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Marhkimov 09-10-2005 11:42 AM

MOOvie, MOOvie, MOOvie!!! hahaha :up:

I liked your Bismark movie, by the way...

pampanito 09-10-2005 03:05 PM

How cute SH3 can get...

Too many hunters!



Neutral guest

Beauty at sea

Elder-Pirate 09-10-2005 04:26 PM

@ Waldmensch

I do believe that pic of the moon through the binocs is the best of show so far on this entire thread. :rock:

No disrespect to any of you others whom posted a pic but I really do believe so far this was the best. :up:

gdogghenrikson 09-10-2005 04:54 PM

the moon seems a little to large (almost looks another planet)

Elder-Pirate 09-10-2005 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by gdogghenrikson
the moon seems a little to large (almost looks another planet)

Could be another "Beam me up Scotty" pic, but it's still the best in show.

U-104 09-10-2005 05:24 PM


Originally Posted by Elder-Pirate
it's the best in show.


gdogghenrikson 09-10-2005 06:01 PM

IMHO the iceberg ones by type941 are the best.. lol torpedoing an iceberg. :rotfl:

Patboot 09-10-2005 06:34 PM

I think we got it, Kapitain- Plasma Gun Test success!

"Heave to and prepare to be boarded!!"

"Con? Sonar- anyone lose a fish up there?"!.jpg

Patboot 09-10-2005 06:36 PM

Forgot one:

Oh, wow man....who put the LSD in the fresh water tank?

Type941 09-10-2005 07:47 PM

LOL! Crazy shots.

here's my 'aged' look for a set of Type21s, prepared for scuttling.


america person 09-10-2005 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by marhkimov
These are some shots that I made specifically for 1024x768 desktops... I used a cinematic frame and dynamic lighting to make them look like the next-gen SH7... Enjoy!

The clean break...


that first one looks amazing....and who ever did the old style one with the crewman leaning over the parascope....ablsoultey cool

Kalach 09-10-2005 08:35 PM

Cheering for a torpedo hit.


Wolf52 09-10-2005 09:02 PM

How did you blast out of the water like that? Did you just hit flank then surface?

Soviet_Warlord 09-10-2005 09:30 PM

He probably started off pretty deep so as not to suface to quickly, then started going flank. Then he probably waited until he reached top underwater speed and blew ballast as many times as he could.

Mulder 09-11-2005 02:28 AM

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