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Alx_Novoros 01-05-19 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by makman94 (Post 2584907)
Any news Guys ?

Some gameplay that you can share ?

we are still engaged in testing and everything looks very good . as a fan of multiplayer, I can say that there is a very important feature of wolfpack. it is that when you leave the game or disconnect from the network, you can re-enter the game and return to your boat to your post. moreover, if the player who created the server will not turn off the computer, the boat can be in the sea for several days and the crew can be changed in it.

Usurpator 01-12-19 10:08 AM

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Hello everyone! Since last update I have been adding some sound effects and fixing bugs. Everything is on track and going well! I mentioned in the previous update that the map is done, but I didnít say how it works, so here is a quick summary:

Everything you draw on the map can be seen by the other players. Each player has a map layer, with a corresponding color. You can only draw and erase on your own layer. The layers can be toggled on and off with the portrait buttons to the right in the image. In the image, two players are playing, the goose and stork are their Steam profile images. The dotted lines are sketch lines, that are not shared with the other players.

The u-boats position is visible on the map until you dive, at which point the symbol turns gray, and the position is no longer updated. Other ships, torpedoes, etc, are not visible on the map.

The toolbar to the left has all the draw tools. You can draw crosses, timestamps, lines, circles, write text, erase, and rotate the protractor.

The tools in the top toolbar are toggle buttons that affect the behaviour of each draw tool. They are, from left to right: Toggle sketch mode, toggle protractor follow, snap to point, show angle, show distance, reverse compass, show travel time, show protractor, reset protractor rotation, undo, redo.

In sketch mode, lines and circles are dotted, and are not seen by the other players. If protractor follow is on, the protractor always follows the mouse cursor. If it is off, the protractor stays when you start drawing the line. Snap mode snaps the cursor to nearby lines or points.

Show angle displays the angle of a drawn line. This does not affect lines that are already drawn, it only affects lines you draw after this is turned on. This information is shared with the other players. This is also true of the show distance, and travel time toggles. The point of this is that lines can mean different things in different contexts. For example the point of drawing a line might be to plot a course, in which case showing travel time and angles is a good idea. A line drawn by the sonar operator can mean the angle of a sonar observation. In this case, not showing the distance (because it is an unknown factor) is good practice. I decided to make these options toggles, instead of having 10 different line tools for different situations.

Reverse compass means that circles are drawn starting with the edge instead of the center (as if you started drawing the circle by placing the pen side of the compass first, instead of the needle side). This is useful if you want to draw a circle that is tangent to a line, for example if you want to draw the turn radius of the u-boat.

The show travel time tool shows the time it would take to travel the length of a line at a certain speed. The speed can be changed with a slider, or by pressing the + and - keys on the keypad. This is useful for planning intercepts, plotting courses etc.

Show protractor toggles showing the protractor when drawing lines. Sometimes the protractor might be in the way, and then it is a good option to have.
The reset protractor button resets the protractor rotation to compass north.
The undo and redo buttons work as you might expect them to. The game uses a dynamically growing undo stack, so you can undo/redo as many times as you want.

All buttons have hotkeys. If you disconnect and reconnect to a session, all lines are saved. Lines and circles can be drawn to an exact length and angle by inputting the desired value on the keypad while drawing.

This explains the basics. We will make tutorial videos about this, and how to do manual navigation/dead reckoning later.


Onkel Neal 01-12-19 03:29 PM

Impressive. :Kaleun_Salute:

Alx_Novoros 01-12-19 04:25 PM


Wolfpack345 01-13-19 12:56 AM

Wow! That looks great! You all have really outdone yourselves giving the players lots of different tools to work with.
Keep up the good work.

Jimbuna 01-13-19 07:33 AM

Very nice indeed :salute:

Master 01-21-19 09:40 AM

We have to be close now! Wonder if they are going to be releasing on the 31st though :)

Alx_Novoros 01-26-19 02:49 PM

Guys don't worry. Everything goes according to plan. Our testing team provided the developers with all the necessary information about the bugs. I think that as soon as they fix some things then the game can be put in the release. Pre - check for updates. Developers do not sit still, they work productively. But imagine a picture: you have a birthday and you are given a delicious cake. This cake is very very very beautiful, but it is crushed. Do you want this birthday? No matter how delicious the cake may be, it should be well Packed in a festive box.

tedh1 01-27-19 05:18 PM

Can't wait! :Kaleun_Cheers::Kaleun_Salute:

Master 01-27-19 05:21 PM

No, I'd rather just eat the squashed cake. Dont really care what the box looks like at the end of the day as long as I can eat my cake. The analogy is a bad analogy but if you are trying for a bithday cake and it's the day of your birthday you either eat the crushed cake or you dont have birthday cake... Getting a whole new cake is fine but it's no longer a birthday cake unless you get it on your birthday.

At this point it either WILL release before february or it wont. With little to no info coming from the devs I'd say it's more likely to not make release than it is to be released on time.

zorilya 01-27-19 05:57 PM

While I agree the analogy is not a good one - you cannot patch a cake for instance - I do think that game development, or any creative development field really, is a place of giving. Most of the best things in life in terms of quality and impact I have found to be labours of love. Lets not sully a project that is clearly that by making the surrounding environment more hostile that it needs to be. Do the devs owe us something? I don't think so but I could be wrong.

Alx_Novoros 01-27-19 06:29 PM

let's say I misrepresented my point. let the cake will be beautiful on the outside so to speak. But you forgot to put cocoa and butter or biscuit is not fully baked. you want cake? as for the birthday, it so happens that when the birthday falls on a working day of the week, not all guests can come on this day. what better to celebrate the birthday of one or to gather all the relatives. sometimes it is convenient to make a holiday on a day off. and the birthday won't be ruined. as for the game, the developers make sure that your first impressions were the best.

THE_MASK 01-29-19 02:16 AM

Throw a party and bring out the cake .

makman94 01-29-19 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by Onkel Neal (Post 2586288)
Impressive. :Kaleun_Salute:

Not only Impressive....this is extraordinary SUPERB !!
Great job on the map guys :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up:

@Oscar : What can you tell about the hydrophone, sonar and radar ? will we expect some juicies (like these map tools) for the above devices ?
Also, i read on your FB that the game will come out this month, is this correct ?

bstanko6 01-29-19 05:38 PM

I played this in beta when it was stil HMS M! Wow you guys came a long way! Looks great!

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