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Latest Files
Most Popular Files
Most Popular Files
The Wolves of Steel 2.2_SH5 Exp.Pack_v2.2.24_Full 62,592
Open Horizons II v2.5 42,997
Mod enabler JSGME (correct ) 42,213
MightyFine Crew Mod 1.2.1 - Updated 03-22-2010 38,734
Accurate German Flags V.1.01 30,501
SH3-Resolution-Fix 30,278
TheDarkWraith's New UI for SH5 v7.4.2 29,548
Sober Silent Hunter 5 Mega Mod (New Version) 27,215
The Wolves of Steel v2.2.x to v2.2.24_Update 24,565
Trigger Maru Overhauled ver 2.5 24,533
Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_1_4 22,768
MCCD "More Crew Commands by Dialog" MOD 22,121
GWX3.0 SH3 Cmdr3.2 config files v1.2 installer 20,674
SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2 18,724
SH3 Commander 18,671
Grey Wolves 3.0 GOLD Edition Expansion 18,342
OpsMonsun_V705 17,256
Thomsen's Sound Pack v3.2 16,445
Better And Realistic Flotation v1.3 16,333
100_FalloftheRisingSun_UltimateEdition_v1.46_EN 15,724
Top Contributors
Top Contributors

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New skins and graphics for the subs in your lives. 85

Ship models to add to the game. 251

Pinup pics for the captain's desk 144

Download File (Click for description) Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  Sea Life Fix for TMO 2.5 Update by Bubblehead1980 : Apparently when I incorporated Vicker's excellent Sea Life mod into TMO, the textures did not past, but I thought they did. This was a ... [more] (4.09 MB) 10-04-2021 19 0
Downloads  Marine_Dat_1_5_Fixed : Corrects an issue in the vanilla sh4 1.5 version of marine.dat where the crew's jacket (bust_m01) displayed its bump map incorrectly (t ... [more] (1.19 MB) 07-13-2021 7 0
Downloads  gauges textures correction for interior mod : right display of radar range label; remove redundant “red arrows” in depth gauges (6.99 MB) 06-10-2021 26 1
Downloads  Realistic Floor Tiles for Fleetboat_Interior mod : Realistic Floor Tiles for Fleetboat_Interior-Officers_Quarters. V2 (Corrected file) I made modifications to all fl ... [more] (13.68 MB) 05-26-2021 88 0
Downloads  Periscope Wake Splash for FOTRSU : Periscope Wake Splash mod for FOTRSU Fully compatible with 1.46 and the latest update I've made additions to the Sensors_Sub_US. da ... [more] (2.06 MB) 05-26-2021 101 1
Downloads  US Battleflags/Conning Tower Emblems : this mod adds conning tower emblems with killflags and wardroom battleflags (fleetboat interior) which can be easily activated with jsg ... [more] (71.78 MB) 05-07-2021 177 0
Downloads  Gato Ladder correction : Something that has always irritated me about SH 4 is the ladder in the Gato(Balao, Tambor, Gar, and Tench as well, since UBI was lazy a ... [more] (19.45 MB) 04-10-2021 36 0
Downloads  Sea Life SH4 : some pacific sea life, Gatos (of course!), Blacktips ... [more] (8.59 MB) 03-30-2021 284 5
Downloads  DarkerNightsEnv V-2 :  (2.1 KB) 02-22-2021 34 0
Downloads  SH5 TWoS Flags for SH4 FotRSU : This mod ports over the great SH5 TWoS flags to SH4. This version is made specifically so that German flags will work with FotRSU due t ... [more] (1.59 MB) 12-24-2020 51 0
Downloads  SH5 TWoS Flags for SH4 : This mod ports over the great SH5 TWoS flags to SH4. The nations and NGO with upgraded flags are: America Australia Brita ... [more] (1.59 MB) 12-22-2020 31 0
Downloads  No Sub Flags for FotRSU : This mod removes flags from the player-controlled submarines in FotRSU. (7.1 KB) 12-17-2020 29 0
Downloads  German Flags Fix for FotRSU : This mod fixes German flags in FotRSU so that warships have the Nazi Reichskriegflagge and merchants have the Nazi German flag, rather ... [more] (23.8 KB) 12-17-2020 30 0
Downloads  SH4 Upscaling Textures and other improvements : VERSION 1.0 - August 16th, 2020 Forum Thread for support and help: ======== ... [more] (726.53 MB) 08-17-2020 790 1
Downloads  Depth charge surface effect for FOTRSU 1.39 : adapted splash mod effect by SkyBaron for FOTRSU 1.39 with new 2k texture. *update 29.7.20 fixed FOTRSU version* (1.19 MB) 07-12-2020 174 0
Downloads  Dark Waters Immersion fixes : Hello again all, This mod is another sub-mod to Fifi's wonderful dark water's mod for SH4. Specifically, this mod adds the missing ... [more] (761.4 KB) 06-18-2020 54 2
Downloads  Fleetboat_Interior: Officers Quarters : *this first release is for FOTRSU only* complete new created room FORWARD BATTERY - OFFICERS QUARTERS update: 17.3.21 - file update ... [more] (550.00 MB) 04-18-2020 1200 17
Downloads  Better USSR medals for addon SH 4 "Со& : An improved version of the medals for SH4 addon "Soviet waterway". Put using JSGMe. (304.9 KB) 03-14-2018 73 3
Downloads  Eye Patch for RUIM : Fixes missing eyes when using Rank, Uniform & Insignia Mod (R.U.I.M.). Playing again after a long absence. I forgot about the missi ... [more] (1.82 MB) 02-23-2018 98 0
Downloads  New Harbours and Late War Traffic (1.23) : Written on 27/12/2017 This mod has been under development on and off for six months. Thought it isn't as complete as I would have like ... [more] (304.3 KB) 12-29-2017 351 2
Downloads : High contrast periscope mask for better readability in different light conditions. (86.8 KB) 06-01-2017 898 1
Downloads  FOTRSU Position Keeper Tweak : Tweaks the TDC's Position Keeper to be more readable (see image). Torpedo Track needles are shorter. Indicator lines are red to mak ... [more] (143.2 KB) 01-26-2017 171 2
Downloads  Slow Smoke Mod V3 : Credits go to whoever made this mod. (21.7 KB) 08-30-2016 230 0
Downloads  Nine Delta Two : Ducimus started work on a mod to make a playable career in a Type IXD2 in the Indian Ocean Unfortunately he was pretty much burnt ou ... [more] (268.00 MB) 07-07-2016 337 0
Downloads  TMO Smoke Mod : Here is The TMO Smoke mod released by Ducimus its JSGME ready hope you Enjoy (463.2 KB) 04-07-2016 984 3
Downloads  Small environment change mod : Here's a old mod i had downloaded in my computer, it changes the environment a bit. Only works with version 1.5, am not sure about t ... [more] (265.77 MB) 12-21-2015 150 2
Downloads  CSL Pure Stopwatch Mod : This simple mod changes the pocket watch into a pure stopwatch. As such, the watch will no longer display the current time when using ... [more] (301.8 KB) 09-23-2015 431 6
Downloads  CSL Custom Map Colors : What this does: Real depth charts are color coded the other way around from the stock game. Corrected so that light blue is deep and d ... [more] (8.7 KB) 09-23-2015 908 1
Downloads  CSL Deck Gun Optics : What this does: This modifies the gun sight so that there are hash marks along the vertical and horizontal line to help lead the target ... [more] (306.0 KB) 09-22-2015 529 0
Downloads  Revised Crew Members : Hello,Mates! I've Made some adjustments to my new crew members mod. I've Added a captains insignia so that you can see yourself, And ad ... [more] (2.12 MB) 04-09-2015 299 1

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