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Franky 12-17-2016 10:58 AM

My evolve nickname is FrankWeber

Aktungbby 12-17-2016 11:32 AM

Welcome aboard!

THEBERBSTER 12-17-2016 01:29 PM

A Warm Welcome To The Subsim Community > Franky
Subsim <> How To Donate <> See The Benefits <> Support The Community

Jimbuna 12-18-2016 06:32 AM

Welcome to SubSim Franky :Kaleun_Cheers:

JBuzz 01-15-2017 09:25 AM

You can call me JBuzz
JBuzz is my Evolve name, same as here.:Kaleun_Salute:

Jimbuna 01-15-2017 10:55 AM

Welcome Buzz :Kaleun_Salute:

Aktungbby 01-15-2017 11:45 AM

Welcome aboard!

THOR-AGENA 01-16-2017 02:16 PM

Aye aye all,

THOR-AGENA. I play all positions onboard HMS Marulken.
Tack så mycket (Thanks) to Oscar Wiberg and Einar Lundgren :Kaleun_Cheers:
That demo is more entertaining than anything that came out of big studios.

Cheers to Neal for keeping the boat at periscope dept.

Aktungbby 01-16-2017 02:27 PM

Welcome aboard!

Jimbuna 01-17-2017 10:16 AM

Welcome to SubSim Thor :Kaleun_Salute:

THOR-AGENA 01-17-2017 10:25 AM

Thanks guys!

I was messing with Evolve, and the Game Overlay, and Media screenshot/video recording doesn't work. Anyone has an idea?

I've checked my settings and everything seems to be fine. Web search did not yield any solutions. Did anyone screenshot or record a HMS Marulken game using Evolve?

vav 01-21-2017 08:15 AM

Evolve acc: VaVy :yeah:

PMichael95 01-30-2017 01:29 AM

Hi, add me: PMichael95
Same for steam and evolve...:)

Aktungbby 01-30-2017 03:31 AM

Welcome aboard!

Jimbuna 01-30-2017 10:47 AM

Welcome to SubSim Michael :salute:

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