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Reece 11-04-2020 06:34 PM

All seems to be working again!! :Kaleun_Applaud:

Gerald 11-04-2020 06:44 PM :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up:

Catfish 11-05-2020 03:20 AM

All working again on my side, thank you!

Jimbuna 11-05-2020 06:56 AM

All back up and running like it says on the label but the one outstanding issue I have messaged you in the 'business' area.

Aktungbby 11-05-2020 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by ET2SN (Post 2703276)
Speaking on behalf of myself (and probably Aktungbby ), I completely approve of our new front page mascot.


The devil (gefallen engel) is in the details!:arrgh!:

mapuc 11-08-2020 03:18 PM

For me it has improved. Some issue I had with the older server is now gone.
Kept starting on same post(comment) when I returned after being away from this forum for some hours. Now I come to the latest comment in a thread when I return.

I had as many some smaller issue with the login


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