View Full Version : iOS version released!

12-06-16, 02:25 AM
Dear all, Apple finally approved our submarine game. It's out now for iPhone and iPad! :)


12-06-16, 06:24 AM
Well done Martin!

12-10-16, 05:16 AM

this is what i've been waiting for since the release of smartphone.

A true simulation for the pocket! Thanks. :Kaleun_Salute:

05-03-17, 12:21 PM
Sorry for this doublepost.
Thank you very much for the patches.

One thing i really would like to have for the immersion:

Please let me hear the actual diesel/ battery- sounds in every location.

This really would be great, do you know ehat i mean?

05-04-17, 02:51 AM
Yes I think I know what you mean. :) I've put it on my list. Still lots of things to add (and also to fix!). :)

05-09-17, 07:55 AM
i am having a problem with the silent depth ipad update -it wont complete, even though i have like 1gb free, the update gets 2/3 done but then stops and i hve tried this multiple times and even deleted and redownloaded - but still the download stops installing 2/3s of the way and so i cant do anything