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File Name: Update HUE Patch 3.11.1 (55.68 MB) Download
Author: AGSI (Uploaded by Herman)
Date Added: 01-10-2013
Downloads: 28
Grade: Not Rated
This comprehensive update adds in an updated Database, perfect for scenario creators and editors to tailor their scenarios to their choosing with more variety. The update also fixes and improves the Boarding and Takeover feature for those daring players that bring the fight to their enemies in the water just that much closer! Other additions include a new victory condition that requires the possession of certain units, which works similar to the Protect Unit victory condition.
Update HUE Patch 3.11.1 by Herman on 01-10-2013
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01-10-2013 at 07:45 PM
After 3.7.0 Release: (080 Issues reported)
After 3.8.0 ..Patch: (080 Issues - 34 Fixed + 088 New) = 134 Issues
After 3.9.0 ..Patch: (134 Issues - 31 Fixed + 068 New) = 171 Issues
After 3.9.2 ..Patch: (171 Issues - 15 Fixed + 035 New) = 191 Issues
After 3.9.3 ..Patch: (191 Issues - 19 Fixed + 015 New) = 187 Issues
After 3.9.4 ..Patch: (187 Issues - 46 Fixed + 068 New) = 209 Issues
After 3.10. Release: (209 Issues - 82 Fixed + 102 New) = 229 Issues
After 3.11. ..Patch: (229 Issues - 09 Fixed + 014 New) = 234 Issues

A comprehensive third-party list of 234 * Known Harpoon [ANW] Issues has been exhaustively collected on HarPlonkHQ since the release of Harpoon ANW 3.7.0 Now that 3.11 has been released, the list has been checked to see what has changed. While it is by no means definitive, it is believed that:

These 9 problems were resolved by the 3.11 Patch
  1. ASuW Mission will not engage TLAM
    ASuW Mission will not engage TLAM
  2. CTD changing map size
    CTD occurs while changing size of tactical map.
  3. Guns will not fire at aircraft
    Mission-directed 40mm guns will fire at aircraft but 120mm guns will not unless manually ordered to do so (Originally reported by Freek Schepers)
  4. Inserted planes cannot attack
    AI will launch planes to attack ship but identical planes directly inserted into the scenario with the same mission will not attack
  5. Intermittent sensor defaults to zero
    Sonar will never turn on because Intermittent defaults will show 0 mins Active for 0% variance and then 5 min Passive for 50% variance
  6. Nuke sub tries to re-charge
    After 30min, Error message will appear saying that the Nuclear submarine is trying to re-charge
  7. Shift-Click non-functional
    The ability to select individual units by holding down the Shift key and clicking on objects in order to add them to a group of selected items is no longer possible.
  8. Sub on ASW will not engage ship
    Sub on ASW mission will be detected and can be chased all day by the ship at all ranges without ever being fire upon
  9. UnRep for 2 ships only
    Only 2 ships can conduct UnRep at the same time even though the ship has ability to replenish 2 ships to port and 2 ships to starboard.

These 220 problems were not resolved by the 3.11 Patch
  1. Hellfire do not launch in ODb
    Hellfire missiles will not launch even though they appear in the weapons allocation window.
  2. CTD when Database button is depressed
    When playing Multi-player games, scenarios will sometimes crash to the desktop when the Database button has been depressed.

    [Edit] With the Patch 3.9.0 release, this issue no longer results in CTD. However, it is still erroneous.
  3. SSM Altitude crash
    Land-based SSMs appear to crash into the surface after launch and ignore their cruise altitude.
  4. Ammo dumps emptied
    Ammo dumps in all ODb scenarios have been emptied of weapons for aircraft.
  5. Firing sonobuoys at subs
    Sonobuoys can be fired at subs through the weapons allocation window.
  6. Torpedo decoy fired at radar
    Torpedo decoy is an eligible weapon for firing at radar.
  7. Sonobuoys non-functional
    Sonobuoys deployed by Bear F non-functional.
  8. Patch duplicates AALog file
    Patch installation creates duplicate AALog.opt file if AALog is already enabled at time of installation procedure. (Originally reported by Freek Schepers)
  9. UGM-109 cannot be launched
    All UGM-109 Tomahawk TLAM in OriginalDB cannot be launched since none of the weapons has an engine / propulsion unit.
  10. Type 65-76 disappear on BOL
    Type 65-76 torpedoes disappear after reaching activation point even though they have copious fuel remaining.
  11. 8 files for 7 Tutorial sessions
    8 scenario files exist for 7 Tutorial sessions listed in the Index. The final "Lesson8: Using the Formation Editor" has no instructions.
  12. Air Group formation
    Air Groups do not form properly when the launching platform is destroyed before the group is fully launched.
  13. ViCond evaluates with wrong UNIT
    ViCond evaluates with wrong specific UNIT identified in condition
  14. Opening 3.6.3 scen causes crash
    Opening this scenario in ANW causes Crash. Scenario opens and runs fine in H3.6.3
  15. Crash during re-build process
    ScenEditor freezes up and does not complete function when ordered to re-build scenario.
  16. Crash during re-build process II
    ScenEditor is unable to complete function when ordered to re-build scenario and seems to be in endless loop.
  17. CTD reading Evaluation
    CTD while attempting to PgDown in Evaluation window
  18. Map windows disappear
    Map windows do not appear when file loaded. Probable cause is repeated use of Batch Re-build by Battleset function.
  19. Absolute mission delay time
    Mission delay times are calculated (absolutely) from the start of a scenario and not from the time at which they are created (relatively) (Originally reported by DWReese)
  20. Afterburner unavailable at low alt
    Afterburner speed unavailable at low alt in MP for Rafale. No problem in Solitaire.
  21. Ammo re-loads mismatch in SE
    Ammo re-loads mismatch in SE between Edit Aircraft command and F6 [Air Ops] command
  22. Centre key [T] inconsistency
    When switching between a Map window with Unit Display enabled to a window with Group Display toggled, the user will not be able to centre on the position of the unit selected because the Unit Display has not been toggled for that window
  23. Complete visual ID failure
    Aircraft will never be able to identify bogey regardless of range (Originally reported by Enrique Vaamonde)
  24. CTD changing map size II
    CTD occurs while changing size of formation editor
  25. ECM emitter not shown
    Unknown aircraft will be briefly detected as ECM emitter, then the 'q' symbol denoting ECM will disappear even though the jamming persists (Originally reported by Enrique Vaamonde)
  26. Ferry mission to comm centre
    Ferry mission lands at comm centre and not hangar or runway (Originally reported by Freek Schepers)
  27. Ferry mission to SSN
    It is possible to create a Ferry mission with the destination as an airplane or SSN.
  28. Generic strikes seek additional targets 3
    Bombers will strike N, then S, then W and hang there
  29. Generic strikes seek additional targets
    Generic strikes seek additional targets after initial target is destroyed even if secondary targets have no relation to original target.
  30. Ground strike fails to execute
    Ground strike fails to execute with 3.9.4 but has no problem firing in 3.9.3
  31. Group climbs automatically
    The simple act of grouping planes together causes them to climb to 2001m. (Originally reported by JChiecchio)
  32. Group icon moves without ships
    Group icon will arrive even though all ship components are trapped by ice
  33. Group plots across ice
    Group plots path through ice in ANW and ships subsequently get stuck on the ice
  34. Hangar overload
    It is possible to land many more aircraft than the hangar capacity allows.
  35. Incorrect number to be readied
    When aircraft are ordered to change loadout for Minimal mission, an incorrect number of planes is recommended in the message window.
  36. Indexation status false
    ANW Launcher claim that "most community-databases do not support" indexation by Time and Country is false.
  37. Intermittent values rejected
    Some intermittent values for EmCon window rejected
  38. Missiles drawn to wrong targets
    Missiles fired at targets located with pinpoint precision are still drawn to other targets.
  39. Mission fails to navigate without Full throttle setting
    Aircraft without a "Full speed" throttle setting in the database are fully functional under manual control, but are unable to calculate a path to their targets under AI control.
  40. Mount re-load never finishes
    Ship will attempt to re-load each of its torpedo mounts. Re-load operation will never finish. Mount never becomes ready to fire
  41. NAV improperly drawn
    NAV zone shows double-sided left wall and inability to modify other points of the zone.
  42. Navigator plots path off map
    Navigator plots path outside of the map
  43. Phantom mounts shown on aircraft
    Phantom mounts are shown on aircraft when the Logistics button is pushed.
  44. Plane does not immediately RTB
    B014 will launch ALCM and then circle until running low on fuel before RTB
  45. Planes cannot accept mission
    Planes cannot accept mission even though they are not intended for immediate launch
  46. Plotted path gets stuck
    Ship gets stuck on land even though a path was plotted successfully.
  47. Poor AAW missile allocation
    Two CAP fighters concentrate fire on a single target when there are two eligible targets. Each fighter should be engaging a separate target.
  48. Propulsion ranges import improperly
    Propulsion ranges do not import to the Reimer Editor properly. Ranges with a speed of Zero will not import even when those ranges are required for proper platform behaviour in units such as mines and false contacts.
  49. Protect ViCond doesn't evaluate properly
    Protect ship Victory Condition does not evaluate properly.
  50. Protect ViCond failure
    Protect ViCond fails to trigger even when no enemy is present to inflict damage on player.
  51. Re-build cancels intermittent EmCon
    Units starting with Intermittent Sonar EmCon setting will be re-set to zero after scenario is re-built with ScenEdit
  52. Ready time cancelled by mission
    Ready time changed when aircraft are assigned to a mission
  53. Ready Times shortened
    Aircraft with long ready times can have them shortened to the default 30 minutes.
  54. RoE error yields wrong message
    Violation of RoE yields message saying that it was a Good Guess instead of a message saying that the player will come before a Board of Inquiry
  55. SAMs locate new targets in mid-flight
    SAMs locate new targets in mid-flight after original targets destroyed.
  56. Sanity check fails for multiple weapons records
    Sanity check reports an error when a Quantity value >1 is entered beside a Weapons Record in either the Loadout tabel or the Magazine table even though this causes no problem for the game, itself.
  57. Sensor default values are zero
    When Sensor menu [F9] is activated for individual units or groups, all default values are Zero. Previously, the default values were 1 min Active followed by 5 minutes Passive for all types of sensors. Proper default values of 1min/5min appear if a group of separate units are "drag-selected" and then the F9 hotkey is depressed.
  58. Sonar range circle appears for group
    Sonar range circle appears for group where none should be seen
  59. Sonobuoy endurance display error
    Sonobuoy endurance display only shows "0 Fuel" and "00:00:00" under unit display.
  60. Speed changes with altitude
    When a group climbs, the speed will increase to the default speed for that altitude band even though user has previously entered a different speed. (Originally reported by JChiecchio)
  61. Strike Mission fails to cancel
    Ground Strike Mission fails to cancel after target is destroyed.
  62. Sub accelerates to cruise speed when plotted
    Sub immediately goes to 14kts (cruise speed) and not Creep Speed (5kts) or 0 kts when plotted path entered (Originally reported by JChiecchio)
  63. Sub ignores speed order
    Sub is ordered to rise to the surface and run at 10kts, but only makes 5kts when it reaches the surface
  64. Sub on surface dives on its own
    Sub starts on surface but dives to Periscope depth on its own
  65. Submarine evades own torpedoes
    Submarine evades her own wake-homing torpedoes after firing. This does not occur with wire-guided torpedoes.
  66. Subs fire SS-N-15 onto the ice
    Submarines are able to fire SS-N-15 Starfish while under polar ice.
  67. Subs go over land
    Subs go over island instead around it.
  68. Subs surfacing under ice
    Submarines are able to rise to the surface from under the ice pack and run on the surface.
  69. Superfluous line in display
    Superfluous blank line appears in weapons display for loadout list
  70. Subsequent strikes are disorganized
    Subsequent strikes are disorganized and launch in separate groups.
  71. Support missions do not fully launch
    Not all aircraft assigned to support missions launch as they previously did in H3.6.3.
  72. Torpedoes chasing dipping helo
    Torpedoes will go active and then turn towards dipping helo
  73. Transit mission fails to execute
    Ships will plot path around NAV Zones, but Transit mission will not trigger and execute
  74. Unable to lay sonobuoy string
    Aircraft unable to lay sonobuoy string. No such problem in H3 (Originally reported by Jason Howell)
  75. Ships are unable to navigate around ice
    Ships are unable to navigate around ice.
  76. Unable to set Weapons Tight in SE
    Scenario designer is unable to set Weapons Tight in ScenEditor.
  77. Unassigned SSMs do not fire
    Unassigned land-based SSMs will fire on ships, but not against land targets.
  78. Unassigned SSMs no longer fire
    Unassigned SSM battery would fire in 3.9.3, but will no longer do so in 3.9.4
  79. Unidentified targets auto-engaged
    Unidentified and unknown targets are auto-engaged without being properly classified as hostile.
  80. Units drop off network
    Units are listed on a mission, but none of the individual ships in the group show this mission in their unit display
  81. UnRep done concurrently
    UnRep process is conducted concurrently and not consecutively. If all items take 1 second to transfer, 1000 items can be transferred in a single second if they are all different items.
  82. UnRep Teleportation
    UnRep process is possible while physically separated by several miles.
  83. Wrong cruise altitude
    TLAM shows cruise altitude of 20m and Intermediate depth.
  84. Wrong ready time displayed
    Aircraft will now show 0:00 for ready time and Unassigned status when ordered to launch (Originally reported by Captain Piluso)
  85. Allied sides share unit control
    Players can change unit paths for sides allied via Friendly posture setting.
  86. Change in threat axis ignored
    Change in threat axis ignored in MP.
  87. CTD on load
    CTD while attempting to load saved game
  88. Aircraft below sea level
    Aircraft below sea level.
  89. Country annex nullified
    "Every time i attempt to make an alteration to a platform commision dates like the Astute class in the countries tab and then then go to save countries list next time i enter the editor every country that was in the list has been deleted no matter what I try" (Originally reported by Grimtore)
  90. AAW patrol motionless
    AAW patrol motionless instead of flying between assigned reference points.
  91. Dual speeds selected
    When ships are damaged, sometimes dual speeds are show in the throttle setting.
  92. Formation patrols ignore axis
    Formation patrols ignore axis when assigned patrol zones in the Formation editor. Most often, the patrols appear offset from the actual Threat Axis. i.e. if the Threat Zone is pointing North and a Patrol zone is assigned to it, the ship may take up a patrol zone 90 degrees off the intended placement. This occurs primarily in multi-player games, but has been reported in SP (by Shemar), too.
  93. CTD when hitting Report button
    CTD when unit Skunk 2435 selected and then Report button depressed.
  94. Damage changes aircraft ready time instead of destroying them
    Damage changes aircraft ready time instead of destroying them. Planes are given a ready time of 0:00 but they never become ready unless player uses F6 to change them to Ready status.
  95. Dead stop after torp evasion
    Escort comes to a dead stop after torpedo evasion.
  96. Fuel does not drop to zero
    Fuel drops steadily, but does not drop all the way to zero.
  97. CTD while drawing new map
    CTD while drawing new map
  98. CTD with Re-build Scenario function
    Crash to the desktop when Scenario Rebuild - Re-build All Units is selected with AxisEvil.scn.
  99. MP Saved game titles
    MP Saved game titles often use portions of the orders in lieu of the Session name.
  100. Crash from fatal mount error
    Crash from fatal mount error when trying to load scenario
  101. Altitude mis-match between Group and units
    Units and Group icons show different altitude values in SE.
  102. ASW/WH torps tracking wrong targets
    WH/ASW torps tracking targets they cannot hit.
  103. TALD materialize at wrong point
    When firing lots of missiles i.e. TALD, the missiles all originate from the same point even when the plane moves away.
  104. Fighters hanging on refPt
    Fighters will launch and hang on one Ref point.
  105. Plane ignores Nav Zone
    Plane totally ignores Nav Zone
  106. Active sonobuoys dropped passively
    Sonobuoys with active-only sonar systems are dropped in passive mode even when the "Drop Active Sonobuoy" hotkey is depressed.
  107. Unassign command sound missing
    Use of the Unassign Hotkey command on groups will elicit an audible "ping". However, this audible cue is missing when the same command is issued to individual units.
  108. Different depth at same location
    Two maps of the same area show different depth at same location.
  109. Phantom air group
    Phantom air group.
  110. Missiles not releasing
    Missiles not releasing even though they are assigned in Weapons allocation window [Originally reported by KlubMarcus].
  111. Torpedo knows target depth
    Torpedo becomes de facto depth finder
  112. Hidden units can be destroyed without detection
    When hidden units are part of a group, attacks on the Group Icon can destroy the hidden units without the need to ever detect them.
  113. Units out of range can be destroyed
    Units out of range can be destroyed if they are part of a group.
  114. All ammo not available
    300 rounds of ammo are shown, but only 44 are offered for fire allocation.
  115. Weapon Max Launch Speed ignored
    Weapons ignore Maximum Launch Speed set in database.
  116. Unable to fire SSM
    Unable to fire SSM Sizzler from any depth or range. Weapons will fire from DDG Sovremennyy.
  117. Automatic contact classification
    The true type classification of a contact is automatically revealed when it is designated hostile by the hotkey.
  118. Group Nav Zone Settings
    The Nav Zone settings for a Group are not adopted by the individual units forming that Group. i.e. If you order a TF to avoid Ship Threat Zone [A], the Group icon will avoid the Threat Zone but the individual ships of the Group will sail into the Threat Zone.

    Work-around solution: Set the Nav Zone parameters for each unit individually.
  119. Subs in groups
    Subs joined with groups are automatically assigned a formation patrol zone on the ASW axis that cannot be changed or modified.
  120. AI inside Minimum Launch Range
    If an AI unit finds itself inside the Minimum Launch Range of its weapons, it is unable to move away in order to fire its weapons.
  121. MAD contact for ground facilities
    The MAD detector is able to detect ground facilities.
  122. Weapon ignores range limitation
    Weapon sometimes ignores range limitation and fires on targets outside of the range set by the Database. This can sometimes result in guns hitting targets 100s of miles away. Often, it occurs when the target is vaguely detected.
  123. Sonobuoy deployment altitude
    Sonobuoys can be deployed at any altitude.
  124. Min engine altitude ignored
    Min engine altitude ignored for Trident SLBM. Missile can be launched from a depth deeper that allowed by the engine parameters.
  125. Plotted mission auto-RtBs
    Aircraft on plotted mission Return to Base on their own volition against the wishes of the player
  126. All land units re-named to default
    All land units re-named to default when scenario is re-built by SE thereby corrupting all ViConds dependent upon them
  127. Magazines forcibly re-set
    AI will automatically calculate magazine loadout and discard weapons it considers in excess of capacity leaving a user no opportunity to either stop this process or correct his error before records are wiped
  128. Excess weapons mis-calculated
    AI mis-calculates the number of weapons in magazines and discards weapons that are not in excess of magazine capacity
  129. Recon mission self-deleted
    Recon missions delete themselves after completion of one run instead of repeating
  130. Active sonobuoys have no range ring
    Active sonobuoys have no range ring
  131. AI engages neutral units
    AI deliberately engages neutral units even though they are not hostile towards the AI and are unarmed
  132. CTD scrolling Report
    SE will CTD when ordered to scroll to the bottom of the Report listing units contained within a base grouping
  133. Pull-down menu commands revert
    Pull-down menu commands revert to 3.8.0 settings. Window commands (F, S, M, W) have gone back to the older 3.8.0 version. S & M no longer activate pull-down windows
  134. Sub Mission launch failure
    When sub is detected, helos will not launch on their own volition in order to prosecute the sub
  135. Subs self-immobilized
    Subs will move to patrol positions, engage enemy subs, and then stop and take no further action even though additional contacts are detected
  136. Surface groups broken up
    Surface groups are broken up into individual units when scenario is re-built by SE
  137. Unit postures corrupted
    Units in pre-3.10 scenarios that did not report their positions to the player now do so in 3.10 Postures are corrupted
  138. ASuW mission never goes ECM active
    ASuW mission never goes ECM active even though Mission Editor clearly shows that ECM is supposed to be active
  139. H3Editor generates incompatible signature
    H3Editor generates incompatible signature for *.DAT files from Reimer Editor
  140. Unarmed units not engaged
    Submarine will move into a field of supertankers, clearly identify them as hostile via sonar and periscope, and refuse to engage
  141. Missiles attack phantom target
    Aircraft approaches target but releases missiles against an unknown target which then fly into oblivion
  142. Cluster warheads neutralized
    Bombs with 'Cluster' flag enabled in 394 no longer destroy targets in 310
  143. Mission Editor inaccessible in window mode
    Mission Editor not fully accessible in window mode. Even though size of Editor window can be changed, it is impossible to reach/see the bottom controls of the ME without the addition of a scroll bar (Originally reported by Josh Loughlin [a.k.a. Fulton])
  144. CTD while drawing new map II
    CTD while drawing new map
  145. Weapons always free in MP
    Weapons tight works for solitaire, but is ignored in MP under all circumstances
  146. Sanity check loadout false positive
    DB editor generates false positive error on loadout sanity check
  147. Passive radar shows jamming
    Passive radar shows jamming
  148. Non-existent Profile command
    According to AGSI Wiki, "The scenario and database editors may load mission profiles on user command. Select the menu item Edit->Mission Profiles->Load." No such "Load" command exists.
  149. Re-build causes Re-heat
    After Re-build command, directly inserted aircraft change to re-heat when moving to support mission when it should be cruise throttle
  150. Red planes land on Blue base
    Red planes land on Blue base
  151. Path editor only appends in MP
    Path editor only appends in MP when it should be adding plotted path at whatever waypoint is selected
  152. Planes just launched cannot return
    Planes just launched cannot return to the platform that just launched them
  153. ASuW range ring missing
    Aircraft will display ASuW range ring in H3 but not in ANW even though weapon parameters are identical
  154. Game Status always default
    Whenever Staff messages appear and are closed by the player, the game always returns to the Game Status window as the default instead of returning to the previously active window
  155. REditor imports unknown codes
    Reimer Editor will create/import weapons codes that do not previously exist
  156. Magazine validation erroneous
    The H3Reimer Editor Validation command for the magazine table uses improper logic thereby mis-calculating magazine capacity
  157. CTD REditor upon Text Export
    Reimer Editor will crash to the desktop when trying to export Text descriptions to a non-pre-existent folder
  158. REditor re-import causes crash
    Reimer editor re-import command causes crash when applied to Country.DAT
  159. REditor fails to import Ship Type
    Reimer editor fails to import Ship Type properly
  160. Resignation causes colour inversion
    Resign command in SE causes colour to invert to another colour scheme
  161. Multiple re-build ops cause freeze
    Multiple use of "Re-build by Battleset" command causes scenario to balloon in size and freeze during load
  162. Decoy expenditures not recorded
    Unit Status report shows expenditure of decoy weapons but final game evaluation shows that no such weapons have been deployed
  163. Rocket-deployed torps not recorded
    Evaluation will show SS-N-14 expended, but not the UGMT-1 torpedoes deployed by the Silex
  164. Automatic ASW Nav Zone missing
    ASW Nav zone normally automatically drawn around ASW Patrol Mission area does not appear when mission is created
  165. StrikeTakeover unable to repeat
    Helo will launch and take over a few facilities then get hung up trying to intercept another one before returning to base when out of fuel. After re-fueling, helo will not re-launch on mission even though mission has additional targets and has not expired
  166. StrikeTakeover cannot intercept
    Helo will launch and perform mission against one or two facilities and then be unable to intercept group named "Airfield [Medium] v6-3"
  167. Unarmed sub captures CVN
    Unarmed sub captures CVN from underwater
  168. Mine weapons indetectable
    Unlike other deployable weapons (sonobuoys, torpedoes, missiles), mine weapons are indetectable regardless of RCS or acoustic values
  169. Mission scripts unavailable in MP
    Only standard mission profiles are available in MP even though customized mission profiles are available in solitaire play
  170. CTD after re-build in SE
    CTD after re-build in SE. Scenario runs fine in 3.9.4 after same re-build process
  171. Sensor Max Range value functional
    According to claims confirmed by AGSI at, "The "max range" value is informative only." This is not the case as Sensor Max range restricts range of detection. (Originally reported by Adm. Romero)
  172. Ballistic missile skims sea
    Missile drops from 60000m cruising alt to 132m at a range of 20nm from the target for the terminal attack profile
  173. Missile dives 60km instantaneously
    Missile will instantaneously dive from 60,000m to 132m for the terminal attack profile
  174. Weather fails to draw
    Weather fails to draw completely on world map and only appears on left-hand edge
  175. CTD on World Map
    CTD with Get Weather Function error while attempting to select unit on World Map
  176. All windows active in MP
    All windows shown as active (highlighted border) when starting MP
  177. Time compression drops to 1s
    Appearance of staff message windows cause time compression to revert to 1:1 regardless of the actual 1:1 box being checked or not
  178. Plotted mission will not fire
    Order ships to sail right up to enemy ships and they will not fire on you as they are on plotted mission
  179. 5-Plane strike groups form
    5-plane strike groups will launch and form up for strike even though focused strike has been disabled for the Mission
  180. All missions go WeaponsFree
    All missions (even delayed ones) go WeaponsFree when the WeaponsFree command is issued
  181. ARMs allocated to ineligible target
    Weapon Allocation window will allow you to allocate weapons, but they will not launch because weapon cannot engage target due to inability to track the specific radar frequency
  182. CTD for Batch rebuild from list
    CTD when Batch Rebuild --> From ScenList.ini command is selected and files are not found.
  183. CTD with XRef Weapons Dump
    CTD when Game Editor ordered to perform an XRef Weapons Dump.
  184. Formation patrol loadouts changed
    Formation patrol loadouts changed when different aircraft are used as substitutes for other aircraft originally assigned to a particular formation patrol
  185. Formation patrols revealed
    Formation patrols revealed when the base group is attacked.
  186. Groups ignore sensor commands
    Groups consisting of units with different individual sensor settings for group members will ignore sensor [F9] commands.
  187. Incoming Missiles does not update
    "Inc Missiles" display on original target will still show value of 1 even though no missiles are allocated towards it
  188. Int depth shown at -50m
    Sub at -50m is reported being at Int depth when it should be Shallow Depth.
  189. Intermittent EmCon not displayed
    Sonar settings show Active and not originally set Intermittent values
  190. Keyboard commands missing
    Keyboard short-cut commands missing for functions added by ANW.
  191. Missions do not return WeaponsTight
    Missions do not return to WeaponsTight status if the Weapons Free command has been used and then Weapons Tight has been re-engaged manually under the Game Settings menu
  192. Mount sensors unassailable
    Sensors specifically assigned to individual mounts are unassailable and cannot be destroyed by ARMs.
  193. Opening multiple ViCond windows
    It is possible to open multiple ViCond windows in ScenEdit.
  194. Side disappears when another side deleted
    When one side is deleted, no other side appears as the default.
  195. TLAM nukes will not reload
    TLAM nukes will not reload even if there are no other weapons aboard.
  196. Timed out message
    MP session will eject players that 'time-out' and do not respond within 30 seconds
  197. Revised group names not saved in MP
    Revised group names not saved in MP if they are changed from the original name.
  198. Motionless SSK consumes no charge
    Diesel submarine consumes no charge when motionless.
  199. MovieMaker only works with Load Battleset
    MovieMaker only works when scenarios are loaded with the Load Battleset function. Scenarios loaded with the Open File command will not generate screenshots.
  200. SSGN launches prematurely
    Wave of missiles can be seen passing SE of formation due to SSGN firing at an inexactly located target
  201. CTD caused by TALD engagement
    Firing entire mount of guns at a TALD decoy results in an Unhandled exception error crashing the game
  202. Air group stuck at waypoint
    Air group will reaches a RefPt and then loiter thereby unable to proceed further along plotted path
  203. CTD due to Server Name
    A user logging on with a Player name that matches the Server name will cause the Server to hang with the "Waiting for Server to respond" message. When quit is selected, server will crash. (Originally reported by Anthony Gilroy)
  204. Depth change immobilizes sub
    Depth change immobilizes sub
  205. Buoys appear without range rings
    Some buoys deploy normally with associated range rings while others do not
  206. CTD during missile engagement
    CTD with Unhandled Exception Error after reporting: W303 Sea Dart Mod 2 has acquired its target: W292 Sandbox [Originally reported by Arska]
  207. Message missing in MP
    Player message appears in solitaire play but not when run in MP
  208. CTD logging onto MP Server
    MP server will crash whenever an outside computer attempts to log on and enter the lobby (Originally reported by Ron Belcher)
  209. CTD FileStream error in MP
    Server will go into continuous loop trying to save game until it crashes (Originally reported by Ryan Anderson)
  210. CTD on VCR re-play
    CTD on VCR while attempting to re-play (Originally reported by CaptPiluso)
  211. Probable Kill toggle defective
    k-Hotkey does not act as toggle and fails to turn off Probable Kill status after second application (Originally reported by Dale Hillier)
  212. Sides missing after loading
    After loading a scenario via the Load Battleset function, two of three possible sides are missing and not offered
  213. Captured unit stops combat
    Captured unit stops combat since all units (hostile units included) are now connected by datalinks
  214. Recon planes launch as a group
    Recon planes (and other area missions) launch as a single group instead of individual planes that will cover a much larger area
  215. AAA fires on targets too high
    AAA fires on targets flying higher than Max Alt of gun system
  216. No eligible weapons window
    The Weapons Allocation window appears even though no weapons are capable of firing against the target
  217. Sub sinks itself
    Sub sinks itself while firing torpedoes at ship
  218. Air patrols no longer detach
    Air patrols will not detach from groups on Transit missions to investigate and attack contacts
  219. VCR uses original scenario file
    VCR uses the original scenario file as the primary reference when a recorded session is played back. When the scenario file is modified, these changes are shown in the VCR recording even if they were never part of the original file.
  220. CTD Checking Composite ViCond
    ScenEditor will crash when attempting to check the next lower level of a Composite Victory Condition

These 14 problems were reported after the 3.11 Patch
  1. Aircraft ready time re-set
    Aircraft ready time re-set to maximum
  2. CTD changing Formation Editor size
    CTD changing Formation Editor size via maximize/minimize command
  3. CTD Changing Link 16
    CTD Changing Link 16 track to "1"
  4. CTD changing map size III
    CTD occurs after changing size of tactical map, saving, and then re-loading scenario.
  5. CTD changing map size IV
    CTD occurs when maximizing tactical map size.
  6. CTD Invalid (____) in MP
    Session will crash with error message stating: "Invalid (Unit/Sensor/Mission)"
  7. CTD upon Bearing-Only-Launch
    CTD upon Bearing-Only-Launch of any weapons
  8. CTD while drawing new map III
    CTD while drawing new map III
  9. Game Map shrinks instead of moving
    Game Map shrinks in size instead of moving when player tries to re-position it
  10. Helo stranded by mountains
    Helos will be stranded when they cannot fly over the mountains. They will never run out of fuel nor can they return to any base.
  11. Map constantly shrinks
    Map constantly shrinks every time it is maximized and then minimized
  12. StrikeTakeover no longer functions
    Helo will no longer launch and perform StrikeTakeover mission against one or two facilities
  13. WeaponStatusLogs always active II
    Weapons Status AALogs are always active even if AALogs have been disabled by the Config Launcher
  14. ASW Mission will not engage TLAM
    ASW Mission will not engage TLAM

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