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Jimbuna 09-18-16 09:47 AM

Onward and upward :up:

THE_MASK 09-19-16 02:39 AM

Little things like turning the handle to open and shut the hatch cover . Just small things combined would make the game more fun imo . The sub crowded with movable objects like food boxes etc . Watch Das Boot again :yep:
A sub sim is what you want but it has to have some atmosphere to it . Watch Das Boot again .

redcoat22 09-19-16 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by Onkel Neal (Post 2435301)
Sept update:

The new sub exterior is completely modeled, but lacks textures. We are currently working on the inside and the instrumentation.

Wow, seems like you guys have been keeping busy. Good work.

Onkel Neal 09-23-16 10:27 PM

Dev Update: Periscope controls, hydroplanes, and Radio room

nsomnia 09-23-16 11:03 PM

Looking very cleaned up

klingenj 09-27-16 05:07 AM


Originally Posted by Onkel Neal (Post 2436781)

:o :yep: :yeah: :D :D :D

Onkel Neal 09-30-16 06:30 PM

Buoyancy and drag calculations (Video)

PL_Andrev 10-01-16 01:25 AM


Originally Posted by Onkel Neal (Post 2438145)

It is exactly what we're waiting for...
Good work, devs!

Sailor Steve 10-01-16 05:47 AM

Looking good so far. :sunny:

Jimbuna 10-01-16 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by Onkel Neal (Post 2438145)

Coolio :cool:

klingenj 10-06-16 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by BL!TZKR!EG (Post 2438934)
Nice updates! :Kaleun_Applaud:
Is there any way to directly contact Einar? When we met in Germany, I forgot to exchange contact data. :/\\!!

They seem eager to answer through their facebook page "Wolfpack Game". :up:

Onkel Neal 10-06-16 10:05 AM

Yep, and you can PM them here. But they are very busy, so direct your questions here.

redcoat22 10-12-16 10:58 AM

Dying for an update over here....:salute:

Onkel Neal 10-14-16 03:06 PM

We should have something coming up later today.

Onkel Neal 10-15-16 10:18 AM

Periscopes and object position calculations

Ethaninja 10-17-16 09:27 PM

Hey guys,

just wondering if it's possible for us to contribute to the game in more ways then donations? Such as assets and voices and what not.

mstram 10-20-16 05:31 AM

Hi guys,

I just started playing with the demo, and have to say, I'm very impressed !

I have "dabbled" with Unity in the past, but have never produced anything as "slick" as the current demo :)

Some q's & comments :

1) It would be helpful if a note was added to the download page for the demo or (better yet a README) briefly summarizing what is working / not in the demo.

2)I.e. is the radio direction finder working ?
When I rotate the "bearing indicator" of the "RDF" to match what I'm hearing on the sonar, the radio transmissions are not getting "silenced"

3) Periscope - Are there plans to add bearing indicators "inside" the periscope "view". I.e, a "bearing ring"

It's a bit cumbersome now to have to keep RMB "exiting" the periscope view to see what bearing the periscope is aimed at

4) Map
A "zoom reset (to max-zoom-out)" key / mouse click-combo would be handy.

A "center-on-ship" key (i.e. if map has been panned away from the ship)

5) Speed indicator / direction indicator :
I see there is a direction indicator on both the front and back of the ship.

It would be useful to add a speed indicator near the back-direction indicator.

It would useful to have the speed indicator also visible near the periscope's current bearing indicator

Great work !, Keep it up !


mstram 10-20-16 07:12 AM

Detection / destruction realism
I think the A.I. detection abilities in the demo are a bit "off".

On surfacing the ship from periscope depth, it takes ~10 seconds for the sub to be destroyed, presumably from an incoming destroyer shell?

Onkel Neal 10-22-16 06:54 AM

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klingenj 10-22-16 09:48 AM

loving these updates.. thank you for posting once every week! :yeah:

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