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silentwayIII 02-20-22 12:10 PM

changing weapon loadout in single mission
Not all the types of weapons a submarine can carry are available when doing a single mission.

I would like to be able to pick what weapons I feel are necessary depending on the mission but can't. Is there a file that can address this and allow me to select what weapons I want?
Any help with is this most appreciated.

steel shark 02-23-22 12:39 PM

you need to find the Vessel you want to edit and add or remove what you need weapons wise but

The AI also will use em if you do this and their isn't a player version that's separate ect

this will affect campaigns too so Bear this in mind

to add weapons you go to the vessels folder so :

This is a dotmod path though yours mat be different either way find your vessel you want to edit


then look for this line In the vessels Files this a skipjack 1968 example :

[Weapon Systems]

the first line is the weapons you will need to look in the weapons folder or look at other vessels till you find what you are looking for name wise

so ect a mark 37 Mod Two is called = usn_mk37_mod2

see the , in-between the weapon names this separates them

lastly the numbers of weapons that's is the numbers below them they in the same order as the names so


13 usn_mk37_mod2
5 usn_mk16
6 usn_mk45

ect these two need a , in between them

don't add more then 5 or 6 weapons though or they wont all show on screen in your weapons stores panel ect

Most I've got to fit is 12 but I modded mine so 9 + Vls + Anti air + Anti air

if you get stuck message me on subsim

Steel Shark

silentwayIII 02-25-22 09:23 AM

Thanks Steel Shark!

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