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Onkel Neal
12-23-17, 10:38 AM
Silent Depth game review (http://www.subsim.com/ssr/silent_depth/review_silent_depth.php)

I know I've enjoyed this game, and here's a review by Jim Cobb. Happy holidays!

Silent Depth doesn’t have short missions, just one long war patrol. Play starts with the craft leaving Midway where players can opt to manually conn their way out of the harbor. A quicker method is to click the map button to bring up the global map. This map covers the Central Pacific with most important islands shown. Also exhibited are analog values for fuel, battery and air levels. A clock shows the time as does an analog display. The date is present – important as one sub can sail throughout the war if it survives. The submarine’s position is seen as a tadpole-like black graphic. The patrol area is designated with a black outline and a course there can be designated with a screen tap. Time can be compressed from 1x up to 32x. The shading on the map changes to red during nights. During transit, players should take time occasionally to view the systems screen to check on the eleven different departments such as engineering and both torpedo rooms. An excellent innovation seen here is a water temperature gauge so players can find thermoclines to hide beneath.


01-02-18, 04:16 AM
Nice one, thanks for that! :)