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Molon Labe 05-23-21 04:25 PM

War in the Pacific AAR Thread - ML vs JFranzen
Hey Subsim,

I'm about to embark on my first War in the Pacific campaign against a human opponent. I kind of want to do an after-action report thread. Matrix games (the owners of WITP) have an AAR subforum, but Subsim feels a little more like home for me so I was thinking of doing it here.:subsim: I'm just not sure if anyone would read it.

For those that aren't familiar, WITP is a strategic-level sim of the Pacific theatre of WWII, so the campaign is essentially playing the entire war, 1 or 2 days at a time. Each turn consists of the players issuing their orders, then the sim carries those orders out and reports the results back to the players. An AAR thread would essentially become a story of an alternate history.

Aktungbby 05-23-21 04:52 PM

welcome back!
Molon Labe!:Kaleun_Salute:

Threadfin 05-24-21 10:55 AM

I'm a WitE player, so would follow this. I'm also on the Matrix boards and read the AARs there as well. I don't play WitP as I think it's a little too micro intensive, which is relative when we are talking about Grigsby's games isn't it?

But a well-written AAR of a campaign between two good and hopefully well-matched opponents can be entertaining indeed.

Repulse took a torpedo to the number two turret eh? That's gonna hurt :)

Molon Labe 05-24-21 02:53 PM

I just taxed that image from an AAR in the Matrix forums. My opponent is still writing his first turn orders.:arrgh!:

HunterICX 05-29-21 04:08 AM


Originally Posted by Molon Labe (Post 2749320)
I'm just not sure if anyone would read it.

as a WiTW player I probably check in once in a while to see the progress :up: looking forward to it.

Molon Labe 06-01-21 09:19 AM

The war has begun.

7 December 1941

My opponent opened with the traditional attack at Pearl Harbor plus several others, the biggest historical difference appears to be in the Philippines.
Starting with Pearl:

The strikes here outperformed the historical results, with no battleship left un-crippled or sunk, and plenty of attention given to the cruisers. The shipyard is overtasked and I'm going to be forced to send some of these ships east across sub-infested waters.

Airfield damage was relatively light, which is probably how he got the better ASUW results:
B-17E Fortress: 14 damaged
B-17E Fortress: 1 destroyed on ground
B-17D Fortress: 30 damaged
B-17D Fortress: 1 destroyed on ground
P-40B Warhawk: 18 damaged
P-40B Warhawk: 3 destroyed on ground
A-20A Havoc: 11 damaged
A-20A Havoc: 1 destroyed on ground
PBY-5 Catalina: 56 damaged
PBY-5 Catalina: 3 destroyed on ground
SBD-1 Dauntless: 21 damaged
B-18A Bolo: 7 damaged
B-18A Bolo: 1 destroyed on ground
C-33: 1 damaged
P-36A Mohawk: 1 damaged
R3D-2: 2 damaged
F4F-3 Wildcat: 1 damaged
F4F-3 Wildcat: 1 destroyed on ground
O-47A: 1 damaged
SOC-1 Seagull: 1 destroyed
OS2U-3 Kingfisher: 2 destroyed
These reports are "fogged" so the actual results are probably a bit worse for me--but I count 14 aircraft destroyed. His loss was at least 3 Vals and 3 Kates. The base itself only took about 10% damage, so I'll have no trouble getting a CAP up to meet any followup strikes.

While this was going on, a small group of destroyers (3 reported) approached Johnston Island, southwest of Pearl. As it turned out this was nearby the USS Lexington, whose SBDs spotted the attempted raid. The Lexington launched a strike of SBDs, scoring hits on 2 DDs--one is confirmed sunk, and it's likely the other will join it.

My opponent launched sweeps over Manila and Clark Field, shooting down 4 defending fighters for no losses. These were followed by strikes, damaging the destroyer Pope in port and damaging most of the B-17s at Clark; he also shot down another 5 defending P-40s.

My opponent's ground operations in the Philippines included the traditional landing at Bataan Island--hey, it's a "free" size 2 airfield to base fighters on--but there have not been any landings on Luzon proper. What was interesting was that a bunch of ground units popped up in 5 empty bases all over Luzon--I presume these are paratroops. The landing at Bayombong along the road north probably means I won't be able to evacuate or reinforce the rifle battalion near Appari, and the southernmost landing at Boac threatens to cut the rail lines to a likely landing site in Legaspi.

Japan launched airstrikes on Georgetown harbor (in the strait), and Kuantan airbase. The Georgetown raid wrecked 5 transports at harbor--good thing I wasn't planning on evacuating by boat anyway. A fighter sweep over Georgetown took out 5 defending fighters for 1 zero lost. The Kuantan strike hurt-the airbase was damaged to 44%, with 5 a/c destroyed on the ground and 20 more damaged. Flak claimed a Sally for their trouble.

Local British forces attempted to counterattack, but were turned away with 2 Hudson bombers shot down.

Japanese marines landed in Kota Baru with at least 14,000 troops, plus armor support.

Air raids on Hong Kong damaged 7 cargo ships at in port and damaged the airbase to 35%. There was also an ineffective torpedo bomber attack against a few destroyers on patrol. Japanese light bombers made raids in Pengpu (eastern China near Nanking) and near Kiukiang (frontline) with minimal results. As for me, I started with Ichang mostly surrounded--I hit it with an air raid from Chungking to soften it up, but got little results and a bunch of bombers grounded with holes all over them for my trouble (edit: 3 bombers crashed on the way back, and a fourth had to be scrapped due to damage).

This is as good a place as any to mention Guam was also attacked by floatplanes of all things, and surprising no one they didn't hit anything.

Strategically, there wasn't much for me to do for the next turn other than pick up the pieces. Malaya and Luzon should really heat up tomorrow--I'm especially interested in seeing what kind of results my surviving B-17s can get. Logistically, there are a ton of ships on the move now, mostly to start setting up supply lines, and a ton of fortifications being built. My subs have all put to sea, focusing on interdicting likely troop transport lanes. I'm also gathering surface forces outside the reach of his Betties with the hope of finding opportunities to hit-and-run as he pushes south. I'm not happy about the Lexington revealing itself (and the Enterprise isn't far from it), but I should have time for them to run away before the Kido Butai can find them. For now, I want my CVBGs on the sidelines.

Molon Labe 06-02-21 01:29 AM

8 December 1941

This was an ugly turn as the IJN pulled several unexpected plays and as the submarine forces jumped in... very much favoring Japan.

Pearl Harbor Area
Overnight, a task force of DMSs led by a heavy cruiser cleared out the last, crippled DD out of Johnston.

Then, the submarine I-16 managed to intercept the Enterprise CVBG. Attacking from long range to avoid the screening destroyers, it fired a full 8 torpedoes, striking the Enterprise once. Miraculously, the hit did almost no damage, I guess it hit the very tip of the bow or something (no torpedo blister until 1942 upgrade).

The Kido Butai moved off from its position north of Pearl to the southwest, apparently pursuing the Lexington and Enterprise. This left it in range of Pearl as the sun rose. It launched a Val strike at extreme range against Lahaina. Only 3 fighters from the Pearl CAP were able to respond--and were overwhelmed. One Texan was shot down. The Vals hit 2 AGs, 2 tankers, and a cargo ship with little 60kg bombs, sinking one AG and TK each, and the other 3 are still burning.

Pearl itself was also hit again--but just by Zeroes, with no bombers. There was a severe storm in the area--perhaps the Kates got separated and turned back? The Zeroes claimed 8 P-36s and 2 P-40s for only one loss. The downside to the Japanese about staying in range of Pearl, though, was that we had a chance to strike back. Unfortunately we mostly just have level bombers there, which I thought have been wasted on their CAP, so I ordered them to stand back and stand by. But I had one squadron of 14 SBDs. So they went out with a ridiculously oversized fighter escort because I forgot to set several squadrons to CAP (20 P-36, 55 P-40, 8 F4F, and 3 Texans). There were only 18 Zeroes on CAP, but they managed to claim 5 P-36s and an SBD with only one loss. The SBDs attacked the cruiser Chikuma (what the hell, man?) and the Hiryu, but missed. Hiryu's gunners claimed one more SBD.

Malaya/Burma/South China Sea
Overnight, minesweepers cleared out 13 mines in Singapore harbor. They'd disarm another 28 over the course of the day. There were also night air raids against Rangoon (sinking 1 HDML) and Georgetown (light airbase damage)

I had ordered a few transports to try to evacuate British base forces from Miri and Brunei. One of these transports was intercepted and sunk by the submarine I-158 before arriving.

In the morning, Japan raided Singapore harbor with unescorted Betties; these were routed by defending Buffalos and Blenhiem fighters, with 5 kills claimed. A major raid struck Kuantan airbase - 47 Sallies escorted by 27 Nates. We opposed that with 10 Buffalos, so a slapfight between obsolete fighters ensued. Neither sides fighters could hurt the other, but a few of my fighters got through to claim a Sally. The Sallies did moderate damage to the already bombed-out base. A sweep of 6 Oscars arrived later--apparently a scheduling SNAFU--which splashed another Buffalo. In the afternoon, 7 Oscars swept Singapore, taking out 5 Buffalos and a Blenhiem IF for only one loss. A massive raid of 39 Lilys hit the hapless defenders in Kota Baru, ensuring the success of the land battle below. More Sallies hit Kuantan again, unescorted, but it didn't matter because we weren't able to get a significant CAP up between losses and airfield damage.

I put a little bit of pressure on him with strikes of my own. 9 Blenhiem Is hit the landing site at Kota Baru, causing light casualties to the troops while losing 3 bombers to patrolling Nates. We also hit ships landing in Patani with a raid of 6 Blenhiem IVs and 7 Swordfish torpedo bombers (equipped with bombs, apparently my air HQ had not yet acquired torpedoes as ordered). Buffalo escorts took out a defending Nate, and the Swordfish managed to hit two troop-carrying cargo ships, causing significant casualties. They'll have torpedoes ready to go tomorrow.

The IJN closed out the day with another unescorted Betty raid against Singapore harbor. The CAP was diminished by the earlier sweeps that they got through and took a run at the HMS Repulse, but missed. (Task Force Z is laying low in harbor, I'll send them out to wreck **** up if I can keep them under air cover when they go) One Betty was splashed.

Allied forces are in full Sir Robin mode in Malaya, except for a few units serving as delaying forces. All aircraft still flying have evacuated Kuantan. Georgetown and Alor Star to the north are still operating but that won't last long.

Minesweepers found the expected sub-laid minefield outside Manila and got to work. The first ship through, a cargo ship evacuating Manila, was torpedoed once it got clear of the minefield. The Japanese submarine, not satisfied with a single torpedo hit, came back to hit the ship with two more fish to guarantee a kill. Fortunately, this ship wasn't loaded with troops. Our luck would not hold after sunrise.

Asiatic fleet boats attempted 3 attacks on invasion forces around San Fernando, all three missed despite minimal ASW protection with any of these convoys.

The air war over Manila became ferocious. Zero sweeps got at 8 P-40s and 2 P-26s while losing only one of their own. We hit back when the bombers arrived, though, taking out 7 escorting Zeroes and 2 Nates while only losing 2 P-40s. The bombers hitting the airfields and ports were mostly ineffective. And I got a gift when Sallys and Lilys arrived without escorts--we got nine of them. But strikes against ships trying to evacuate were more successful. A task force evacuating the Cavite Base Force was targeted by three raids; one transport was torpedoed by a Betty and is on fire and at risk of sinking. The AV Langley, trying to set up a temporary seaplane base and eventually evac some scout planes, was also hit and returned to port.

Adding injury to, well, more injury, a CVL entered the Celebes and interdicted US and Dutch surface forces where they were trying to form up. The Dutch cruiser De Ruyter and US destroyer Bankert were torpedoed by Kates and sunk. The "good" news is the most likely CVL here, the Ryujo, only carries 27 torpedoes, and it just used up 24. Also, my surface forces have now formed up and are under friendly air cover. The bad news is the default task force for her has 3 CAs and 6 DDs (my scouts report this formation as 9 CAs, for whatever that's worth), so even if I can get close enough for a slugfest it probably won't go my way. Maybe I could get lucky with the B-17s? Nah, Ryujo's top speed is 29 knots, they won't hit it.

Speaking of B-17s, the raids I had been looking forward to fizzled. In the north, I bombed a captured airbase that I expected to house enemy fighters, but it was empty. In the south, my mission was scrubbed due to weather.

I didn't think they could move a full hex in a day, but that paratrooper unit that landed along the rail line to Legaspi/Naga has already moved north a hex and severed the line. More paratroops landed in Mabuan, right next to Manila--well, that gives the troops I was going to send to Naga something else to do. Yet more paratroops took Vigan, and a force of just 91 paratroops kicked the 491 troops of the 3rd/12 PA battalion out of Tuguegarao. I guess that's what happens to troops with low morale and experience when they get surprised by razors.

Java Sea
Possibly the most unexpected development was the presence of 4 Japanese DDs in the Java sea. They blundered into another surface group (2 CL 2DD to start, 2CL 5DD later) that I was assembling in what I thought was a rear area, getting into three separate fights throughout the day. We concentrated our hits better: two IJN destroyers were badly damaged (I suspect one will sink), while we have one DD with fires burning out of control and several ships with light damage. Very disappointing considering how outgunned we had them, but, at least we got some low-risk gunnery experience.

Everywhere else
A night raid against Changhsa airbase took out a bomber on the ground. I raided Ichang again (a mistake, I should have allowed them to recover from yesterday).
Wake was raided by Nells, which was ineffective.
Makin Island was invaded and taken without resistance.
Zeroes from Takao swept random Chinese bases (looking for the AVG?)
IJA took Pengu.

I can't help but notice that no marines have showed up in Guam or Wake yet. I wonder where they'll turn up. The damaged PBYs at Pearl are starting to get repaired, I may be able to forward deploy some patrol squadrons and get a better picture soon.

Definitely a bad day for the Allies, but it could have been a lot worse.

Threadfin 06-02-21 08:22 AM

Good reports, thanks for taking the time. I've done many AARs and I know they take a lot of time to put together.

One of the things that appeals to me about Grigsby's games is seeing how I can change history by err, changing history and not making the same mistakes force commanders did in the war.

So concentrate your fleet boats in Formosa strait :)

Good luck commander!

Molon Labe 06-02-21 08:57 AM


Originally Posted by Threadfin (Post 2750806)
Good reports, thanks for taking the time. I've done many AARs and I know they take a lot of time to put together.

One of the things that appeals to me about Grigsby's games is seeing how I can change history by err, changing history and not making the same mistakes force commanders did in the war.

So concentrate your fleet boats in Formosa strait :)

Good luck commander!

Thanks. I was just reading in the Matrix AAR threads that "you always miss something." Well, I missed the CAPs at Pearl right after I said I'd have enough CAP! Which led to that crazy Dauntless raid. Didn't quite change history but we came pretty close.

Funny you should mention the strait. I've got a lot of boats heading to choke points around Taiwan right now, but I'm actually thinking about turning four of those boats back. Those 3 submarine attacks that missed their targets yesterday targeted at least two different convoys that look like they're about to land in San Fernando. It looks like they're using minelayers as their primary ASW protection. I've got 11 boats in that hex right now, mostly traveling to other places. Shouldn't hurt too much if I keep a few there to take some potshots, I just wish I thought of it before turning my 12/9 orders in. EDIT:: NOPE! Our scouts have detected several TBs in that group. Those actually carry the deep-reaching depth charges, which makes that convoy one of the best ASW-capable units on the board.

Molon Labe 06-02-21 10:55 AM

You ever play realtime strategy games where the first thing your opponent does is build defensive towers near your base and resource areas?

I think that's what's going on with Johnston. For two consecutive days, SigInt has reported troop movements to Johnston--first the 144th Inf Regiment, then a construction unit. The 144th? That's usually one of the Guam assaulters. And that's in the direction the KB is moving out of the area through, so the landing would have air cover. If they have torpedo bombers operating out of there this early, it would be a problem. Seems chancy though, I can carpet bomb the hell out of it with B-17s from Pearl, even if they put fighters there, they won't be up to the challenge of stopping the Flying Fortress. And the air HQs that equip planes torpedoes are very valuable. It's entirely possible he has his units "prepping" for Johnston to send false intel to me so that they can show up somewhere else by surprise.

HunterICX 06-03-21 04:45 AM

Great write up :up:

Looks like you had to endure quite some punches and slaps in the face in the wake of his opening turns but still manage to lash out which hopefully makes him sweat a little.

Keep it up commander.

Threadfin 06-03-21 09:32 AM


Originally Posted by Molon Labe (Post 2750832)
For two consecutive days, SigInt has reported troop movements to Johnston--first the 144th Inf Regiment, then a construction unit. The 144th?

That's very bold, if it isn't deception. If that construction battalion builds an airfield there Pearl is in peril. How can the Japanese supply it? Seems easy to cut that move off, but I haven't played WitP so not sure how that works. In WitE such a lunge would be punished, unsustainable.

I'm curious if you had any opportunity to redeploy forces prior to hostilities? For example did you have the option to disperse the B-17 fleet in the Philippines before bombs rained down?

Looking forward to more.

Molon Labe 06-03-21 11:01 AM

9 December 1941

The IJN aggressively interdicts evacuation attempts while the air campaigns in Luzon and Manila start to tip.

My minesweepers still have't finished clearing the Manila harbor entrance. A small IJN SCTF intercepted and sank 3 cargo ships that had escaped Hong Kong and were passing south to the west of Luzon. An enemy sub also picked off an AKL loaded with fuel for Cebu to the south--other ships on similar missions would follow. Asiatic fleet boat S-38 because our first sub to get a kill, sinking a subchaser off Laoag. The Porpoise, Seadragon, Seawolf, and Swordfish also attempted a attacks there, but were chased off by...subchasers. S-41 attempted an attack at Aparri.

The expected landing at San Fernando happened, with at least 631 AV worth of troops coming ashore. Presumably, support troops were landing at Laoag.

The Dutch submarine O20 arrived on station off Cam Rahn Bay and immediately got to work, sinking a light cargo ship loaded with troops. The captain then got cocky and tried to chase down a larger, more heavily armed cargo ship, only to find out the AK's guns outranged his own. He aborted after taking two hits. This would draw a response from area destroyers, and the O20 got into a game of cat and also cat against the IJN Yomogi, trading misses with each other. The USS Perch tried to join in on the fun with a failed attack on a destroyer-transport.

In the air, the Japanese switched tactics. The bombers were going unescorted, they counted on sweeps to clear the air in advance. It worked. (There were also far less sorties). Zeroes brushed aside the CAP at Clark, trading 3 A6Ms for 7 P40s. Fortunately, the Lillies that followed were too high up to do any real damage. I lost just one P-40 on the ground. On my end, the B-17s dissapointed again. I managed to get 8 in the air to attack the fighter base on Bataan Island--they got through but only did minor damage. And the southern strikes were aborted due to weather for the 3rd day in a row.

What I assume are the last of the paratroopers dropped unto a superior Philippine Army unit in Cantabuan--this time, instead of routing the inexperienced PA soldiers, they were wiped out completely by them. It was was just 70 guys, but I'll take it.

Malaya, Rangoon, and West Java Sea
Malaya was very much the same story as Luzon--we're losing the air war and evacuating ships are getting picked off. Minesweeping continued in the morning. To the south, Japanese submarines had a turkey shoot near Batavia, claiming two tenders intended to set up a PT boat base, 2 AKLs carrying fuel to small bases, damaging a transport evacuating to Cape Town, and missing a transport headed to Miri for evacuations.
*Image should say 12/9, not 12/10.
I've ordered some patrol aircraft over to try to sanitize this area. Also, 4 destroyers intended to round out a SCTF to compliment Force Z (I've been calling it Force Y) are being reassigned to try to chase down whatever the seaplanes find. It's a shame my DDs near Surabaya got so shot up, they would have been my first choice to respond.

I had a much larger group of transports trying to evacuate Kuching (4 AP, 1 AK), they were interdicted and wiped out by a SCTF of 4 DD and 4 CA. This was a covering force for an invasion fleet, so my attempt at evacuation was too late anyway. At least 165 AV worth of troops came ashore. Blenheims from Singapore attempted to bomb the transports, to no effect.

Likewise in Luzon, the air campaign switched to unescorted raids. It didn't work as well here as Luzon. I lost 4 Buffalos over Singapore with no local payback. The Buffalos are simply being outmatched, numerically and qualitatively, by the Oscars. But Buffalos on CAP over Kuala Lumpur got a crack at the unescorted bombers pummeling the smoking hole in the ground that once was Kuantan airbase. We got at least 6 of them. IJAAF bombers also tallied another HDML with a night raid on Rangoon, softened up Georgetown a bit with another, and light bombers took out an evacuating AKL in the strait. My Blenheims tried to hit Kota Baru, but were routed by Oscars. ASW air patrols spotted just about every Dutch sub that I placed off Indochina to pick off Malaya reinforcements, so I'm expecting those convoys are just going to avoid the trap tomorrow. Patrols spotted ships off Kuantan--looks like they're ready to land troops and take it.

Celebes Sea, Makassar Strait, and East Java Sea
The Ryujo CVBG did what's called a pro-gamer move, hauling ass out of the Celebes Sea and parking off Balikpapan, where it used its last 3 torpedoes to take out a minelayer. It passed an AVP on the way, which managed to report an accurate composition of her escorts: 3CA, 11DD. Not worth trying to gun down. Scout spotted two more task forces approaching Manado from the east--probably troops followed by airplane mechanics.
Another CVL is entering the Celebes Sea from the East. It sank some evacuating AKLs with Vals (which I think is poor form, AFAIK the IJN light carriers couldn't carry Vals).

Near Surabaya, I had the worst damaged two ships in my SCTF return for repairs, sending 1CL and 3DD back to hunt the 4 enemy DDs. The found the two healthy ones (did the damaged ones both sink?) Another disappointing round of shelling saw one enemy DD blazing with flames, but all 3 of my DDs were hit, one quite badly.

-Hong Kong suffered serious damage in an air raid. Zeroes from Takao are doing sweeps there. In theory, I could provide some support from the AVG there, just not sure it's worth it.
-KB launched an Alpha strike against Johnston ground forces. There's nothing there of value to hit. I don't get it.
-Jap marines landed in Tarawa, capturing it without resistance
-A minesweeper evacuating Guam blundered into a troop convoy (10 merchies, 2 DD, 1 CM) north of Papua New Guinea. They didn't report a heading. My guess is they're headed for Rabaul; it's too big to commit to the north coast of PNG, and they're too far east to be headed for the southern Philippines.
-4 ships were spotted entering the Bismark Sea. I'm tempted to try to interdict such an apparently small force, but except for a few spotted covering the Malaya landings, the Japanese battleship fleet has been absent. This would be a good place for them to make an appearance.

Today was the first and only day so far that Japan lost more aircraft than me--26 to 14. 14 of the Japanese losses were medium bombers.
But, fighter losses aren't going my way (to 14 to 6), and whichever way the fighters go, the bombers will follow, so I'm not counting this as a good result.

10 December is going to be an aggressive turn for me. Except for the subs that got spotted that are going to be more focused on evasion than attacking, most of the forces that I set up to make a move are now in position, and have targets available. It's just a question of whether I get away with it. I think putting the Ryujo deep into the Makassar Strait with no torpedoes and ALL THE SURFACE COMBATTANTS left stretched him thin in the Celebes Sea, enough that I'm willing to risk some surface assets. And it is risky--I'll be potentially exposed to 2 CVLs (CVL #2 in particular with Zeroes and Vals on board is a problem) and Betties. But, my ships are fast enough to hit their target before sunrise, the Betties are at the extreme limit of their range, and the evacuating ships moving through the area will probably draw some attention. If the air strike still happens, I have land-based fighters providing cover so at least I'll put up a fight. And lets face it, if Manado becomes a Betty base, my SCTFs in this area are pretty much trapped. It's time for them to leave, and as it happens their targets are in the same direction as their escape route...

Molon Labe 06-03-21 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by Threadfin (Post 2750959)
That's very bold, if it isn't deception. If that construction battalion builds an airfield there Pearl is in peril. How can the Japanese supply it? Seems easy to cut that move off, but I haven't played WitP so not sure how that works. In WitE such a lunge would be punished, unsustainable.

I'm curious if you had any opportunity to redeploy forces prior to hostilities? For example did you have the option to disperse the B-17 fleet in the Philippines before bombs rained down?

Looking forward to more.

Great question! The way "December 7th Surprise" mode is set up, the Japanese have several task forces that get a huge movement boost on the first day, effectively allowing them to show up just about anywhere. This lets the Japanese player experiment with different openings. As for the Allies though, the AI throttles CAP and airstrikes on 12/7 way down. We're otherwise free to issue normal orders to our forces, so we could in theory move squadrons around.

But there are two other considerations. First, many units are "restricted", meaning they aren't allowed to-rebase outside of certain commands. The Philippine Islands B-17s are partially restricted, meaning I'm allowed to "buy" them with Political Points and then rebase them at will. This system allows commanders some flexibility to move units to ahistorical areas but limits how much you can do it. The other consideration is my own play style. In the spirit of the December 7 surprise, I voluntarily chose not to issue orders to Allied units on the first turn, with the exception of China (they were already at war), the Lexington and Enterprise (it would suck if the KB blew them away in the first week-they need to get far away from Pearl) and ordering rear-area squadrons to start training pilots.

I'm fairly sure Johnston is a feint. The only way it makes any sense is if he bases torpedo bombers there, that takes an AirHQ. Japan starts with too few AirHQs to cover the space they want, losing one here just means he has to pick some other critical area where the Betties are only carrying bombs and can't do their jobs properly.

Threadfin 06-04-21 08:05 AM

If that is indeed a feint using deceptive sigint I'm impressed. That's a neat thing that adds gobs to a campaign like this, as you sift through it all and try to divine which is legit and which is intended to deceive.

I have not played WitP as I said, but I'd be looking to minimize losses during the retreat. I assume you have no real shot at holding anything north of Java, and even Java must be too much with your measly forces. But that's the beauty of this sort of alternate history. Maybe you will hold Java, and kick of the counterattack from there.

Good luck commander. Give 'em hell!

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