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Aktungbby 03-05-19 02:43 AM

welcome aboard!

RushTheBus 03-07-19 06:47 PM

Just curious if things are still on track for some sort of additional announcement (or maybe even release??) this week? My assumption is that things are going fairly well seeing as there were two streams today. Thanks for the continued hard work! :Kaleun_Cheers:

Usurpator 03-08-19 07:00 PM

Wolfpack Early Access Release!
Good evening everyone! We are happy to announce that Wolfpack will be released on Steam Early Access March 15 2019.
We are also revoking the non disclosure agreement for the testers, so feel free to stream the game and publish screenshots and videos as much as you like!

Best regards

Oscar and Einar

Onkel Neal 03-08-19 07:37 PM

Here we go....:arrgh!:

RushTheBus 03-08-19 07:57 PM

Great news indeed, though it will be a difficult wait :D

raymond6751 03-09-19 10:18 AM

On steam?
Where will it be available?

Looking forward to it a long time.




Jimbuna 03-09-19 10:39 AM


Usurpator 03-13-19 12:01 PM

Wolfpack Roadmap and Tutorial Videos!

Hello everyone, Wolfpack will be released on Friday!

We put this roadmap together to give you an idea of what's next in the development.

We also published a series of video tutorials on our YouTube channel.
More videos will be added to the playlist as development progresses.

Video Tutorial playlist:

Wolfpack Discord Server:


Onkel Neal 03-13-19 05:21 PM

Bots to replace absent players will make it very single player friendly, right? :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up:

stoppro 03-13-19 05:44 PM

I hope so

Hitman 03-14-19 09:02 AM

What about the dynamic campaign and swimming sausages? :D

Jeremy 03-14-19 12:56 PM

please let me in!!!
i would like to join early access, please let me know how!!
late to the party, but i am so excited


RushTheBus 03-14-19 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by Jeremy (Post 2596984)
i would like to join early access, please let me know how!!
late to the party, but i am so excited


The game goes on sale tomorrow (Friday 3/15/19) through Steam!

Fercyful 03-14-19 06:38 PM

great news! and really like the bots/single player part. Hope they will add some voices to them.

Tomorrow insta buy! :salute:

bstanko6 03-14-19 07:36 PM


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