View Full Version : Please upload the latest version to itch.io

03-23-20, 04:37 PM
@ Developers of Silent Depth,

I enjoy your game but on itch.io where I bought the game there is only an older version to download. From videos I know that this is not the latest one. Please make the version (or newer) available at itch.io, I guess that the bugs mentioned here below are partially corrected.

FYI, these are bugs in which I noticed while playing on Medium difficulty:

- The ship positions on the map don't match the real positions of ships in the 3D world. I'm not sure which one reflects reality, the map or the 3D world? According to the map I had a medium freighter at 770 Yards which is really close but I could not see it in the 3D world through the periscope, no target data, no ship grafic whatsoever (in order to really check it out, I went above periscope depth to exclude wave effects obscuring the view - no ship were it should be).
Then, on the map in the same situation there was a destroyer at 180 behind me, but through the periscope I saw it at 40R bearing totally misplaced, so something is terribly wrong and makes the game quite unplayble.

- When setting waypoints on the map and then returning to 3D view (bridge or TBT) the sub is not travelling according to the set waypoints.

- Torpedos not visible on the map (but this can be due to Medium difficulty instead of Easy).

- Not so serious: The sub interior is only visible when you dive from periscope, there is no tab or control key for it, also all gauges and dials do not work inside this view (i imagine this is not finished developing).

Thank you!