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Minoslas 09-04-2013 09:01 AM

Belsimtek: Mil Mi-8
According to reports in the forums of DCS: W. Belsimtek Mil Mi-8 will be available today for download, if you are lucky.

Guys, for the Americas sale start 1.2.6. DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight may be already today!
A youtube video:

Yep, seems to confirm what the Mil Mi-8 ...

Upload install package to FTP started, but needs some time..

Minoslas 09-04-2013 09:52 AM

From Russian forum (google translator)

Once again I will explain more in detail . If we equally understand the concept of " level of implementation," then implemented all systems except: SARPP -12 , IFF , heating and ventilation , a recorder , shooting off flares , C- 13 ( removes the reticle when you click on the button combat ) .
While not work ( or until done ) :
- CB radikompas ARC -9
- HF radio core -1M
- Elektrosbrasyvatel ( bombs ) ESBR
- No bombsight right pilot OPB- 1p
- No guns
- There is no external load
- Arcade mode does not work .
The rest is all according to the AFM . Something modeled more deeply and very good. close to reality , something less deep.
Differences from MTV1 MTV2 :
No weapons systems , armor , tanks, polyurethane , minor differences cabin equipment. Main characteristics (except for the radius and distance ) - the same engines and automatic - the same . Systems - are the same (except for those mentioned above) . Actions in case of failure - the same .
Current versions of files guides pilot ( abbreviated as well as complete)
not yet available when you try to find them by clicking the Start button in Windows. Ready abridged versions Management Pilot in English, and the manual section on the Russian full - the unfinished version . The documents you need to look at ways :
\ \ DCS World \ Mods \ aircrafts \ Mi-8MTV2 \ Doc \
In the near future to complete the full manual.

Minoslas 09-04-2013 10:46 AM

Minoslas 09-04-2013 05:02 PM

Mil Mi-8 Promotional video

Minoslas 09-04-2013 05:21 PM

ED Mil Mi-8 official press:


DUXFORD, UK, September 4, 2013 – The Fighter Collection and Belsimtek now offer DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight as a digital download pre-purchase for $49.99. Pre-purchase also provides access to early pre-release Beta versions of the title.

Pre-purchase DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight here:

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight is a highly realistic PC simulation of the Mi-8MTV2, a combat transport and fire support helicopter and an upgraded variant of one of the most widely produced helicopters in the world - the Russian Mi-8 (NATO reporting name ‘Hip’). Developed by Belsimtek and Eagle Dynamics, the team behind the hit title DCS: UH-1H Huey, DCS Mi-8MTV2 continues to deliver exceptional realism and immersive gameplay within the DCS World virtual battlefield.

The simulation features accurate modeling of all primary aircraft systems, avionics, and proper functionality of nearly all cockpit switches and controls. Flight and other dynamics are modeled using real-time physics calculations and carefully tuned using actual Mi-8MTV2 documentation and pilots deeply involved in development and testing. The result is not only the most realistic Mi-8 reproduction on the PC, but a comprehensive helicopter model that correctly presents complex dynamic effects particular to helicopter flight, such as: autorotation, vortex ring state (VRS), translational lift, hover in and out of ground effect, and many others.

You are placed in the cockpit of the Mi-8MTV2 to fly combat transport and support missions as the left pilot, right pilot or gunner. The helicopter can be armed with unguided rockets, gun pods, and on-board machine guns. In the transport role, a cargo of up to four tons can be carried internally or three tons on an external sling system to deliver and retrieve supplies in a wide variety of terrain and weather conditions. A series of single missions and a handcrafted, immersive campaign plunge you into the heat of battle in the DCS World battlefield of countless AI and a variety of player-controlled fighter and attack aircraft, helicopters, and ground units. Get online to play with or against other DCS players in a synthetic online battlefield.

A quickstart guide and interactive training help you get started quickly while the comprehensive Flight Manual details the helicopter’s systems and operational procedures. A wide variety of gameplay options allows each player to tailor their difficulty level as required.

Key Features of DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight include:
Unmatched flight physics providing the most realistic and dynamic conventional helicopter experience on the PC
Multiple player positions, including pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer, and door gunner
Accurate and highly detailed 3D cockpit featuring six-degrees-of-freedom technology compatible with head-tracking devices
Interactive cockpit controls that allow you to operate systems using the mouse
Accurate modeling of the Mi-8MTV2 instruments, weapons, engines, radios, fuel, electrical, and hydraulic systems
Highly detailed Mi-8MTV2 external 3D model, liveries, and weapons
Accurate audio environment based on custom Mi-8MTV2 sound samples
Immersive, handcrafted campaign with a variety of transport and fire support missions
Training with interactive and video lessons
Multiplayer coop mode for crew members of the same helicopter under development for a later update
Developed in close cooperation with actual Mi-8MTV2 operators

Minoslas 09-26-2013 05:12 AM

Little update to the next Mi-8 1.2.6 Update 1

Honestly I don't have that much to say at the moment. The next patch scheduled for release is the update to 1.2.6 already announced here: Being that it is primarily designed to fix stability issues, it has little to do with the Huey and Hip specifically and will include only the minimum new changes needed to address those problems so as to minimize the chances of fouling something else up at the same time. If all goes well, we will then move on to the next big update, which may or may not be 1.2.7 and will likely feature more updates dedicated to the Huey and Hip.

In terms of what we've been working on internally, it's mostly been the external cargo model for the Huey, numerous cockpit updates and fixes for the Hip, and some command updates and fixes. Sorry, but no dramatic new features yet.

Minoslas 12-17-2013 11:23 AM

Mil Mi-8 update preliminary changelog 1.2.7 Beta

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight
Added Mi-8 Spring Tension campaign EN and RU. Beta
Adjusted main rotor droop (underspeed) dynamics in the flight model
Implemented tailboom strike modeling
Installation of IR suppression devices will now reduce the helicopter’s IR signature and performance characteristics (slightly lower engine power output)
Implemented RI-65 voice warning system failure reporting (WIP)
RI-65 and autopilot stabilization channels will now be on by default when starting “hot”
Implemented ESBR (electrical bomb release control panel) functionality with all associated weapon systems modeling
Corrected the number of preset channels for the R-863 radio
Circuit breaker “bump plates” are now clickable and animated
UV-26 countermeasures dispenser will now indicate selection of port/starboard/both release modes
Added visual canopy damage effects in the cockpit
Numerous updates and corrections to elements of cockpit geometry, textures, and lighting
New custom sounds for numerous cockpit switches/controls, pilot blisters, cabin door, and engine start audio
Restored wheel brake volume level in the cockpit
Updated Autostart and Autostop scripts
Implemented airframe configuration panel in the Mi-8MTV2 Helicopter Group menu of the ME to control setting of engine IR suppression devices, weapon hardpoints, addon armor plates, and engine lifespan condition (WIP)
Added numerous new skins
Added command to toggle mirrors ([M])*
Expanded list of assignable joystick commands*

Minoslas 05-24-2015 06:15 PM

ED Tester Team put news about improvements and additions coming to the Mi-8, in that news talk about the automatic pilot improvement:

News MI8MTV2.
In this subject, I will spread the realized changes and additions to the Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight.

News No. 1.
Imitation of work of the flight mechanic, regarding fine tuning of the autopilot is realized.
Normal work of the autopilot is characterized by fluctuations of arrows "K", "T", on the (IN-4) trim indicator of the automatic flight control system, about neutral situation.

In case arrows "T" or "K" are near an emphasis, the crew chief station, at the command of the first pilot, is obliged to put them neutrally, handles of centering of channels of a list or pitch on the (AP-34B) autopilot control panel.

Fine tuning of the autopilot in game had to be done by means of teams or by means of a computer mouse manually, and also method of shutdown and the subsequent inclusion of the autopilot that distracted the user from flight process as the piloting user in game one for all. And in real, fine tuning of the autopilot, the crew member, free from piloting, carries out.
Now in game an additional option - the autopilot's auto-adjust. At activation by the user of an option - "AUTOPILOT ADJUSTMENT", fine tuning of indexes on the (IN-4) trim indicator of the automatic flight control system, to neutral situation, will be automatically carried out, without intervention of the user.

The team which can be adjusted on buttons of the keyboard or the pilot's handle is also entered into game. When pressing by the player, on the button on a pilot's cyclic control stick or a key - "Adjust Autopilot", fine tuning of indexes on (IN-4) trim indicator of the automatic flight control system, from any situation, before achievement on IN-4, neutral situation will begin indexes.

Thus, the first pilot MI8MTV2 , can not distract from the fundamental professional obligations now, and pay a maximum of attention to flight.

Minoslas 05-26-2015 05:09 PM

More news of the Mi-8 develop:

News No.2.
SARPP-12 system (System of Automatic Registration of Flight Data) now has animated panel. (System itself is NOT modeled)

System of Automatic Registration of Flight Data SARPP-12 enables registration and storage of flight data in normal and emergency flight conditions.
SARPP-12 is turned on by putting switch to "РУЧН" position. Alternatively with switch being in "АВТ" position SARPP-12 turns on only having pressure in main or auxiliary hydraulic systems, or upon activation of one of ajar switches located on shock struts of main gear after helicopter gets in the air.
The function of magnetic tape transport mechanism can be checked by presence of blinking green annunciator "САРПП РАБОТАЕТ" which together with "САРПП-12" switch is located on a left side panel in cockpit.
System to be powered on manually before engines start and powered off also manually after complete engines stop.
In simulator (game) only animation of SARPP-12 is implemented. No data registration or recording is present. :)

Minoslas 05-27-2015 07:04 PM

New system implemented

News No.3

Fully implemented model of KO-50 kerosene powered defroster.
KO-50 kerosene powered defroster is installed on a right hand side outside cargo compartment to the fore of fuel tank and is covered by special nacelle.

KO-50 kerosene powered defroster is designed to heat up the air supplied to helicopter compartments.

KO-50 controls are located at the pilots’ right electric board.

The TV-1 thermometer designated for control of air temperature in passengers’ compartment is located at the right dash board.

It’s recommended to turn on the KO-50 in “heating mode” having OAT/FAT below +10°C while engines running on the ground or using ground electric power, in flight at any time for except autorotation mode.

There are no limitations running KO-50 in “ventilation” mode.

1. Start up and usage of defroster in automatic temperature adjustment mode.
To start defroster in mentioned mode it is needed to:
1. Turn on DC power.
2. Turn on "KO-50" switch.
3. Set temperature selector to +30°С.
4. Set mode selector switch to "автомат"(auto) position.
5. Press and hold for 2–3 seconds the "запуск"(start) button.

Fuel preheater starts to function, a yellow annunciator panel “ПОДОГРЕВ ТОПЛИВА”(fuel preheating) lights up. When fuel temperature reaches 70 ±50°С (preheating time 35 ±15 seconds) fuel preheater turns off automatically, yellow annunciator panel “ПОДОГРЕВ ТОПЛИВА” goes dark. Simultaneously with fuel preheater shut down heater ignition and electric fan systems gets turned on. To annunciator panels lights up: yellow – “ЗАЖИГАНИЕ”(ignition), green – “ОБОГРЕВАТЕЛЬ РАБОТАЕТ НОРМАЛЬНО”(defroster functions normally). The annunciator panel “ЗАЖИГАНИЕ”(ignition) should go dark not later than after 2 minutes counting from "запуск"(start) button gets pressed. Defrosted is to be considered functioning when yellow annunciator panel “ЗАЖИГАНИЕ”(ignition) goes dark and green annunciator panel “ОБОГРЕВАТЕЛЬ РАБОТАЕТ НОРМАЛЬНО”(defroster functions normally) stays lit. After defroster start required temperature for helicopter compartments to be set using temperature selector switch.

2. Start up and usage of defroster in manual temperature adjustment mode.
Set “ЗАЛИВКА –ПОЛНЫЙ РЕЖИМ –СРЕДНИЙ РЕЖИМ”(priming – maximum mode – half mode) mode selector switch to “ПОЛНЫЙ РЕЖИМ”(maximum mode) position (having OAT/FAT lower than -13°С) or “СРЕДНИЙ РЕЖИМ”(half mode) (-13°С to +15°С).

To start defroster in mentioned mode it is needed to:
1. Turn on DC power.
2. Turn on "KO-50" switch.
3. Set temperature selector to any position.
4. Select “ПОЛНЫЙ РЕЖИМ –СРЕДНИЙ РЕЖИМ”(maximum mode - half mode) mode using switch located on a right dash board.
5. Set mode selector switch to "ручной"(manual) position.
6. Press and hold for 2–3 seconds the "запуск"(start) button.

Further equipment functioning it similar to start up in automatic mode.
Defroster function in ventilation mode.
When using defroster for cabin ventilation in summer time turn on KO-50 switch and “ВЕНТИЛ.”(fan) switch to on position.

Turning off KO-50 defroster.
To turn off defroster set mode selector switch to neutral position. Green annunciator panel “ОБОГРЕВАТЕЛЬ РАБОТАЕТ НОРМАЛЬНО”(defroster functions normally) goes dark. But fan still stays on. Air supplied by fan eliminates fuel from combustion chamber, cools down calorifier. Fan gets turned off by automatic temperature sensor when temperature of air coming from defroster drops below +50°C.

I wish You all to have a nice and warm flight in winter conditions! :)
Winter is coming on DCS: W 2?

Minoslas 05-28-2015 05:22 PM

Real example of how work the flight enginner and the Mi-8 autopilot

Video as the the flight engineer at the command of the first pilot adjusts to neutral positions using pitch and bank channels' centering handles on the (AP-34B) autopilot control panel. on take-off.

Minoslas 06-09-2015 03:59 PM

new system implemented incoming to the Mi-8


News No.4

«П-503Б» cockpit voice recorder is now animated («П-503Б» as a system is not implemented)

«П-503Б» cockpit voice recorder is designed for registration of information and special signals coming from radios' output channels or intercom on wire medium.
Voice recorder control is carried out from commander's pannel located on a left hand side electric console.

Voice recorder should be turned on before engines' start, turned off - after helicopter landing and complete engines' shut down.

Minoslas 06-10-2015 02:58 PM

Activiation of all circuit breakers Mi-8.

News No.5

Work is continued. Activated all circuit breakers.


Will be-

Minoslas 06-11-2015 05:44 PM

Operational signal colour rockets on the Mil Mi-8

News No.6

Signal flare system is now made fully operational..
Two ЭКСР-46 electrified signal flare cartridges are installed in left hand cargo bay aft door.

Every single cartridge contains four flares (red, green, yellow and white).
Flares gets activated from two «7П622» control consoles located on the left hand electric panel.

Console allows for single or burst (up to four) flare launch by pressing one or several corresponding console buttons. Before any operations with flares control panel circuit breakers АЗСГК-5 "РАКЕТЫ-СИРЕНА" on left hand overhead panel and 7П622 on flares’ panel should be turned on.

Now virtual pilot of Mi-8MTV2 can draw attention to himself by means of signal flares.


Minoslas 06-17-2015 10:49 AM

More updates to the Mi-8 incoming.

News No.7

Annunciator "СТВОРКИ ОТКРЫТЫ" (Cargo bay doors open) now functional.

Now red annunciator "СТВОРКИ ОТКРЫТЫ"

will warn You about cargo bay doors being opened.

And You'll never ever take off with cargo bay open. Unless it's not written in Your flight plan. :doh:

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