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Skybird 02-18-07 08:02 AM

The two probably best aircraft for FS9 in their classes: the Piper cheyenne by Digital Aviation, and the RealAir SIAI SF260. FS9 plus Ground Environment, Flight Environment, Ultimate Terrain. Originals 1280x1024, 2x AA, 8x AF.

Digital Aviation Piper Cheyenne (superb avionics suite, high realism FM, extremely good VC and light effects, very demanding on hardware)
more screenshots:
For the Trimble GPS they are referring to the original documentation of the manufacturer...
RealAir Simulations SIAI Marchetti SF260 (superior FM, razorsharp and smooth VC gauges, outclassing several 2D cockpit gauges, great fun to fly, do aerobatics, dogfighting, sightseeing)
more screenshots:
review: (also: )
I also still use the Knoxville Cessna 177, and additionally the Level-D B-767 and PMDG B-747, but have no screenies available currently.

Seeadler 02-26-07 03:07 PM

flying over Bella Coola (Can)

Dowly 02-27-07 10:47 AM

Uh oh... SORRY! :oops:

Biggles 02-27-07 11:58 AM

Nice one dowly:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Sailor Steve 02-27-07 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by Skybird
The two probably best aircraft for FS9...

What is FS9? The European version of FS2004? I have that one, but I've never heard of FS9.

ASWnut101 02-27-07 04:30 PM

It is FS2004. It's just the generation of the game. (ie. FS2004 is FS9 because it's the ninth Flight Simulator game, just as FS2006 is FSX/FS10)

Dowly 02-27-07 05:09 PM

He can turn 100% the same time than I do, but he cant shoot one fecking AA launcher!? :damn:

Safe-Keeper 02-27-07 09:40 PM

GTA South Korean Air Force
I took this one myself (Falcon 4.0 deploys planes a bit strangely sometimes - this is how the Take Off training mission starts off if you choose the "Taxi" option instead of the cold start "Ramp" or the runway "Take Off" option):
[Read aloud in rap gangsta voice]
Claw 1-2: Mooove your darned rig, you blind ole sod!
Cowboy 3-1: Yooou move your damned wreck, you n00b-in-a-plane! 'Da Hell taught you to read taxiway maps, ya incompetent landlubber?!
Tower [slightly frightened]: Claw 1-2, Cowboy 3-1, kindly--
Claw 1-2: Who you insultin, niggah? You betta move your hulk outta mah way right now--
Tower [clearly flabbergasted]: Cowboy--
Claw 1-2: --or I swear to God I'm gonna step outta mah plane--
Cowboy 3-1: Oh yah? Don't you get outta that cockpit or I'm gonna run you down and dump mah external stores and flares on your balls, foo!
Claw 1-2: Imma gonna whoop your ass nigga! Imma gonna up-turn that plane of yours and throw it in the Yellow Sea--
Tower [frantic]: Tower to security, need immediate assistance, taxiway south 1--
Claw 1-2: --and I'm spit on yah sorry excuse for a fighter jet and piss on your homie's grave and--
[Argument goes on until pilots are seized by airport's MP]

Oh, and Dowly? Lovely pic. Parker's grandson got his hands on an A-10, hm?

Safe-Keeper 02-27-07 10:22 PM

Is that Pacific Fighters screenshot unedited? The one with the US plane flying into the sunset?

Dowly 02-28-07 07:40 AM

Seems, so. Might be just alittle color correction, but other than that its unedited.

ASWnut101 02-28-07 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by Dowly
He can turn 100% the same time than I do, but he cant shoot one fecking AA launcher!? :damn:

Is that F-4.0? How are you in an A-10?:o

Dowly 02-28-07 02:49 PM

No, not Falcon 4. LOMAC. :up:

Safe-Keeper 02-28-07 05:38 PM

I miss flying other fighters in Falcon 4.0. The F-16 is an awesome jet, but I'd like to give the A-10 a go, along with an attack chopper and F-15. Oh well, I'll just have to buy Lock-On or something, won't I?

Chaotic42 03-01-07 12:56 AM

Here's me flying an Su-25 on the DPRK side. I was shot down 15 seconds after leaving the runway. I had no idea that I was under attack.

GSpector 03-01-07 04:45 AM

What Sim is this :o

Looks like the new Red Baron sim that is in the works. If it is, I was not aware it was out.

Biggles 03-01-07 09:00 AM, what I know, that is the mod "Over Flanders Fields" to Combat Flight Simulator 3. A great mod actually, if you have CFS3, then you should download it!:up:

Safe-Keeper 03-03-07 12:43 PM

So I was flying my two-seater and Parker asked to see the Steerpoint/Map/Briefing notepad. I handed it to him and was rewarded by the sound of scribbling for the next five minutes. When I got it back:

Moral: Don't give Parker anything when he's bored.

Sailor Steve 03-03-07 05:53 PM

Oh, man, SK; you HAVE to get a new RIO!

Of course in this modern world he might be named Bud Roberts, which won't make it any better.

Safe-Keeper 03-03-07 07:28 PM

Yeah, I just realized, and that's the South Korean air force, not the American, so of course it wouldn't be Parker anyhow.

CCIP 03-03-07 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by Safe-Keeper
Yeah, I just realized, and that's the South Korean air force, not the American, so of course it wouldn't be Parker anyhow.

Park is a very common Korean last name however :p
(knew a few Korean students here with that last name)

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