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ChristopherTarana 01-26-2021 03:08 PM

SHCE Patrol Zones!
I'm trying to figure out which patrol zones are for ComSubPac VS ComSubsAsiatic? I did three patrols in Indochina for ComSubsAsiatic! :arrgh!:

Christopher Tarana

Vox165 01-27-2021 12:56 PM

My understanding is that at the time of Pearl Harbor, the US Asiatic Fleet's was centered and protected the Philippines and Guam . Then North to Formosa, West to China / Indochina coast, then South to the Indian Ocean. This huge area overlapped British Commonwealth and Dutch fleet zones.

The Pacific fleet was centered at Pearl and included everthing else. ie Central and Northern Pacific. All of this changed as Japanese rapidly advanced. Personally, I Ifind this early S-boats period interesting to play .?

I never played SHCE, so I'm not sure how this works in the game. Do you feel there is something unique or special about this classic?

ChristopherTarana 01-27-2021 06:07 PM

I play it constantly using Defend Reloaded under Windows 7! I'm running 688 Attack Sub, Aces of the Deep With the Med Sea, Das Boot, Epyx SBS, Red Storm Rising, Silent Service 2, SSN-21 Seawolf, The Hunt For Red October, Up Periscope and Wolfpack! On the Windows side are Command Aces of the Deep, Janes 688 Hunter Killer and Submarine Commander! Silent Hunter Commanders Edition leads the pack! :arrgh!::arrgh!::arrgh!:

Christopher Tarana

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