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JerseySeven 05-29-21 04:38 PM

Can't pass Navigation Training
Installation went smoothly. Nice job putting this together!

My orders after exiting the channel and going to periscope depth are to dive to 25 meters. There is insufficient depth in the area south of the channel to do so. I keep hitting bottom.:06: What am I missing?

EDIT: I thought the radio messages were supposed to be executed immediately. I ignored the one to turn south and go to 25 m and continued SSE until my depth under the keel was ~32 to 35 m before executing the order. Mission accomplished.

Pelle71 05-30-21 04:49 AM

You have to sail South to you are in the middle of the channel then stear south south west. Good hunting brother :D

JerseySeven 06-02-21 08:52 PM

Resuming a career mid-patrol with LSH3 Commander?
I started my first career, and did the Type IIA patrol, sunk the two targets and returned to the dock.

In the office I gave a medal to a crewman, requested a transfer to 2nd Flotilla, and exited.

However, I noticed if I try to load an earlier save from mid-patrol, it crashes with a message about another instance of SH3 running.

I find, however, I can successfully load the game that puts me back in the office at my home base prior to the next patrol.

Is it not possible to resume a game mid-patrol? What do I do on a long patrol if I cannot keep playing until I return to base?

I'm not trying to use HSIE options with the LHS3 Commander. Am I doing something else wrong?

Archive1 06-04-21 11:09 PM

Did you get my message of problems sent on 25 May?

Archive1 06-07-21 11:09 PM

From you:

Dear Archive1, thank you for your statement.
Right here/Subsim it is important that we have clarified this "user issue" - thank you!
I am open for new and further questions :06:

If actually you are available for "further questions", please read my recent emails about continuing install problems which remain unsolved.
Perhaps someone else can resolve?

Kal_Maximus_U669 06-11-21 10:40 AM

Hy..Urmel is it possible to have news of your project ....:06:
I can't wait to get my hands on it again:yep::yep: ... Wouldn't you have included FiFi in your team? at the moment i find him rather calm here !!! .. it is not his style:D:D ... maybe he just has something else to do:har::har: ... Urmel good luck .. (God knows it takes .. ) see you soon :Kaleun_Salute:.. Respect and greetings kindly K.M_U669:Kaleun_Cheers::Kaleun_Cheers:

RipTorn 06-18-21 02:44 PM

original install
Does LSH3 modify any files of the original install?

Maddin25 06-23-21 05:07 PM

No, it creates a copy in a new folder.

dr jay 06-29-21 05:19 PM

This is Great!
I love what this mod does the SH3. I can't wait to see the next revision! Have a great summer/winter! j

Sangamon Taylor 07-02-21 09:09 AM

Non-existent grid assignments?
On my last patrol I was assigned to grid AL86, which does not exist.

Is this common? I just ignored it and did whatever I wanted to do.

JerseySeven 07-05-21 07:05 PM

Is LSH3 2015 better than LSH3 2020?
Looking at THEBERBSTER's tutorials, there seem to be features that I don't see in the current version. (Various sub and equipment specs for example), nicer menus...

Will the next version improve on this one?

Archive1 07-08-21 11:36 PM

Repeat request for assistance
Herr Urmel:

From 25 May 21:
Herr Urmel:
Thank you for the extended reply. Unfortunately my success was nil.

I downloaded the LSH3-2020-INSTALLATION.EXE and copied it to (let us say) my E: drive (a fast digital drive) into a folder labelled LSH3 in a drive that contains the original Ubisoft/Silent Hunter 3 program.

When I open it I get 4 files (2 of which are the EN/DE pdf files):
One is the 7z LSH3-2020-FULL and the second is LSH3-2020-INSTALLATIION file

When I select the INSTALLATION file it seems to extract and I get the Error loading the multigames msg I have described before.

When I then click on the SH3 icon to open the program I find the MODS and JSGME folders are empty and when I click on the SH3.exe icon to run the program I get a black screen, a moving pink ribbon loading line, another black empty screen and a crash back to the desktop.

This is exactly what I have had before. And now the Silent Hunter 3 original program that actually did run, no longer works.

So now, I have no LSH3 and no (old but viable) Silent Hunter 3.

Sorry, but this isn't progress but a retreat.

Still no assistance on this install problem:
Using Win10, with advanced graphics and processor.
Would be great to use the program, one is responding.

don1reed 07-09-21 12:52 PM

Tempus fugit...momento mori
Being retired, I believe I've got all the time in the world... :\

On Sunday, I play GWR,
on Monday, I play CCoM,
on Tuesday, I play GWX,
on Wednesday, I Play Vanilla,
on Thursday, I play NYGM,
on Friday, I use to play LSH3-2015; and,
on Saturday, I play WAC.

I just switched to LSH3-2020 and Friday's have become very special. Thank you for the exceptional work. Very well done.

Anvar1061 07-10-21 04:59 AM


Originally Posted by niktamer93 (Post 2757060)
I have a question, how can i remove ship identifications from periscopre/hydrophone views as well ? :/
You know on the top right corner paper.....

I d'ont want to know wish ship i am facing by just looking at it.....

Weapons officer asssitance is off.

niktamer93 07-10-21 08:17 AM

Anvar again thank you ^^

I will give a try thanks !

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