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munrovian1 06-25-2019 03:30 AM

FOTRS 2 help needed
How does one turn off the german so all the text is English? Great mod but I can't read German

propbeanie 06-25-2019 06:27 AM

You cannot turn off the German text. It is what it is. That was one of the reasons for the making of Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate (FotRSU). It was originally just going to be a translation and clean-up of the run-a-way spawns, but we ended up taking all of AOTD_MadMax's FOTRS versions and putting them together, along with additional ships and airplanes, and calling it "Ultimate". But it is for SH4 vf1.5 only...

The colors in FOTRS v2 just seem to "pop" though, don't they, especially at night? You could open the "menu.txt" file found in the "Data / Menu" folder of the mod, and run it through a translator. Since the translators can be rather cryptic in their translation, it can still be a bit difficult to understand the translated text. Be sure and make a copy of the file before you copy the translated version back into that same folder. Such, as rename the original file "menuBAK.txt" or some such, then name your new file "menu.txt" in that same folder, and see how it turns out. If it bombs, delete your translation, and rename the other back. btw, v2.0 of FOTRS is for SH4 v1.4 only, so that's what you are using, correct?

Rockin Robbins 06-25-2019 04:00 PM

Discovering FOTRS v2 was the impetus for making FOTRSU. There was so much great stuff in there that made your jaw drop that we HAD to have it in a single player, English language mod for Silent Hunter 4 version 1.5. When we got all that together and working, I thought our job was done, then we discovered......the rest of the story. And two years of hard work began.

At that point Jeff Groves taught us to fish, CapnScurvy and s7rikeback joined our team and we have a whole new, previously unplanned, mission. We have all the good stuff from FOTRS 2.0, plus a complete retuning, more ships, more missions, better key commands, much improved gameplay for single player........we just released FOTRSU_v0.90_RC3_PublicBeta_EN. Try it! You'll LIKE it!

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