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Archive1 03-18-22 12:41 AM

Anvar and Fubar:
Thank you both, my grandaughter will be pleased to replace Doenitz. I will follow the directions and reply as to results.

Sam.Willow 03-21-22 08:33 PM

Vacuum Implosion
I found some interesting video of a train car succumbing to a vacuum implosion. I thought it was interesting enough to post it here. I was thinking of course what happens to a submarine at depth. SHIVER me Timbers.

johnboy1958 03-26-22 05:11 AM

Hi guys and gals :) sorry if this has been mentioned earlier but I don't have time to go right through all the posts :(
I have just installed "living Silent Hunter 2020" on my PC. It seems great but sadly I can't use the map to plot a course, because it does not display properly :wah: Is there a way to change the map within the game
I start campaign somewhere in the middle of France. Hope someone can help, as this is stopping me for what looks like a great MOD.:Kaleun_Salute:

blackswan40 03-26-22 06:15 AM

Hi Johnboy1958 sorry your having touble with LSH-2020 did you set your resolution using the Custom Resolution utility
to 1360 x 768px
Check the LSH-2020 Manual in your LSH-2020 install

My LSH-2020 ingame Map

My Gpu Radeon Taichi RX 6800 XT

SAMSUNG 27" Curved monitor

Kaisermike 03-26-22 11:08 PM

Just found this mod....
First off...who ever did this is an amazing individual.
I thought i was done with this as I couldnt get it to roll on win10.
Been playing this off an on for at about 10 years.

ONLY issue i have found is that i'm stuck at tirpitzhaven regardless.
Got into wilhelmhaven...but couldnt find a way out. On the map, there looks to
be ways of egress but from the con, you can see what appear to be canal locks. In other places, you have thin fingers of land that you can see ships on the other side of. Dont try to fake it and run through. Physic's and Uboats dont go well at times lol.

I'm up to january 40 but still have no sub upgrades short of batteries. No other sub variants yet. Maybe too early in 40? Its been a while lol.

Note: Figured out Wilhelmhaven. The gates open after a time. Something new to the game.
Also restarted the game with the training course. Finally got into a type 7. Sadly, I'm in the middle of '40 again and no type 9's in any flotilla.

Sam.Willow 03-28-22 07:25 AM

LSH3 Howto:
Are you using the LSH3 super mod? If you are read carefully the instructions. You can specify to begin missions at sea which means away from port.
To leave port without doing that you need to start your mission, immediately save the mission. [Saves time when you wreck the boat.]
Take a tour of the port at about 3-4 knots, learn the layout. I used the external camera a lot.
At night is the easiest time to see the locks [the lights] that allow access to the sea.
You must time your entry into & exit from the lock carefully or the submarine will get damaged.
Personally I don't much like the U-boats at the beginning of the game and I didn't actually hunt the enemy. My focus was on completing the patrol so I could advance the game.

I want to stress this because you will not enjoy the LSH3 MOD otherwise. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS several times, print them out and keep them close. SH3 is no longer being supported except by the crew at LSH3.

If you do not understand something go to their website and request support. They are serious about helping the community and they will give you the assistance you need, but it might require some dedication on your part to get through a problem. A simple problem could take days to cure because of time zones and whatnot.
Das Spiel genießen

Jax28 04-09-22 10:35 AM


Originally Posted by John Pancoast (Post 2715881)
Set your d3d.ini to 1366x768 and try it. Your monitor/card may not support 1360.

Same problem
what is d3d.ini?
My card Radeon RX580 series.

Aktungbby 04-09-22 11:46 AM

Welcome aboard!

Jax28 04-09-22 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by Aktungbby (Post 2802815)


Mad Mardigan 04-09-22 03:48 PM

Re: Welcome aboard...
Jax28.! :Kaleun_Salute:

Levyathan89 04-15-22 12:15 PM

Hey folks,

I got just 2 quick questions:

1. How can I edit my starting rank? In LSH3 you always start as Oberleutnant z.S., which is realistic, but creates a gap in my SH Commander Personnel File, which kinda bothers me, so I'd like to start regularly as a Leutnant. I've tried fiddling with the values in the basic.cfg, but to no use. I can change the value at "RankLevel1=" to 2000 or 3000, it doesn't matter, I always start as Oberleutnant

2. How do I get my bridge crew to wear hats? Normally I edit the crew_config_VII_1.cfg (in case of the Type VIIB). I look for the name of the sailor and change "HasHalmet=No" to "HasHelmet=Yes". This is what I did in LSH3, too, I saved the file but my bridge crew (and yes, the names are correct) is still not wearing hats (except the officer). Does anyone have an idea what to do?

Thx a lot in advance.

Sam.Willow 04-15-22 10:19 PM

I'm trying to help here
Are you also using the COMMANDER Addon? I have looked through the manuals but I have not found any reference to these issues. There are more than 1 config files and they may need to be edited to have the same values, LSH3, COMMANDER & the original SH3 have these config files if I'm not mistaken, this is an idea but I don't know if this will actually help you.

For my part I have not worried about or had a desire to change my "Ranking" In my simulation I am in October 1944 and I am using the Type XXI Submarine. My deck crew does wear helmets and it does not matter who is assigned to the deck crew, it just happens for me.


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