View Full Version : Any info on release date?

11-22-15, 05:43 AM
Is there any new information on the release date? Been following this game for a while, I hope maybe December, 2015?

11-25-15, 02:54 AM
We know it's been a while. And like our comrade vic we are utterly bad when it comes to release dates. ;)

Contrary to him we only work part time on this as we have 9to5 day jobs. That makes it even harder to estimate. I never would have thought it would take that long actually but the end is near.

Thanks for your patience! :up:

Onkel Neal
06-23-16, 08:02 AM
hi Xaron, any news to report? Do I need to send out a search and rescue plane? :salute:

11-30-16, 02:40 PM
We are killing the last bugs, clean the code and be happy to go for release.