View Full Version : We need your help to bring Silent Depth to PC!

02-05-17, 03:54 AM
Dear all, we need your help! Coming with our next update we'd like to surface on your PC as well. For making that possible need you to vote for our game at Steam's Greenlight. Let me add that you do NOT have to buy it when voting for it. ;) Thank you for your support!



03-09-17, 03:32 PM
in pc silent huner 3, 4, 5... what version pc as are other games? **** you do just want more money for the game ... ting for the quality!

03-31-17, 07:29 AM

Thank you all who voted for us! :up:

Onkel Neal
09-04-17, 04:54 PM
What's the status on this? :Kaleun_Salute:

09-05-17, 03:35 AM
Still work on the PC port but things slowed down on my side due to private stuff... Sorry for that! It's not dead! It's always tricky to handle this stuff part time beside job and family (2 little kids)... ;)

Onkel Neal
09-05-17, 05:50 AM
Ok, thanks for the update:Kaleun_Thumbs_Up:

09-22-17, 09:45 PM
Keep up the great work


10-24-17, 10:42 AM
I joined in a little too late but this is awesome man!!

01-16-18, 05:45 PM
Please do this and I will purchase it right away. Steam messed up my computer so I stay away from it. Make Silent Depth for the PC without STEAM. Thanks.

01-17-18, 02:32 AM
Thank you, still working on it actually. I know there was quite a silent time but doing this part time is hard, very hard.

We WILL release a PC version of this, don't expect wonders. ;) And yes, there will be a non Steam version, I don't like Steam that much as well.

Thanks again for your patience! Much appreciated.

BTW: I lost my Facebook account a while ago (no joke), er, I mean I deleted it.