View Full Version : Love this game

01-15-21, 08:23 PM
I especially love the Depth Charge animations/explosions - they LOOK and sound so realistic!

One thing I'm wondering - I don't hear flooding when I get damaged and I feel like it really kills the immersion! It would be cool to hear pipes bursting, men clanking wrenches trying to get flooding under control, etc.

Are there plans to create a sequel to this game - hopefully sticking with the Pacific fleet boats? I'd really love a better interior view, maybe a schematic of damage, more voice work, silent running options, etc.

It really reminds me of SIlent Hunter 1 on DOS - my favorite subsim game of all time, and I think this has a lot of potential.

10-06-21, 12:50 AM
Unfortunately, this game appears to have been abandoned by the developer. My more recent posts have gone unanswered as well.

This was a decent starter sim IMHO.

10-06-21, 09:48 AM
If you love this game, you'll leave it for SH4 on your first date with it. :shucks: