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12-03-16, 08:41 AM
Amazon version released!


Good job Martin!

Onkel Neal
12-15-16, 04:43 PM
is this compatible with the kindle fire?

12-16-16, 04:35 AM

Onkel Neal
12-16-16, 08:51 AM
Ahh, great. I'll try out this on my 7" fire

Onkel Neal
12-16-16, 03:47 PM
Hey, looks great, nice.

12-18-16, 12:32 PM
Hi Neal,

thanks! :up:

I hope you enjoy it. We work on to improve the game with:

- 3D control room
- New deck crew
- Airplanes and AA machine gun
- Seafloor
- Different sound changings
- Islands & Harbours
- Improved A.I.
- Ship routes
- Medals
- Better texture qualities and much more.


12-19-16, 07:17 AM
Is it possible to create ,,real time" encounters? Enemies don't spawn when I use 3D view. Only when I use map. Its quite annoying because game always throws me right into the action. I am very close to the convoy and escorts see me

12-19-16, 09:50 AM
Yes we can do that. Even though I know what you mean it would be probably a bit boring to drive weeks in real time without any contact at all. ;) That's why we did it like in Silent Service where you have this time compression feature.

When you are very close to a convoy the escorts will likely pick you up pretty soon. Best is to dive immediately and see what can be done then. Plus you can change the difficulty which has direct influence how big the chance is that escorts detect you sooner or later. E.g. in easy mode you can look much farther than the escorts can. Of course for a chance to use your torpedoes you should get closer than 3000 yards.

12-19-16, 01:30 PM
No,no,no. Hard level is great. Escaping from DD is more challenging than in Aces of the Deep, which is good. But... Spawning of the enemy should be different. It is very strange right now. And add ASDIC sound;) I love your game. Keep up the great work! PS- sorry for my bad English

12-20-16, 03:33 AM
Agreed. ASDIC sound will come with one of the next updates.

"Spawning" of enemies is another thing where we will work on, you're right, this can be done better! :)

12-31-17, 10:40 PM
Got it two days and still figuring things out. Been years...last game was Silent Hunter and 688i...computer last ran Win98...stuffed in a closet now.
So just "on patrol" now...not much instruction.

01-02-18, 04:15 AM
Thanks! Yeah we don't have a real tutorial in that game. There is kind of a manual on our homepage which might help a bit. :)

Onkel Neal
01-02-18, 07:00 AM
The game is pretty good at being self-instructing. :yep:

01-29-18, 01:57 PM
Underway for a month now...amazing!!! I must say I'm impressed to put it mildly. Great job guys !!!

01-31-18, 12:59 PM
Thanks a lot!:salute:

02-04-18, 11:44 AM
0400 hours, overcast with choppy seas...we're making turns for flank speed on an intercept course with a warship convey...a battleship and carrier are being escorted by...2 or 3 destroyers and a light cruiser...14,000 yds.
When my timetraveling is reduced to 4 we go to pd and decide the attacking light cruiser wants to be our first kill. Two fish bring her to a halt at 600 yards so we turn to the approaching destroyer. First fish is a miss...went deep before seeing the second...
After dancing with her for awhile we come back up for a peek and see we're now in range of the big girls. In haste we fire 4 fish at the carrier and 2 at the battleship...giving both a limp.
Aircraft carriers make awesome submarine umbrellas... We stay deep and silent under the carrier for a bit as her remaining escorts waste depth charges. At dawn we take another peek...
They're gone...I fell asleep.

Love this game.

03-10-18, 03:45 PM
Love your battle report!