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Skybird 10-19-2018 06:00 AM

Its been a long long time.

Approaching release at Matrix, hopefully also Steam. TOAW IV saw a Steam release recently.

The developer on the AI:

Skybird 10-19-2018 06:17 AM


Matrix' product page lists Novembre 15th as release date.

dmagnusson 11-16-2018 07:56 AM

the game is out now :-)

Skybird 11-25-2018 08:37 AM

I watched some videos, and had a - polite but unsatisfying - discussion with the dev and others in their forum on the AI (thread title was "Concerning the AI", my avatar there is the same like here: Skybird). It seems to have a tendency to "lemminginize" itself, and this was already the case with the free version years ago. This issue was also pointed out by the full reviews of the game done by, and Rock,Paper,Shotgun, both hailed the game for its many details and accessibility, but pointed out that sometimes the Lemmings syndrome just spoil the mission play.

I continue to be on standby-and-watching mode until the developer decides to take this serious. He has shrugged off any reminders of wargames doing a bit better in this regard, thats why I am now a bit pessimistic: he said it would be too much expected to code such an AI, and that I should show him a game that are like I outlined. I did, and one or two other folks did. Mostly he did not comment on that (CM2, OF, COTA), or questioned the legitimicy of the comparison (SB). Well.

Cosims like this stand and fall with the AI, even more so when having no MP, to PBM, no campaign and only 15 missions, and Operation Flashpoint, Combat Mission Shockforce, Conquest of the Aegean, Steel Beasts show that the Lemming-syndrome can be dealt with.

If a player does not care for Lemmings, and plays Steel Panther MBT despite its inferior AI and the obvious deficits the game has there, then AB is probably a good choice for this player, and the game certainly has a better AI than that old game. If Lemmings syndrome concerns you, wait. For myslf, just DLCs with more content will not do the trick without the Lemmings mostly gone - if they pop up so often that two major reviews mention it, and I recall it from years ago, then it is most likely a rela issue. At least in m book.

Personally I am just perplexed that such an obvious issue was never been dealt with over all those years, apparently.

Developer says that he wants it to be at Steam one day, but I assume Matrix has a word on that as well. Several Matrix games however have found their way to Steam in past years, so the chance is real (but not guaranteed).

Skybird 12-01-2018 05:38 PM

More feedback on the AI. I am in passive observation mode regarding the game, and I have a feeling this will not change for quite some more time. The poster describes exactly my observations formt he freee version years ago. Which means nothing has been done on this issue in all those years. Sorry to say, but to me that is no good sign for this project which already runs since long time.

I waited for this game to come out in full version, for years. But I feel that I am now shifting away from it.

Skybird 06-14-2019 03:56 PM

The decision has been made, but the date is still unknown: the game will be released on Steam, including the DLCs.

Skybird 10-31-2019 08:04 PM

The title has just been released on Steam, also two DLCs for Yugoslavian, Italian, French and Belgian units. If getting them alltogether, you get another additonal -15% on the current sale for opening.

Skybird 11-09-2019 03:52 AM

I managed to get two threads started on this, which is not needed. When I post on AB, I will do it in the other one in the general game forum instead of here, becasue this forum here is specilaised on tanking, but AB goes beyond that.

I have copied my Steam first impression "review" (not really a review) and some Wargamer reviews on the DLCs over there:

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