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ET2SN 02-22-2022 05:31 AM

BUFF porn.

Aircraft from the 5th BW, 23rd BS, Minot AFB tooling around RAF Fairford. :rock:

Some things to notice-

Flaps have only two positions, up and deployed. It takes a full minute for the flaps to transition between the two positions.

There are no ailerons on the B-52G and H models. Instead, spoilers on the tops of the wings control roll. Those spoilers also get set to about 60% deployed for landing.

The landings you see in this vid are fairly perfect. The four large tires in the rear touch down about 1-2 seconds before the the four large tires in the front. There's an earlier vid in the series where one of the planes gets it wrong and touches down on the front tires first. :doh: Due to the massive amount of lift in the main wings, this will produce what's called a "Pogo" where the nose bounces up which forces the plane to try to get airborne again before it stalls where the nose bounces again and the cycle repeats. :o
Pogos are fairly dangerous. :yep:

Notice the extreme attitude on final. :yep: Again, due to the massive amount of lift the wings provide. Its actually normal to have the nose pointed 5 degrees down when the flaps are deployed to maintain altitude. :doh:
Notice also, the position of the stabs/tail when the aircraft are on final.
The stabs can pivot something like 20 degrees in total so they can act as trim tabs. :doh: There are also small elevators at the rear of the stabs to pitch the nose up and down. The tail of the B-52 kind of acts in reverse to the tail of a regular aircraft. The tail is also larger than the main wings on most commercial aircraft.

The screak: Those eight engines produce a LOT of sound. :up: While the B-52D through G models were actually louder due to water injection, the sound of the B-52 taking off and landing has been likened to the sound of feeding 10,000 live squirrels into a meat grinder at the same time- feet first. :O:

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