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CapPat 05-03-22 04:59 AM

How to find or take off password on .mup missions?
Hi all,

Trying to make some changes in MP-missions for DW+RA mod, but found, that some scenarios have a password protection

So, the questions are:

1. Can I found the author of this Scenario Pack here? To ask him for access?

If the p.1 is unable, so p.2:

2. How to take off password protection from .mup files?

Pack included


Aktungbby 05-03-22 08:43 AM

welcome aboard!

CapPat 05-04-22 01:06 AM


Originally Posted by Aktungbby (Post 2806843)


So, r there any ideas to find the way in my trouble?
Maybe there any links to those scenarios author?

I just wanted to make some changes in scenarios to add platforms & get em more playable with friends. Without any pretensions on copyrights lol

CapPat 05-13-22 04:21 AM


rentacow 08-20-22 12:19 PM

I feel your pain and think it's time that a way to crack passworded mission files is finally found after, what, 18 years? :wah:

Surely technology has come far enough that the average "gamer" PC could brute force whatever encryption is being used... in fact I have a theory that the password protected mission file output is not actually encrypted at all but simply compressed.

Here is my idea for finding a way to unlock missions:

Using a simple test mission file that has been saved twice. CopyA and CopyB. The actual contents of the mission is not important so long as they are exact copies of the same mission. CopyB has been saved with the password 123456.

CopyA using no password:

CopyB using the password 123456:

Now it may be possible to work backwards... which method can produce an output of copy A, given the input of copy B. Or a method which can output the password "123456" using copy B and, say, the mission briefing text. Maybe someone here is a mini-expert on compression algorithms can at least point us in the right direction.

rentacow 08-20-22 02:13 PM

I found a way to find the passwords

For your mission pack, so far I have:

These two seem to unlock many of the missions. There may be more. Passwords ARE case sensitive.

The password for the converted subcommand campaign, US side missions is DWX_146
Use the import function in the editor to access these with the password.


1) start CheatEngine and Dangerous Waters.
2) hook CE to dangerouswaters.exe
3) load this cheat table into cheat engine.
4) go into the DW mission editor and load the .mup file.
5) type something into the password field, then click the check mark to proceed.
6) CheatEngine now shows the password in the value field of the watched address.

Stewy1 08-20-22 06:26 PM

Congrats man! Well done!

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