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BulSoldier 05-14-09 04:16 PM

Here is early '40 and i along with me type VIIC was sent to patrol western aproaches.It is long way there traveling around britain so i decided to move closer to the shore to find some shipping.So far so good.

By the time i get around aberdeen i got report of a convoy traveling sound (small one). I managed to attack it twice in one night.I managed to sink 2 greinvile type freighers and 2 passanger cargos. Both times i managed to slip without even being DCed so it was quite a pleasent ride. The convoy was left few tramp steamesr and another greinvile fr.

At the time i was slowly sliping away i heard report of another, larger convoy just going north this time.I surfaced and try to intercept it however the by the next night at witch time i would interecept it theere were heavy clouds and it was pitch black, really.It was so dark i couldnt see anytging apart from the absolute black blanket that covered the night view.

Anyway i had few more contacts and now i have 5 torps left and i am not even on the west side of britain and with 20k tons under my belt for this patrol .

Paul Riley 05-14-09 04:33 PM

Well done mate :up:
Sounds like the ideal patrol to me

DaveU186 05-15-09 01:06 PM

On 2nd Patrol, left port January 5th 1940. It appears we are equipped with a XXI. Wonder how that happened? ;)

Just having a bit of fun alongside my other careers.

Anyway, first patrol I ran into a large convoy South of Ireland, went a bit mental and only sunk six ships with my large amount of torps. This time around had a pretty quiet patrol in a similar area so decided to sneak through the Irish Sea, and sat outside Blackpool/Liverpool for a while.

Good times have been had, with only a few determined fleets of torpedo boats providing any resistence, and as we now head North West back out into the open ocean, all torps are expended and a dozen victims ranging from ore carriers, to medium and large merchants lie on the bottom.

Poor show from the royal navy. All too easy. :up:

Leandros 05-15-09 04:30 PM

We missed the Norwegian campaign due to transfer to IXB. Now:

U-108 - Kaleu. Schulz - May 31, 1940 02:59 - 6th patrol

Was assigned kvadrant AN36 as patrol area but as soon as we had entered it a message was received from BDU informing of heavy naval traffic around Dunkirk. We set course immediately. Now approaching the French coast. Yes, there is heavy naval traffic......

Jimbuna 05-15-09 05:19 PM

Be advised there have been consistent numerous reports of a CTD when in this area.

I sincerely hope this is not your experience.

It would be helpful to all if you could update of further progress.

tomfon 05-15-09 05:29 PM


Originally Posted by jimbuna (Post 1101975)
Be advised there have been consistent numerous reports of a CTD when in this area.


Jail 05-15-09 05:34 PM

Patrol 15 in a IXb outside the coast of Irland I was on the way to my patrol grid.
I'm in pursuit of this task force but I think it's in vain. They are way ahead of me and I'm afraid im loosing them. :wah:

Leg 05-15-09 05:57 PM

Dunkirk is still my chimera:nope:

I'm on my way to AK23, still a couple of days to go and the hunt will start.

Shoopzee 05-15-09 07:28 PM

Jan 8, 1942- Nearing Long Island, IXc, beat the kettledrum!!

Leandros 05-16-09 08:22 AM


Originally Posted by jimbuna (Post 1101975)
Be advised there have been consistent numerous reports of a CTD when in this area.

I sincerely hope this is not your experience.

It would be helpful to all if you could update of further progress.

I experienced it! Has to start anew from Wilhelmshafen. Shall duplicate the route. Is it some sort of overload...?....a heck of a lot of echoes....

Edit: Strange - on restart the date was moved back from May to March. Had to skip a patrol to approach correct date but now it is early May. Guess I shall have to try Dunkirk another time. Now I am in the midst of Weserübung. Assigned AN21. Hopefully I shall find a large convoy, expend my torps and hurry bck for next patrol.

DaveU186 05-16-09 09:46 AM

3rd Patrol just out of Wilhelmshaven, passing East of Helgoland on the surface. At 128TC, then BANG. Numerous damage reports start flying in, and it seems I've got most of my systems destroyed, flooding in two compartments, and four of my crew dead.

Mine? :x

Paul Riley 05-16-09 10:00 AM

Maybe a terrorist or sabateur onboard? ;)

Leg 05-16-09 10:40 AM

28 January 1941; shadowing a convoy in AK52; sunk two whale factory ships and a flower class with the deck gun (self defence). Failed a second attack; i entered inside the convoy on surface, not seen; a ship, I dont know why, exploded and they spotted me; so I had to crash dive. Now I'm following the convoy waiting for the sunset.

lynard 05-17-09 12:40 AM

Just completed an eventful patrol in AM13. (first career at 100%)
Convoy report from bdu. Good thing I spent a bit of time reading "The Hunt".
10hrs later (1100) in position, where are they. PD, sonar picks them up behind me long range.
Starboard side of convoy just visible through light fog (shadowed til nightfall). Looks to be only 1 escort. Steam ahead and set up for attack. Position looks good just inside of line of small ships. T3 tanker spotted leading the second line and WooHoo a liner just behind. More tankers and large cargo on the other side. T3 looks good but that flag doesn't look right. Next minute a noise of grinding metal, boat tips over. Sh*t just been run over by a coastal steamer. Ok no damage, back to work. Bugger, T3 is US, as are the liner and large cargoes.
Pulled out and steamed ahead for an attack on the port side of the convoy. This time ended too far in and only managed to damage a C2 with the stern tube. He's burning fairly well foward so acts like a nice little beacon in the dark.
Ahead again and manage to down 2 british T3s. Down to 1 stern torp.
Getting light now but manage to get a head again without being spotted. Line up for shot on burning C2, impacts the hold just behind the burning one. Ok the bow is starting to get lower. Escort is on the way so we go deep and wait. Back up to PD in time to see the C2 going under.
But bugger of all buggers the kill was not recorded. This would have put me over 50,000 for the patrol.:wah:

kaptkirkU4467 05-17-09 07:04 AM

U 124 reporting in:
1 tanker and a merch sent to the locker by gun and G7e.
3/10/40 in BE86.

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