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Berserker 05-29-2016 05:02 PM

Loaded up fotrs 2.0...Error message..file not found data/menu/gui/layout/

cdrsubron7 05-29-2016 05:08 PM


Originally Posted by Rabid Wolverine (Post 2408107)
Loaded up fotrs 2.0...Error message..file not found data/menu/gui/layout/

Don't mean to insult your intelligence, but you did install FOTRS v2.0 over v1.4 of SH4 correct?:06:

Berserker 05-29-2016 05:29 PM

Ok so I am smart as a brick..I have the 1.5 version... Back to TMO 2.5...:nope:

XTBilly 05-29-2016 11:24 PM


Originally Posted by Rabid Wolverine (Post 2408115)
Ok so I am smart as a brick..I have the 1.5 version... Back to TMO 2.5...:nope:

No worries mate.
I don't think that people smart as bricks are given command of submarines:)

I have SH4 v1.4 with FOTRS v2.0 up and running.
I also have SH4 v1.5 with FOTRS v1.3 up and running on the same computer using MultiSH4.

You may try that.:up:

Rockin Robbins 05-30-2016 07:52 AM


Originally Posted by Rabid Wolverine (Post 2408115)
Ok so I am smart as a brick..I have the 1.5 version... Back to TMO 2.5...:nope:

Patience and watch this space, Rabid. When we're done you'll be able to play FOTRS Ultimate, which will include the goodies from 2.0, in SH4 v1.5. We have ships. We have sinking mechanics. We have all new sounds just about ready to go and then it's test time!

Team, we have Google Drive working with XTBilly and I. I'll be PMing you for your e-mail addresses so we can get you read/write access to our shared directory (us old guys refuse to use the word "folder." Seems dirty somehow.

Billy has uploaded the FOTRS 2.0 sounds and zones as JSGME compatible mods for you to import into an FOTRS 1.3 installation for testing and I'd appreciate some reports on both, with emphasis on sinking behavior vs stock and these sounds, which have never been heard by an English speaking player of SH4UBM!

Captain Dave 05-30-2016 09:45 AM

Will FOTRS have anything akin to ISP to deal with race car destroyers, etc.?

cdrsubron7 05-30-2016 10:06 AM

I've started a career last night and playing in a Balao class sub in June , '44. I played through this 1st patrol a couple of times. Main reason being I again hit a place where the game became unplayable (not running smootly, TC was jerky). I decided to load the campaign folder (from v2.0) into v1.3 and see what happened. This area where things became very jerky was around Tokyo Bay and tried playing again after loading the Camapign layers starting up in northern Japan. This time around Tokyo Bay things played very smoothly. So that looks promising. One of the major reasons I gave up playing FOTRS v1.3 awhile back was because in certain area the game became unplayable and it always seems to be in the later years of the game. Anyway, I will keep testing this and see what happens.

While playing in this first patrol of the career on one of the times I heard that tinging sound that Billie was mentioning. It played through the whole patrol when I was submerged. It stopped when I either on the surface or using TC.

I'm just getting ready to go in and start the second patrol with the v2.0 zones loaded. Will report back. :D :yeah:

cdrsubron7 05-30-2016 01:06 PM

Reporting back. Started second patrol with the campaigns layer installed and hit another dead zone (don't know what else to call them) where TC was completely erratic. All started when I made radar contact with two ships moving at high speed. Never deed see the ships, but that was when the TC started acting up.

More on that later. Started a separate folder to test just the sounds and zones. Patrolling out of Fremantle in June'42. Patrol area was NE of Singapore in the South China Sea. Can't say I heard any creaking sound when submerged for the whole patrol. Was at 300 ft or better a number of times. I sank one CA and five merchants while on patrol. The cruiser (Takao class) after the first torpedo hit was reported "She's going down".

I sank two Kinposion Marus on the patrol. The first one took two torpedoes and sank. The second required one torpedo but required quite awhile to sink.

This is a shot of the second Kinposon and a WW1 Freighter (Zinbu in TMO)

The first WW1Freighter took one torpedo and sank real quick like. The second WW1 Freighter took three torpedoes before going down.

On the way back to Fremantle I encounter two ships in the Celebes Sea. Having only two torpedoes left in the stern tubes I shot at a Big Split Merchant. Both torpedoes hit where I aimed and she went down in about a 11 minutes.

You can see where the torpedoes hit in this screenie.

There she goes. :D

XTBilly 05-30-2016 03:01 PM

Great report !!:yeah:

Did you notice an increased number of sub hunting groups? Maddy doubled them with v2.0. So, except for the occasional lag, the campaign runs well isn't it? I'll follow your example and add it too.:)

That's an interesting encounter with the WW1 freighters. Ok. the first may be loaded with ammo, hit a sweet spot, boom! But three on the second?:o The WW1 freighters I'm testing on single missions are sinking with just one. No matter where it hits. Even with Mark 10's. Are you sure you've waited enough time?

Maddy did a good job with the new sinking mechanics. Ships sink much more naturally and slowly. The thing I don't like is that most of the freighters go down with a well placed torpedo. Even bigger ones. I' not talking about a keel shot. A torpedo fore or aft creates enough flooding to sink them. They also sink pretty quickly with the deck gun.

I'm working on it. You can forget sinking a Takao with one eel...:O:

Forgot to mention the great screenshots!

Rockin Robbins 05-30-2016 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by cdrsubron7 (Post 2408106)
Hey RR

A number of years ago I made a small mod which I use anytime that I make a new install of SH4. What the mod does is change the tonnage of the Japanese warships to more realistic values of the actual ships in IJN during WW II. If you like to use it with the FOTRS Ultimate mod I'll supply a copy of it for you. Just the thought :D :up:

A fine idea. Once we're all hooked up to the same toy box you can put a copy in there!

Rockin Robbins 05-30-2016 06:17 PM


Originally Posted by Captain Dave (Post 2408204)
Will FOTRS have anything akin to ISP to deal with race car destroyers, etc.?

We're still unknown on that front. Maddy is apt to have solved the problem on his own. There is a big problem with ISP, in that it makes lots of other changes to the game other than just changing ship physics. As such it won't be going in FOTRS Ultimate in its present form. One of the things it has is a perfect recognition manual, which doesn't include all the FOTRS ships. That alone would crash SH4.

But we will be looking for go-cart destroyers to see if we might include a mod plugin to reduce their acceleration.

Rockin Robbins 05-30-2016 07:08 PM

Well, I'm behind everybody here, without a FOTRS install going. So let me take this opportunity to post a tutorial on how to make a separate FOTRS install, where the sames will be in FOTRS' own folder and you can't get mixed up between stock saves, TMO saves and FOTRS saves all in the same directory. That makes for headaches and cussing. We aim to keep it clean around here.:D:D

First line of defense for SH4 is always to start with a clean install. Install the game, add U-boat Missions, Multi-SH4 and JSGME with a \MODS subdirectory. Then copy the whole \Wolves of the Pacific shootin' match to another directory on another drive, preferably. Name it something like SH4 Pristeen and then why not write-protect the whole thing so you can't run it, which would make it not so pristeen after all.

That's the first thing you should do on installation of SH4! Get that backup saved on another drive and protect the thing!

So here you are with SH4 installed and you want to play some FOTRS to see how these guys are screwing up their precious FOTRS Ultimate Project. Your first step is to find your \SH4 Pristeen directory on your other drive and copy it to your Ubisoft directory. You DO have a Ubisoft root directory on your C: drive don't you? You aren't trying to run it out of \Program Files (x86)? If you are it's time to change that. Create c:\Ubisoft. Then when you install SH4 you'll have a \Wolves of the Pacific subdirectory. Here's my setup below.

What's the SH4 Pristeen folder doing in there? It's gonna be my SH4 FOTRS folder! Eventually. In about fifteen minutes. Once it's in there I'm going to right click it, choose properties (last option) and you'll see this if you did your work right to begin with:

See the blue shaded box next to "Read Only (only applies to files in folder)? Click on the box to get rid of the blue shading. Then you see:

Yes, you want to do that to every file. Press OK and wait for the job to finish, several minutes. Now we'll rename the SH4 Pristeen directory in our Ubisoft folder. I named mine SH4 FOTRS.

Next, we'll enter our shiny new directory and run MultiSH4.exe. Dialog box pops up thusly:

It wants you to name a new folder. Very important: you can only use three letters. I chose FRS for the standard abbreviation for Fall of the Rising Sun. Now all my save game stuff will be in the FRS folder in My Documents.

You can run JSGME and then exit to create a \MODS subdirectory if you don't already have one. Then put your FOTRS goodies in there. I recommend FOTRS 1.3 and our FOTRS 2.0 add on mods for now. Now lets see how the Google Drive Folder works:

Highlight the mods you want to extract, right click them and choose download. See how it's making me a Zipped file of both? That's fine. Just save it in your \MODS folder and unzip it when you're done.

There you go: drag 'em and drop 'em right in to MODS folder. Now download FOTRS 1.3 from the Subsim downloads area so we're sure we are all using the exact same files. Save it right to your MODS folder. YOU AREN'T DONE! FORTS comes in a compressed .rar file and you have to extract it just as you did the mods downloaded from our shared Google Drive account. <Insert 7-zip commercial here> Of course it extracts into the MODS folder as well, leaving it looking like this:

Now you're ready to install the mods with JSGME. Install FOTRS 1.3 first and then the 2.0 mods. You now have a spanking new FOTRS installation and you're expected to test it to destruction while we cook up other things from v2.0 to plug into 1.3. And now I can start playing myself......starting tomorrow. Been a long day!

ReallyDedPoet 05-30-2016 08:22 PM

Nice to see this :up:, will give it a go in the future :yep:

Captain Dave 05-30-2016 08:29 PM

I only use the SEA, SUBMARINE and UPC Data folders of ISP. No SCENE.dat or CFG.

propbeanie 05-30-2016 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by XTBilly (Post 2408057)
... Strange, I had creaking noises on all the subs except the pigboat...

Continuing from my Page 3 post 43, I still have to re-do my installs of SH4, but I've looked at the audio files a bit in the different versions of FOTRS and stock 1.5, and I've noticed that the "creak" wav files are all at 1411kbps, in "stereo" (aka: 2 channel), across all versions of FOTRS & stock 1.5. The "glassbreak" wav files are at 705kbps, and mono (one channel), which would somewhat make sense, since 705 is about half of 1411, and mono is "half" of stereo... Windows supposedly switches sample rates just fine, usually.

The actual creak files are approx. 13-14 seconds long, with FOTRSv2 using new files for all four. The "glassbreak" files are 0.5-0.9 seconds long, but are the same in all versions (not overwritten by the mod). I'm not sure how they're "called" in the game, but you have to go below test depth, of course. I don't know if that difference in sample rate, or the length of the file has any influence on things - maybe... There is also the possibility that the user's computer audio settings and/or hardware may influence the audio playback. Perhaps there's a "call" to the audio files based upon depth and time at that depth, and that's what fails to "click" and "tick"... ?? I do have strange audio issues sometimes after time compression (not an unusual experience in SH4). It just makes me wonder how the developers tested this aspect of the game, and if they still have their sanity...


Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins (Post 2408305)
... So let me take this opportunity to post a tutorial on how to make a separate FOTRS install, where the sames will be in FOTRS' own folder and you can't get mixed up between stock saves, TMO saves and FOTRS saves all in the same directory. That makes for headaches and cussing. We aim to keep it clean around here.:D:D ...

Oh, if only I'd started that way... :wah: - I still can't get going "cleanly", and I guess tomorrow I'll be doing a "wipe" of the hard drive of all things Ubi & SH4, and try for a fresh install. My "shortcut" attempts today have been futile, and my v1.5 runs like the initial release DVD version... All because I mixed-up save files and opened the wrong thang and then for some strange reason, tried to "save" it... Not cool. I got in too much of a hurry trying to re-load a test mission, so I could hear (or not hear) glass breaking...:88)

btw Rockin Robbins, PM received, and reply Sent - I think. At least, that's what the Inbox shows, but the Sent Items show empty. This is a different version of PM than what I'm used to, so if you didn't get a reply, tell me I'm a dum-dum in public, and I'll send another reply... thanx :D

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