder the escort turned then speeded up and closed on us
and dropped his barrels of boom n doom as this was happening Nocken ordered full right rudder as the dc's exploded that manouver threw the escort a curved ball and it lost contact we slipped past him and reengaged the merchants hitting more ships we fired our last eel and slipped away the first time we have sunk over 100,000tons in a Wolfpack Mission.
Wolfpack just gets better and better the Simulation that just keeps giving all it takes is lots and lots of lovley practice homing your skills.

We use gutted's solution 2.3.2 its a must have for anyone playing Wolfpack helps you plot a ships course and angle on the bow also range of target from you.

derstosstrupp 05-28-2019 10:51 AM

Nice work on that one gents!

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