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12-30-16, 08:05 AM

i was just playing this some more now - i decided to try hard setting, but in the game when i am in the conning tower , the steering does not work, - i move the brass dial and the sub does not change at all, but if i go to the map screen it is fine

also the hard mode seems very easy - i have just been driving round on the surface encountering singular small freighters which i dispatch with easily

also the tonnage does not seem to be accumulating - i sink multiple smalll freighters and the total is still 8000 each time - is this just a total for each sinking session or should itbe the war patrol total?

12-31-16, 12:44 PM

Can I ask what version you play?
Maybe this was a bug in the older version.

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12-31-16, 02:51 PM
Strange things indeed. Some comments...

Difficulty hard does not mean that you won't find easy targets. But when you encounter escorts, things are a bit more difficult.

The current way the tonnage is displayed is that you only see the tonnage from the current contact, when you return to Midway you will see the accumulated tonnage from your patrol. I'll change it that way you always see the accumulated tonnage as well.

Regarding the steering bug I have no clue atm. Can't reproduce it. Could you go more into detail please?

01-02-17, 01:11 AM
thanks for your replies - yes i have found that when i actually encounter escorts on hard they come right for me straight away pretty quickly. This was kind of hit and miss, as i played a few hard patrols and in each i was destroyed by depth charges pretty soon after encountering an escort, but then in another hard patrol i actually came across no escorts ever, just unescorted convoys of about 3 ships a piece and a lot of singular small freighters.

the steering failure i have not been able to reproduce either i must say - i just must have ceased working in that patrol - it wasnt due to any sub damage either as the steering worked fine when i did it from map screen, but was broken in all the other screens.

do convoys ever have more than 3-4 ships in them? just wondering

01-03-17, 07:34 AM
i am playing the game more on hard now and its good and all but i think the AI needs some fixing, also the game on my ipad has been crashing a few times too - it is the latest version .85

the destroyers have perfect infinite range vision it seems which does not so much as make the game hard but actually makes it not very fun because it just means thesame thing happens every time - i select to go to the tactical game and my sub starts on the surface and is immediately spotted so now i just have to wait for the destroyer to come over and i can try to sink it as it comes or i crash dive, wait for it to do its thing and then sink it as it leaves

- effectively there is no real game here because i cant try out any tactics of trying to reposition to intercept the escort and the destroyer also has pretty impressive night vision too it seems
also the briefing descriptions about at what range my sub becomes visible seem to be irrelevant in hard mode too as i have bee n spotted well outside even the broadside range

it would also be helpful for some kind of in game guide to exist which tells me how many yards equal how many miles because the visibilty yards info is hard to use when the in game map is in square miles - you should have the visibilty and ship target range also given in miles at least

02-16-17, 08:24 AM
Black screnn on Continued and... I have green water on bow.