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ybar 06-05-21 04:52 AM

Tutorial for beginners
Hello to all

I have just published a video made with WOLFPACK.
It is intended for beginners who have some difficulties to set the TDC.

To start with, I explain how to use the leading disc.
Those from the "Solution solver" program (SUBSIM) helped me to do this.
The video has a subtitle in your language.
Unfortunately, the translation was done with "DeepL" and I hope it will be satisfactory...

I made alone the mission "Long distance shooting" that I put in the "Workshop" !
We can see that it is possible to play alone "Wolfpack" (even if it is not advised)
And get 100% success on 4 shots at more than 5 km !

Onkel Neal 06-07-21 09:53 AM

Excellent, this is French language, correct? I will add to the Subsim news on the main page. :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up:

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