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File Name: R.S.D.- Reworked Submarine Damage v5.7.1 (4.31 MB) Download
Author: Vecko (vdr1981) (Uploaded by vdr1981)
Date Added: 09-15-13
Downloads: 4050
Grade: B+

R.S.D.- Reworked Submarine Damage

Submarine sinking mechanic - No instant death - Equipment damage modeling

v5.7.1 Modifications:
- Fixed small oversight in upcge files which was preventing player to chose torpedo type for after torp. tube while in the bunker.
[New campaign is needed for changes to take place]

v5.7 Modifications:
- Added damage for bow and stern torpedo tubes and simulated damage for TDC. When TDC is destroyed completely, this will prevent player to use torpedoes until next visit to the home port.
- Revised flotability values for individual compartments. Compartment flotabilty values and flooding times will simulate two pressure tight bulkheads (between radio/command room and between command room/aft.quarters ) and 3 water tight bulkheads (bow torp/radio room, aft.quarters/eng,room and This means that once engine room water tight bulkheads are destroyed (aka Engine Room Compartment ), two neighboring compartments are also going to be filled with water, gradually.
- Revised HP values for the equipment.
- Modified values for depth charges.
Enable it next time when you starting new carrier.

v5.6 Modifications:
- Damage menu slightly rearranged, new designations for certain equipment.
- Reduced HP and increased collision zones for submarine's external equipment.
- Deck gun and AA guns without armored shield will be much more vulnerable to enemy fire in order to simulate crew exposure.
- Slightly reduced HP and armor values for sub's compartments and various equipment.
- Fully compatible with OHII 2.5 and IRAI_0_0_41
New campaign is needed for changes to take place.

v5.5 Modifications:
- Added damage slots for Variable Ballast Tanks, bow and stern Buoyancy Tanks and the Main Ballast Tank 3 located bellow command room floor. Once destroyed (Variable Ballast Tanks), function of Variable Ballast Tanks Pump will also be collapsed thus making maintaining desired depth more difficult. Surfacing the boat and maintaining depth with destroyed Pump will only be possible with usage of compressed air and underwater propulsion. Destroyed Buoyancy Tanks will slightly effect sub's up/down pitching ability while submerged...
- Reworked repair times logic for Electric engines with short time periods of reduced output strength(simulating broken fuses).
- Flotability values for submarine compartments are now based on real Type VIIC compartments volume data and flooding speeds are directly related to compartment size...
- Adjusted damage values and blast range for DC.
- Destroyers wont lose their DC racks anymore, when taking damage...
- Optional patch - Correct German names for the equipment (Credits to ShipersHunter!)
- KDB receivers will suffer critical damage if submerged deeper than 110-120 meters...
[Under construction]
New campaign is needed.

v5.4 Modifications:
- Fixed torpedo screen bug
- Damage menu functionally rearranged, regarding equipment's purpose.
- Removed incorrectly placed connecting lines form submarine pictures (Tnx GAP! )
- Rongel's changes for equipment.upc also fixes older bug when player couldn't select desired camouflage for submarine. Tumb Up Rongel!
- Added irreparable "hull integrity" for every individual compartment
- Red distress flare effect "turned on" again
- Revised HP/AP and repair times settings for the equipment
- Used different repair logic for submarine batteries, batteries are repairable but only certain percentage of their capacity can be retrieved. In other words, crew can repair only what's left of batteries...
- Save bug even more subdued with introduction of newly added savable zones which will act like "damage collectors" . This effects equipment which shouldn't be repairable at open seas, like planes, rudders, Shafts, GHG/ Balkon Great receivers ect.
New campaign is needed.

V5.3 Modifications:
- Adjusted position for hyd.sensor damage zone

V5.2 Modifications:
- Included Gap's "destroyable GHG patch"! Now all hydrophones can be destroyed. TNX Gap!
And,as always...New campaign is needed.

V5 Modifications:
- Hydrophone will now take damage and this will effect player ability to use it. At this stage, only KDB9 will be completely destructible.
- Reworked damage menu, added new slots for KDB hyd. receivers, rudders, propellers and various antennas.
- Damage levels for most of the equipment will now be property shown and calculated in damage menu, except for some flak guns, depending on which upgrade pack you have on board...Yet, they will still take damage...
- Added slots for every individual compartment which will show current state of the pressure hull (flooding intensity).
- Correct German names for equipment in damage menu(Tnx SnipersHunter!)! Don't panic, technical description is still in English...
- Added textures from awesome Nauticalwolf's_Damage_and_Torpedo_UI(b)_Mod which will much better suit with reworked damage menu.(If you already use this mod, uninstall it)
- Introduced new damage description for engines and batteries, with level of 10%, in the attempt to simulate unrepairable levels of damage .
- Save bug somewhat subdued by linking external equipment with their internal stations (radars,hydrophones)
- Added collision spheres for external equipment(antennas, prop.,rudders, planes), this should contribute better damage calculation...
New campaign is needed.

V4 Modifications:
- Added destructible Radars and RWR antennas
- Revised HP and armor settings for some equipment
- Overall submarine strengths set to 1000HP, this way max dive depth of the submarine will be more effected by amount of damage.
New campaign is needed.

V3 Modifications:
- Added destructible radio antenna
- Fixed/added radio room/aft compartment flooding effect
- Adjusted DC damage values, destroyers taking significantly less damage then before yet depth charges are very dangerous. (i should do this before but somehow i uploaded wrong file, sry)
New campaign is needed.

V2 modifications:
- Added 10000HP for type VIIa
- Corrected path for UPC files
- Further adjusted HP and armor settings for equipment
New campaign is needed.

V1 modifications:
- Completely reworked damage zones for all playable submarines(boxes, armor, hitpoints).
- Quarters1 damage zone removed from u-boat's .zon files but ubtradioroom is increased to meed submarine 3D model boundaries. This cause lack of flooding animation in radio room but it will be fixed in next update. Note that quarters2 (aft quarters, kitchen) zone is still present but there is no any flooding indication in game damage menu yet animation is present.
- Various submarine equipment now can take damage and be destroyed (periscopes, UZO, rudders, dive planes, propeller shafts, deck gun, flak, bold launchers). Some equipment, like rudders and propellers, will lose their efficiency gradually and this will effect submarine performance.
- Increased hitpoins values for certain interior equipment (like diesel and electric engines so they wont take so much damage from outside and lower caliber guns).
- Further adjusted repair times for various submarine equipment so do not expect that engines and batteries perform like new after they receive damage...
- Anti ecological fix - Added fuel tanks, fuel can be lost...
- Increased sub armor to 13cm so that internal equipment won't be so vulnerable to lower caliber guns .
- Reduced compartments hitpoins down to 50
- Adjusted DC strength to meet new submarine hull settings, DC will now be very fearful and destroyers will take less damage from their own DC.
- Instant Death feature is abandoned, now submarine will be destroyed as a result of individual compartment's flooding. (In short, 1or 2 direct hits from large calibers to individual compartment will cause significant flooding and you wont be able to dive, in fact you will, but that wont bring any good. One destroyed and flooded compartment wont cause sub to sink but two will (surface)...Under the water ,situation is little bit different, most of the time blow ballast is only solution. Unfortunately , white flag wont help you if destroyer or anything with deck gun is near...)
- Flotability values for individual compartments also drastically increased so flooded compartments will cause submarine sinking, better watch for compressed air...
- Flooding repair times drastically increased

This mod uses files from and it's fully compatible with following mods (in this particular order) :
- Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_v1_4_byTheBeast
- Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_v1_4_Patch_1
- #Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_v1_4_Patch_1_HotFix
- Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_v1_4_Patch_1 (available by date) V9 by sober
- SH5 Longer Repairs v.1.01
- FX_Update_0_0_22_ByTheDarkWraith
- NewUIs_TDC_7_4_2_TheDarkWraith (works fine with 7.5.0 also)
- IRAI_0_0_41
- OPEN HORIZONS II_full v2.5
I will do my best to maintain compatibility with newer versions of this mods.

- JSGME ready, use some of the currently active mod mod lists as reference (Sober, Fifi , Shyzle) and install mod after previously mentioned mods, try to maintain order from above.
- Do not overwrite any R.S.D. file with some other mod, each file is crucial.
- Be careful if you overwriting some other mod which is not included in the list above.

R.S.D. Hints:
- Avoid direct fire at any cost, your life is more precious then tonnage counter...
- Although small calibers won't cause much damage to your pressure hull, outside equipment like UZO,periscopes and various antennas are very vulnerable to direct hits, so make sure to crash dive before enemy open fire at you...
- Most of the time, when you are submerged and significant flooding is present in more then one compartment, often the only solution is to blow ballast and brake the surface.
- Watch for compressed air, without it even smaller flooding can be lethal...
- Use underwater propulsion if you have troubles to maintain depth or if you wont to surface the boat when flooding is present. Full speed forward/backward could be very helpful, depending of current submarine pitch...

Current issues:
- Unfortunately, you need to start new campaign or this mod won't work properly .
- We still can't find solution for torpedo tubes damage. (Solved since v5.7)
- Some damages aren't savable
- Clicking on UZO station after it's been destroyed (binoculars removed from the game) will cause strange camera behavior or even CTD sometimes, so don't do it... If you really "must" to click it, go to save-load many, make save, and return to game without reloading.This should help...
- Making "deploy decoys" command immediately after decoy launcher's destruction will sometimes cause CTD so be careful with this one too...
- At this stage, damage levels for certain equipment is not property calculated in game damage menu. (Solved since v5)

************************************************** *****************************************

* R.S.D. & R.E.M. - GHG Hydrophone add-on
Available in two versions:
- normal: three depth/detection ranges as per R.E.M. settings; target detection on surface limited but still possible.
- no hyd on surface: three depth/detection ranges as above, but with target detection unabled on surface.
Enable it after R.S.D. - main mod.

* R.S.D. - Depth Charges Fix_attempt 1
- Attempt No1 to finally beat infamous SH5 bug. This patch aims to preserve realistic DC range settings and to drastically reduce destroyer's self-inflicted damage.
Install in port after main R.S.D. mod

* R.S.D. v5.7 - German Patch
- For better immersion, this patch will add correct German designations for the U-Boat equipment. Technical and General description areas are still written in English...
Enable it after R.S.D. - main mod. Start new campaign. Screenshots
and me...

* R.S.D. v5.7 - Russian Patch
- Для более лучшего погружения в игру, этот патч добавит правильные Русские обозначения для оборудования Подводной лодки. Техническое и общее описание тоже написаны на Русском языке...Установите с помощью JSGME после главного мода R.S.D.
Konstantin Kenga имя на форуме - Kenga
Enable it after R.S.D. - main mod. Start new campaign.

* R.S.D. v5.7 - Indestructible UZO patch
- Because of the known bug with strange camera behavior if you accidentally click on UZO station after it's been destroyed I'll upload small optional patch which will make UZO actually indestructible. Personally, I don't use this patch...
Install in port. Enable it after R.S.D. - main mod.
************************************************** *****************************************

Special thank's to Gap who doesn't save his time and keyboard while helping me in the research. Tnx mate, without your help i would still be stuck at first base!
R.S.D.- Reworked Submarine Damage v5.7.1 by vdr1981 on 09-15-13

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01-31-15 at 05:54 PM
After small update, no problem with snorkel ! Thank you Vecko !
10-16-13 at 06:11 PM
Will it work on the short mission thing?
10-18-13 at 03:34 PM
You are the best TY VECKO
01-31-15 at 07:45 AM
Problem with snorkel, if U-Boat equiped with snorkel, if any damage game crash... I try lot of combinations, but problem still persist If no snorkel, all works fine Any ideas ?
12-03-13 at 07:43 PM
Thank you for this nice mod
12-18-14 at 03:30 AM
Excellent mod. Thanks for the hard work on this vdr1981. <S>
05-03-15 at 09:54 AM
i hope theres no intsant death
11-23-18 at 05:40 AM
04-07-19 at 11:33 PM
wait how does one get snorkel to work i cant get it up .... anyhow the older for it is missing now it doesnt show up
Mon Homme
03-18-23 at 05:21 AM

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