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Arclight 07-22-09 02:01 PM

That's why I'm glad I can just look around the cockpit and flick a switch. Once you're familiar with the lay-out, chances of accidently shutting down one of your engines greatly reduce. :)

Raptor1 07-22-09 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by Arclight (Post 1138435)
Thing is, KA-50 doesn't have any radar, FLIR or fancy countermeasures/warning equipment, stuff that is more likely to be classified.

You sure KA-50 is still relatively classified? I doubt it to be honest, since ED won't do a playable model unless they have about all the information you can think of. They don't like filling blanks with guess-work for the DCS series. :hmmm:

I just pointed out that if something is classified about each of the aircraft, it would be the Hokum, it's much more modern and still used only by Russia.

Task Force 07-22-09 02:06 PM


Originally Posted by Fincuan (Post 1138395)

It's still surprinsingly good for its age :yeah:

That was a great game.... one of my first flight sims...:D
use to play that on my really old xp machine...
forgot those old games for alittle while there, they were actualy quite good...

Raptor1 07-22-09 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by Task Force (Post 1138657)
That was a great game.... one of my first flight sims...:D
use to play that on my really old xp machine...
forgot those old games for alittle while there, they were actualy quite good...

Aye, I agree, shame it doesn't work on my new computer...

Task Force 07-22-09 02:33 PM

Yea... to bad someone dosent make a program that allows old stuff to run on vista... lots of old games id like to bring back...

Windom Earle 07-22-09 02:46 PM

Su-27 Flanker games...
Lock-On (and its' stand-alone add-on) is a continuation of Flanker series...

But I've heard it is a buggy game...

Task Force 07-22-09 02:48 PM

I think those guys made LOMAC and were part of the blackshark team I think...:hmmm:

Raptor1 07-22-09 02:50 PM

Aye, but I heard LOMAC's realism was a bit lacking

Task Force 07-22-09 02:52 PM

Yea, atleast they didnt slack off with blackshark though...:yep: pretty good training ingame vedios also...

Arclight 07-22-09 03:03 PM

ED decided to focus on 1 aircraft at a time for very high detail/fidelity. LOMAC had multiple aircraft at "medium" detail (though the Su-25 was very good). I'm glad they decided to focus on max detail, and having rotary wing aircraft as well is simply fantastic. :yeah:

Oberon 07-22-09 03:12 PM

I can foresee that should I ever get the next generation machine or manage to upgrade this one (whilst farming those flying pigs) then I'll definately have to aim for that A-10 sim.
Love the 'hogs :yeah:

Task Force 07-22-09 03:20 PM
got 1
got 2
oah look a 3rd one...
I took no more shots after this one...

Oberon 07-22-09 03:23 PM

Romania, eh?

Raptor1 07-22-09 03:26 PM


Originally Posted by Oberon (Post 1138724)
Romania, eh?

Eh, reminds me of the Stalingrad 1942 campaign...

Task Force 07-22-09 03:27 PM

I screwed up my romania campaign files somehow... so it only go to mission 2.:rotfl: and then nothing...:shifty:

Task Force 07-23-09 04:01 PM

Some pics from DCS blackshark.
Flying to my certain doom...
flying over a city.
the enemy unsurspecingtly launched sams... and killed me and my wingman.
on way to target.
water effects are great.
approaching fireing range.

Arclight 07-31-09 04:12 PM

A succesfull landing using auto-rotation, after losing engine power.
Succesfull as in: I survived. :roll:

I hate Apaches...
So very, very much.

Task Force 07-31-09 08:43 PM

hmm... I guess they will be haveing burnt arclight for dinner.:lol:

Arclight 07-31-09 09:02 PM

Arclight flambé, yum. :timeout:

Barely 'nough meat on ma bones to feed the 2 of them. :rotfl:

Was weird though: not much damage to the Kamov, but I was killed on impact. Helo was trimmed for hover pretty well, so it just kinda slowly drifted down untill it exploded after a while.

Weird to still see it flying, knowing the pilot is long dead. :-?

Task Force 07-31-09 09:05 PM

GOST CHOPPA!!! run for yer lifes.:o

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