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Recrut Tsoul
03-21-20, 07:57 PM
Does Silent Depth yet have a Torpedo Fire Control Computer just like in SH2?
as these gauges were very important in landing a torp on target and made the game very fun, are there any plans to make it for the game?
As Silent Hunter 3 and after DISABLED impact angle gauge that removed all the fun to the games itself, if not a Torpedo Fire Control Computer at least add the Impact Angle gauge that allows you to get your torpedo to land at that 90* angle to cause maximum damage.......... this makes SH2 so fun as this info was critical.
Without this gauge functioning as it did, Sh3 and after you had the gauge but it didnt work for making it more hardcore and less fun or something.

And is there any multiplayer yet?
if So is there a Player Controlled Destroyer?

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQbrAaamoWe9GbJ4wmzGNLIr11WsG7 YNsCGJtkxK0Fd9iBZZSG5

03-21-20, 09:43 PM
No, no TDC to operate yourself, it's done by your crew. You aim and shoot, that's it. If your sub is not reasonably aligned with the target, you get a red triangle in the aim cross telling you not to fire the torpedo. If you get a green triangle it means your crew has fed the TDC based on the target data and you can fire. Firing a torpedo 'blind' will result in the torpedo running in the direction of your sub's heading (or your heading -180 if it's a AFT torpedo).

This game is really not to be compared with Silent Hunter. Compare it to Silent Service II with today's grafics.

Recrut Tsoul
03-21-20, 10:53 PM
oh but you must understand that there are many people that want a Silent Hunter2/Destroyer Command game that plays on modern computers of today without problems.
Not these hard core swabbing the deck and crew rotation crap thats out today.

I can totally appreciate Silent Depth direction is going as it is very close to what people want, but to fully captivate a player base you need the muliplayer that Silent Hunter 2 And Destroyer Command multiplayer offered.

To go against REAL players........ not BOTS......... we want to make a REAL person CRY on the other end when they DIE or FAIL....... not this FAKE Muliplayer offered by World of Warships that actually BOT chat in the game insulting our intelligence trying to pass off as real players.

And yes from what I can tell the Single player is nearly complete...... but I would still like to have a torpedo angle gage.... it would not be hard to do, it can even be put in options to enable or disable it.

03-21-20, 11:33 PM
If you want a multiplayer experience, then this game is the last one you want to consider (btw, not sure that SH2 has ever had multiplayer, only a lot of single player missions.). If MP is what you want, go play Wolfpack.

Going by your response, I would play Silent Hunter I, it's not as complex as the other SH series, but it definitly has manual TDC you can switch on, plus simulated SJ/SD radar and attacking planes are also simulated, plus side missions to accomplish other than just sinking ships. And IMO, SH1 beats all other SH titles with its excellent AI.
SH3 is a complexity higher than SH1 where you plan your attacks on the map and interact with headquaters, but it takes places in the Atlantic and North Sea, SH4 is for the Pacific. And finally SH5 returns fully-fletched to the Atlantic and Med Sea with an interesting campaign design and best grafics.
SH2 is the 'poor boy' of the Silent Hunter series IMO, not much of interest because no campaign.

But again, Silent Depth is way too arcadish to be compared to any of the SH titles. I understand that because it's designed for iphones in the first place.

03-22-20, 05:56 AM
Convoy ships don't change route when attacked, I mean, how bad is this...

Well actually they should. But not in the easier settings.

03-22-20, 12:59 PM
Well actually they should. But not in the easier settings.

Thanks very much to notify me about that, I've taken a look in the menu, and yes, I was playing on Easy difficuIty, I'm very sorry to mis-represent the game capability. I will edit my post.